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Chapter 476

    Already at eight o'clock in the evening, Xiangjiang is in full swing.

    Akon flexibly jumped from the minibus that had just docked to the platform, and I'm free to jump a few steps to the sidewalk, and then walked quickly toward one's own home.

    A Kang just graduated from college this year. He is currently working in a trading company and doing import and export business of digital equipment. He is not a famous university and has no working energy. So now he is mainly an assistant.

    The work is very hard. I have to go out to work at 6 o'clock in the morning. I can go home at 7 or 8 in the evening. The salary is very low and I have to do all kinds of chores. I am very dignified by my boss.

    But Akon is a very optimistic boy. He works very hard and works hard on Geography. He hopes that one day he will open a small company and then buy a big house for his family. The dream is a villa.

    A Kang's home is in Tai Wai, Sha Tin. A 50-square-meter home house accommodates three generations of six generations.

    The so-called HOS refers to the low-cost housing built by the Xiangjiang Government in the 1970s, which is equivalent to the Home Ownership Scheme. It is equivalent to the affordable housing in the Mainland. The price is 30% to 40% cheaper than similar commercial housing. It is mainly sold to public housing. Tenants and eligible middle and lower income residents.

    This 50-square-meter home is purchased by Akan Grandpa Grandma with life savings.

    Back home, A Kang opened the door with a key.

    The mother who was cleaning in the kitchen heard the news and asked: "Kang, have you eaten for dinner?"

    A Kang nodded and said: "I have already eaten, I went to the room."

    The mother watched him rush into the back of the room and shook his head.

    Although the house is very small, in order to meet the family's living needs, there are still three rooms, Grandpa Grandma, a parents, and his sister.

    There is no way to do this. Although A Kang is already a grown-up, my sister is still in high school, but this home is quite good compared to many people who are crowded in public housing or even cage homes.

    In the future, when the younger sister gets married, he can take a wife back and live together.

    The dream is beautiful, and the real life has to continue.

    My sister was sitting at the desk and copying her homework. Akon didn't bother her, sitting on one's own bed and opening the small LCD TV hanging from the wall.

    This TV was bought by Akon with his first salary, so there is no need to conflict with his family for watching TV. He likes movies and powerful drama series, and also likes popular music and surfing the Internet.

    Now that the computer is occupied by the younger sister, Akon has no other choice but to watch TV.

    The most important thing is that there is a program he wants to watch at night.


    He just turned on the TV with the remote control, and the cell phone resting in his trouser pocket suddenly called twice.

    A Kang 掏 take action machine looked at it and found that Xiao Wei sent a short message to one's own and asked him if he had arrived home.

    A Kang quickly replied: I have already arrived home, just turned on the TV.

    Xiao Wei replied quickly: ATV Variety Channel, 8:30, "Entertainment Three Talks."

    A Kang could not help but smile, his fingers pressed fast: understand!

    Xiao Wei is a girl he is pursuing. The clerk of another company, although not very beautiful, looks pretty and beautiful, and there is no shortage of pursuers.

    A Kang knows that the general conditions of the family are also ordinary, and there is no real hope to win her favor.

    However, in an accidental opportunity, A Kang discovered a small secret of Xiao Wei, and then the two unexpectedly had contacts, although still far from the degree of male and female friends, it was enough to be a happy thing in A Kang's life. .

    Xiao Wei likes Music and also likes to sing. She often goes to Languifang Bar with friends to listen to songs. Her common ID on the Internet is Wei Wei Anne.

    Very nice name is not?

    Xiao Wei recently fell in love with a young artist from the mainland, and this evening, the artist will appear in the ATV Variety Channel's "Entertainment Trio" Program.

    She not only wants to watch one's own, but also let friends around me watch it together, and Akon is no exception.

    With Xiao Wei, you come to me to exchange text messages. The long advertisement before the program started has no effect on A Kang. Unfortunately, the good times are not long. The "Entertainment Three People" is open at 8:30 on time.

    First familiar with the opening Music and the familiar Program Logo, the scene was quickly pushed to Host.

    For the ATV Variety Channel's "Entertainment Three Talks", A Kang is no stranger, especially Host Shen Shuling. When he was still in elementary school, the other party was already active on the screen and looked at the foreigner.

    "Welcome everyone to watch "The Three People in Entertainment"…"

    The dignified and beautiful Shen Shuling smiled at the scene, and the two guests sat around him.

    "who is this? so hot! ”

    Suddenly the Voice, A Kang could not help but turn around, I saw that one's own sister did not know what appeared on his side, staring at the TV screen eyes.

    A Kang knows who she is asking and explains: "Lu Chen, an artist from the mainland, Singing is very good, have you heard the "Love in Your Life"?"

    He looked at Lu Chen on the screen. Although he was a bit uncomfortable with Xiaoxiao, he had to admit that Lu Chen was really handsome.

    There are many young artists in Xiangjiang, but this artist from the mainland has a special temperament.

    A Kang can't say it, he always feels different from other Celebrity.

    "This song is what he sang?"

    My sister is stunned, sitting next to him and watching Program.

    High school is very heavy, and I don’t want to get into a good university. A Kang’s sister usually doesn’t have much time to play or watch TV because her goal is to surpass her brother.

    But she still listened to the song "Favorite in Life".

    "First of all, we welcome Lu Chen, who is from the mainland and is currently making movies in Xiangjiang…"

    "He also made a movie?"

    The surprise of my sister made A Kang even more uncomfortable. She knew that she would not open the TV.

    However, in this way, he and Xiao Wei have lost an important topic, and maybe they will be called into another book by the other party.

    Program continues to air.

    I don't know if it was specially arranged by the TV station. At the beginning of the program, another guest, Zhuang Dong, made a difficult question to Lu Chen and raised several quite sharp questions, mainly related to the popular Music of Xiangjiang.

    My sister is indignant: "How is this person?" He has the ability to write the first song! ”

    In the face of the attack from Zhuang Dong, Lu Chen responded very calmly and confidently.

    Lu Chen praised the great contribution of Xiangjiang popular Music to Chinese Musical World, and also pointed out the common problems faced by the current popular music. He hoped that Musical World could emerge more talented Musicians to reproduce Chinese Music. brilliant.

    The answer to the dripping water made Zhuang Dong’s attack in vain. Perhaps he realized that he couldn’t help Lu Chen on this issue. He quickly turned the topic to the Xiangjiang film and the Xiangjiang government’s film support policy.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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