Chapter 472 is playing well

    The real name of Li Jie is Li Zhenzhen, the name of the native land, and she does come from the countryside.

    Li Jie was born in poverty. When she was a junior high school, she ran from the countryside to Beijing to discuss life. As with most Beijing drifters, she served as a restaurant customer service personnel, sweeping the streets, selling insurance, and sending Flyer…

    But she is smarter and more emotional than most of Beijing, and seized the opportunity to squeeze into the Entertainment Circle, starting with a Xiaoxiao assistant, and finally succeeded in creating the industry-renowned Rainbow Manager Corporation.

    The life struggle story of Li Jie can be adapted into an inspirational drama series.

    However, she was most often mentioned by the insiders, or her marriage that lasted for five years.

    At that time, Zhang Shaoqiu, the ex-husband of Li Jie, was a small artist who had been debuting for several years, but he could not be red. Although he was very handsome, the star has been very poor. He had shot a few plays and played a small role. It’s a mess, and I’m never appreciated by Bo Le.

    At a certain reception, Zhang Shaoqiu met Li Zhenzhen, who was working hard to open up a career, so he opened a passionate pursuit for Li Jie.

    At that time, the friends in the circle including Li Zhenzhen were not optimistic about Zhang Shaoqiu. He thought that he had a special purpose, because the two had a big gap in appearance, and Zhang Shaoqiu was younger than Li.

    However, Li Jie accepted Zhang Shaoqiu's pursuit. After half a year, the two married, and the next year they gave birth to Zhang Junzhi.

    Ms. Li took care of one's own Manager Corporation and did her best to support her husband's career. Zhang Shaoqiu's star journey was changed, and it became a hot Celebrity in a drama series.

    After becoming famous, Zhang Shaoqiu has changed. He has not been at home for many years, and there have been many anecdotes.

    The two men’s fascinating marriage lasted for several years, and Zhang Shaoqiu, who felt that one's own wings were hard, proposed a divorce.

    Li sister agreed very happily, her only condition is the son's custody.

    Later, others said that this matter was inconsistent for Li Jie, saying that Zhang Shaoqiu was a white-eyed wolf Chen Shimei.

    However, Li Jie did not say that her ex-husband was not on any occasion, but instead said a lot of good words for the other party.

    She believes that having a very good life experience is enough.

    Such tolerance and open-mindedness have enabled Li Jie to win the respect of many people, and let everyone even despise Zhang Shaoqiu.

    After the divorce, Zhang Shaoqiu quickly married a young wife who was born in a model. After a few years, he divorced again. At the beginning, his career was very smooth. The announcement endorsement received soft hands and earned a lot of money.

    Can not be good for a long time, with the changes in the market, Zhang Shaoqiu gradually became angry.

    Especially in recent years, he has fallen to the position of the 4th and 5th lines. His fame is still a little bit. He can completely compete with the popular new emerging artist. The acting and singing skills can't be compared with many opponents.

    The most important thing is that even if Li is very tolerant, she has never used one's own in the circle to suppress the other person, but there are really many people who don't want to see this.

    The inferiority of the inferiority, the spoiled wife does not go down, this is the virtue that the Chinese people have been observing for thousands of years, even for the current Entertainment Circle, it has long been back, but not many people will like Zhang Shaoqiu such ungrateful generation.

    Lu Chen also dislikes, and the smile does not laugh.


    Zhang Shaoqiu's face is very thick, laughing and taking action to Lu Chen: "I am very happy to know you!"

    Lu Chen shook hands with him faintly.

    Li sister frowned and asked, "What else do you have?"

    Zhang Shaoqiu suddenly stunned.

    The ex-wife in his memory is gentle and ready for one's own. Even after divorce, he takes care of his face. He meets again and again, and never turns his face.

    Now Li Jie obviously shows his dissatisfaction with him, which makes him very uncomfortable.

    After all, Zhang Shaoqiu was not an ordinary person. He quickly suppressed his heart and smiled. He said with a smile: "There is nothing special, just happened to meet, want to see you and Junzhi…"

    In listening to his whistle, Li’s face has become softer, as if recalling the beautiful Era in the past.

    She looked at Zhang Shaoqiu and asked softly: "Shaoqiu, Lu Chen and Lu Xi are here today. In front of my son, I am not afraid of embarrassment. I want to ask you, in the years we were husband and wife, did you have love? Have you been?"

    Zhang Shaoqiu's face was a stiff, hesitated for a moment, or nodded and said: "Yes."


    A loud slap in the face of his face, directly hit him.

    Li Jie took back her hand and said, "Lie."


    Zhang Shaoqiu's face rose red, and the huge sense of shame made his forehead burst into blue veins.

    However, a strong hand locked his wrist like a steel pliers, making him unable to move.

    It is Lu Chen who takes the action.

    Lu Chen said coldly: "Mister Zhang, I don't welcome you here."

    As soon as he slammed his hand, Zhang Shaoqiu involuntarily stepped back two steps and almost hit the door.

    At this time, Zhang Shaoqiu was finally calm. He realized that he continued to stay and he was also humiliated, so he turned his head and walked very embarrassedly.

    Sister Li sighed with a sigh of relief and said to Lu Xi with a smile: "Sorry, let you laugh."

    Lu Xi shook his head: "Play well!"

    She is not a fool, how can she not see Zhang Shaoqiu's success, in all likelihood, there is no purpose, and this guy looks very gentle, but always has a taste of performance in his words and demeanor.

    In other words, it is hypocrisy!

    Li Jie has undoubtedly already understood his true face. Maybe he was stunned by love, and now he wakes up.

    Kindness is not cowardice, tolerance is not tolerance, and this slap is well played.

    As a woman, Lu Xifen understood and supported Li Jie in the field.

    Li Jie said to her son apologetically: "Junzhi, Mom shouldn't be in front of you…"

    Zhang Junzhi directly interrupted her words: "Mom, I think Lu Xijie is right!"

    Li Jie nodded and spread her arms gently into her arms.

    There was a little tear in her eyes.


    On November 18th, Lu Chen led a newly formed team, and a total of 15 people flew to Xiangjiang.

    On the same day, "Smile Jiang Jiang" was launched at the Xinhua Bookstore in Beijing.

    1000 sets of hardcover editions and 2000 sets of paperback editions were all sold out on the first day. The printing factory owned by Shanhai Publishing House was fully started. The finished products produced by the printing industry were also supplied to the local market in Beijing.

    From the network to the entity, "Smile Jiang Jiang" has entered a larger, more suitable world.

    Like a fledgling swordsman, I came to the real Jiang Hu.

    The sword is wavering!


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