The 474th chapter attaches importance

    Relative to Lu Chen’s disregard, Li Zhen would be much nervous.

    During the time when Lu Chen left Xiangjiang to return to Beijing, Studio was under the leadership of Chen Wenqiang and cooperated with Jiayang Film to prepare for the preparation of "Ghost Story". Everyone was busy and she did not exception.

    Because of this, the riots against Lu Chen appeared on the Internet, and Li Zhen did not pass the news back to Beijing at the first time, which was also negligent.

    She thought that this matter will soon pass, and the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle is the normal state. Unless someone pushes it hard, the focus of the media will shift very quickly, and there are so many Eight Trigrams news every day.

    Now think about it, things are serious, so she has to remind Lu Chen: "This Chen Yuanchen is not an ordinary person. He doesn't even give face to Liu Heavenly King. He writes articles to make people sharp and sharp."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "He is strong and he is strong, and the breeze is on the hill."


    Li Zhen is a bit embarrassed – although not very clear, but it sounds very powerful.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Nothing, go back and talk!"

    "Ghost Story" is just around the corner. I don't know how many things need to be completed. Lu Chen has time and energy to quarrel with others. Chen Yuanchen is sharp and he can ignore him.

    Those paparazzi and entertainment media must be afraid of the world is not chaotic, I hope that Lu Chen and Chen Yuanchen tore the darkness, Lu Chen is not a fool, how can this routine!

    Back to Xiangjiang studio, until the evening, Lu Chen saw Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan.

    "It's hard for you!"

    For the two important members of the hard work, Lu Chen has always been courteous for three points.

    Chen Wenqiang shook his head: "It should be."

    Although his words are modest, his eyebrows still have a bit of self-sufficiency.

    Chen Wenqiang certainly has a reason for pride. Under his full force, studio and Jiayang Film cooperate closely. The basic crew of "Ghost Story" has been basically completed, and the funds, personnel and venues are all in place, and they can be started at any time.

    In this process, Chen Wenqiang can be said to have made all the stops, and he has been working hard all the time, especially in the coordination with the Lion Rock Studios. He has done a lot of work and used a lot of contacts.

    As the director of a movie studio, Chen Wenqiang's efforts are impeccable!

    When Lu Chen was in Beijing, he kept in touch with Chen Wenqiang, so he knew the situation very well.

    Wan Xiaoquan agreed: "Old Chen is really hard. Follow him and I have learned a lot."

    He came to Xiangjiang, and the meaning of being somewhat matched was the result of helpless choice.

    However, since touching the local circle of Xiangjiang, Wan Xiaoquan found that coming here is not a bad choice. The film market here is very promising, and it is suitable for him to re-apply his fists.

    Chen Wenqiang smiled and said: "Wan Wan took me a joke. All I can do is to watch you."

    There is a time between the two partners, and the relationship between them is quite good.

    Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen completely let go of his heart.

    In the evening, Lu Chen made the East and packed a large box in the nearby restaurant. The new members and the original team who had just arrived in Xiangjiang were invited to be the new and old meeting.

    During the meeting, Lu Chen introduced Wan Yong and others for Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan.

    "They are the martial arts aerobatic team signed by our studio, and they are called Lujiaban."

    Lu Chen explained this, simply hit the banner of "Lujiaban".

    In Xiangjiang Film and Television, there are a lot of martial artists who work as part-time stunt performers. They have good basic skills and are hard-working. They often act as substitutes for Celebrity actors to complete dangerous moves and fights.

    Low income and obscurity are the norm for these people.

    Lu Chen was not recruited locally in Xiangjiang, but a young team from Beijing, which made Chen Wenqiang feel surprised, because the cost of such an approach is undoubtedly high.

    The price of hiring stunt martial artists is not expensive, at least cheaper than keeping a group of people.

    Of course, Chen Wenqiang will not choose to dismiss the words at this time, and Wan Yong and others are polite.

    However, Chen Wenqiang’s disapproval was still felt by Lu Chen. He could guess the thoughts of Chen Wenqiang more or less, but now is not the time to explain.

    Lu Chen said: "Strong uncle, their work visa and residence permit, you have to trouble you to deal with tomorrow."

    Mainlanders have long-term work and residence in the three major special zones of Baodao, Xiangjiang and Aocheng. It is necessary to apply for the corresponding documents, otherwise there will be great troubles in life.

    Chen Wenqiang shot his chest: "No problem, it is on me."

    He did things, Lu Chen was very reassured, thank you for holding a glass of wine.

    After three rounds of wine, everyone’s words were opened. Chen Wenqiang and Lu Chen said a lot of things in the recent circle. When they talked about it, they talked about the controversy caused by Lu Chen on the Internet.

    There is also Chen Yuanchen.

    “Chen Yuanchen is one of the representatives of Hong Kong…”

    Chen Wenqiang said: "The characteristic of Hong Kong members is that everything must be based on the interests of the people of Hong Kong and exclude foreign competition and immigration. It is said that he intends to run for election next year."

    "I suspect that he is likely to be the target in this matter. The rumors on the Internet are estimated to be the intentionally released winds of some people, so you can't take it lightly and don't underestimate their motivation."

    Previously, Li Zhen and Lu Chen said that Chen Yuanchen was very sharp. Lu Chen didn't put it in his heart. But now Chen Wenqiang broke the deep inside story to him, so he couldn't let him pay attention.

    Many times, you don't have to find trouble, trouble will come to the door, ignoring and avoiding is not the solution.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "There is a chance to clarify. In the afternoon, I was almost blocked by the reporter at the airport."

    He is very puzzled now, how do these reporters know one's own flights to Hong Kong?

    Chen Wenqiang laughed and said: "These paparazzi noses are very good, and they have internal lines in major airlines. Celebrity artists will know in advance when they enter and leave Hong Kong. You will be better off the VIP channel in the future."

    Lu Chen said that he learned the lesson – this road is deep enough.

    Chen Wenqiang continued: "If you clarify the facts, then you should not find these paparazzi reporters. Their pens are specially scribbled. It is best to go to the TV program."

    He said to Li Zhen: "Azhen, you have to pay attention to these days, see which TV station will invite you to come over."

    Li Zhen nodded: "Okay."

    As a result, in Chen Wenqiang's words, Lu Chen returned to Xiangjiang the next day, and three TV stations sent a Program invitation!


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