The 475th chapter of the entertainment trio

    Xiangjiang has a land area of ​​more than 1,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 10 million. Its population density ranks among the top in the world.

    This international super-metropolis was once known as the East Hollywood, and the entertainment industry is extremely developed. Although it has shown signs of recession since the beginning of the new century, it is still one of the important industries of Xiangjiang.

    As the most important part of the entertainment media, Xiangjiang has a large number of TV stations, including two major wireless stations and more than a dozen small and medium-sized cable stations. Among them, Xiangjiang Satellite TV (Xiangjiang Satellite TV) and Asia TV (ATV) are the two major players in the industry. Together they occupy more than 70% of the market.

    Cable TV stations such as Pearl Tower, Hong Kong Island Cable, and Kowloon Video Station have divided the remaining 30%, and the competition between them has been fierce, which has created the prosperity of Xiangjiang TV media.

    The program invited to Lu Chen studio was ATV, Pearl Tower and Hong Kong Island Cable.

    There is no need to consider it at all. Lu Chen accepted the ATV Program Invitation.

    Asia TV is the first TV station in Hong Kong and the first Chinese TV station in the world. It has a long history and a glorious past. Although the scale of its strength is slightly lower than that of the rising star Xiangjiang Satellite TV, the foundation of ATV is still very strong, even in Xiangjiang. Southeast Asia has great influence.

    ATV has 12 channels and invites Lu Chen to be the "Entertainment Three Talks" program of Variety Channel.

    This program has been broadcast for more than ten years. The famous ATV host Shen Shuling Host, each program invites a Celebrity and a special guest in the Entertainment Circle to interview the current entertainment hotspots. The average Viewership Ratings are in the same The type Program is always in top three.

    "Entertainment Three Talks" invites Lu Chen, no doubt because of the disputes caused by him on the Hong Kong Island network.

    About Xiangjiang Pop Music, about Xiangjiang movies.

    For ATV's Program invitation, Lu Chen still attached great importance to it. After the Program script was handed, he deliberately took out the time and studied it. He also read a lot of previous videos of "Entertainment Three Talks".

    Assistant Li Zhen was very active in making suggestions for Lu Chen and even recommended him a famous stylist.

    Her excitement was not without reason. Lu Chen’s time at Xiangjiang was a few days before and after, and his name was already spread in Xiangjiang’s Entertainment Circle, and even caused quite a stir.

    A song stirred up the entertainment and attracted the attention of ATV. As an assistant to Lu Chen, Li Zhen and Rong Rong were honored.

    This is the famous ATV!

    And Li Zhen is still the fan of ATV Host Shen Shuling, of course, eagerly hope that Lu Chen has excellent performance on "Entertainment Three".

    The Program of "Entertainment Three Talks" was recorded in advance, so after receiving the Program invitation, studio communicated with ATV, the officially recorded time was set to the afternoon of the 21st.

    On the same day, Lu Chen came to the headquarters of ATV with two assistants on time.

    ATV's headquarters is also located in the Westport Commercial Center of Sai Ying Pun, which is only a few hundred meters away from the Rongjin Building where Lu Chen Studio is located. However, the former is a building that has been built for 30 years.

    The 39-storey light gray building is not eye-catching between the various modern luxury high-rise buildings. It is even outdated in terms of structural appearance, but the five characters of "Asia TV" embedded in the outer wall are added with Logo. Glowing in the sunlight, proudly showing the glory it has.

    Once, countless Xiangjiang artists were proud to walk into this building!

    At the door of the ATV building, Lu Chen first saw the assistant of Shen Shuling who came to meet.

    After completing the registration, the pedestrian took the elevator to the 27th floor, the studio of the ATV Variety Channel.

    Shen Shuling and another guest have already waited there.

    Shen Shuling is in her forties, but because she is well maintained, she looks like 30 people. Her appearance is not beautiful, but her dignity and grace are graceful, especially the smile looks like a spring breeze. It makes people feel good.

    "Hello, hello, welcome to ATV…"

    She smiled and shook hands with Lu Chen, half jokingly said: "I am your fan."

    A simple sentence instantly closes the distance between the two sides.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then I will send you a limited edition personal album, just ask Shen Jie to take care of it in the Program."

    Don't look at Shen Shuling's amiable appearance. Her Host style is quite sharp. Even in the face of the big Celebrity, she dares to ask sensitive questions.

    In fact, most of Xiangjiang's Hosts are like this, because Xiangjiang's TV stations are all private. In order to pursue the effect of Program, the requirements for Host are naturally high.

    The audience watched the Variety Program and liked to have content with strong conversational topics. If the Host has no special features, it will easily be discarded.

    The most important thing is that Xiangjiang's policies and regulations are different from those in the mainland, so the scale of TV programs is different.

    Lu Chen has seen a lot of previous videos of "Entertainment Three Talks". Of course, Shen Shuling's Host personality is understandable, so although it is a joke, there is also a serious meaning.

    Shen Shuling first stunned and immediately smiled: "Well, I must take care of you."

    She introduced another guest to Lu Chen.

    Of course, three people are talking. Lu Chen, who is the first guest of choice, is definitely the protagonist, but the presence of this guest is not dispensable. His point of view is undoubtedly an important part of Program.

    The guest is called Zhuang Dong. His identity is writer, critic, journalist, etc. He is a celebrity who spans the Literature Circle and Entertainment Circle. He has published many books and has more than 500,000 fans on the Hong Kong Island blog.

    Zhuang Dong was a little black, wearing a suit and glasses. After introducing each other, he shook hands with Lu Chen and said, "Hello, I am very glad to meet you."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Hello, Mr. Zhuang."

    Zhuang Dong’s eyes were quite sharp. He stared at Lu Chen and asked: “Mr. Lu, I want to ask, what is your primary purpose in the development of Xiangjiang? Or what is your goal? ”

    Lu Chen stunned, Program has not started recording yet, this person began to ask questions aggressively?

    It looks rather bad.

    He thought a little and did not humble and replied: "I went to Hong Kong to make friends."

    This answer is undoubtedly completely out of Zhuang Dong's expectation, he wants to hit Lu Chen, but he was speechless by Lu Chen's response.

    Standing in the side of Shen Shuling's eyes flashing a smile, playing round: "Two, we have something to say to the Program."

    She has a hunch that the "Entertainment Three Talks" recorded today will definitely be quite exciting.

    At least the guests did not choose the wrong person.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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