NO. 470 Chapter Commitment

    The Borui Club is the industry of Li Jia in Beijing. It was originally established to train and train the security guards. The club has a gym, swimming pool, fighting center and indoor Shooting field.

    And the club's coaches and staff, most of them are retired troops, trained security guards in addition to meet the needs of the Li family, but also external tasks, so usually left behind in the club is not less.

    Last year, Lu Chen was brought to the club by Li Mushi to play, where the special environment and atmosphere, let him sprout an idea, and put into practice.

    That is, Lu Chen recruited a team at the Borui Club and trained according to one's own intention.

    This team is not used to serve Lu Chen as a bodyguard. He does not need such a large audience. It is used to shoot martial arts action movies!

    The martial arts action film that Lu Chen wants to shoot comes from the memory of the dream world. In the world of dreams, there have been countless wonderful and classic martial arts films and action films outside of Domestic, which is the treasure of burning with passion.

    Lu Chen's big IP plan is closely related to these memories, but he wants to reproduce the classics in the dream world. There are no other conditions in reality. Only the right martial arts action film actors are hard to find.

    In Lu Chen's own world, martial arts films have appeared in both Xiangjiang and Domestic, just like a short-lived, no wind and waves have disappeared, and now the popular is the mythical fantasy drama.

    As for the action movie, the situation is better than the martial arts film, but it belongs to the ranks of the niche films. Today's Domestic movie market, the drama novels, super Hero movies, and science fiction magic films are the mainstream.

    This piece has a huge market share. A large blockbuster is a dozen or even billions of box office. The competition is naturally extraordinarily fierce. Basically, the giants of the industry are mastered.

    Therefore, Lu Chen wants to share a piece of cake in the movie market, and he has to have one's own to master the fate. Then he can only find another way. He chose to go to Xiangjiang to start and choose the right opportunity. The training of the staff with the Borui Club is in advance. .

    This team has a total of 12 members. The expenses and salary of the usual training are carried out by Lu Chen’s own. After a year of preparation, it is almost the same.

    It is Lu Chen’s “Lu Jia Ban”!

    Lu Chen didn't think that Li Mu Poetry Meet took the initiative to mention this. He curiously asked: "How do you know?"

    "Don't treat me as an idiot!"

    Li Mu Shi took a look at Lu Chen and said: "Although I don't know how to do it, I know that it is not fun to spend so much money to raise this team. You are now running to Xiangjiang to make movies. Are they going to help?"

    Lu Chen admire: "Yes, my first film in Xiangjiang is about to start shooting, they are essential."

    Li Mu Shi nodded. "In fact, everyone has already guessed it. You don't open your mouth anymore. Their hearts are impetuous. No one in the army is willing to eat rice."

    "Since you gave them the opportunity, treat them well and don't let them down."

    "They will also reward you for your hard work and loyalty!"

    In the last few words, Li Mushi said very seriously.

    Lu Chen is also serious: "You can rest assured that I will not let the people who follow me down!"

    Lu Chen is not empty-mouthed. Since experiencing the strange dream and then embarking on the road to the Entertainment Circle, those who trust him and follow him have never been disappointed.

    Lu Jiaban was built by Lu Chen with great efforts and great price. He definitely paid more attention than Li Mushi.

    "That's good…"

    Li Mushi smiled and said: "I Believe, your promise, actually wants to be a lot of people with you, Wan Yong also wants to go to the movies, have asked me several times!"

    Wan Yong is the coach responsible for fighting and fighting in the Borui Club. He is 35 years old and has a history of 10 years since he joined the army. He once won the championship in the military competition, so he won the weight of Li Mushi.

    In the Borui club, Wan Yong is undoubtedly a pillar-like existence. Li Mushi is willing to let him out, and Lu Jun is surprised to be surprised: "Are you willing?"

    Li Mushi said: "There is no reluctance, mainly because he has such an idea. When I asked him to come, I promised to go with him, and of course I can't break my promise."

    Lu Chen said: "That line, I will ask him again. He can help me. It is naturally the best."

    With the strength of Wan Yong and the prestige in the club, he is usually responsible for training and managing Lu Jiaban. That is undoubtedly the best choice, and it can save the troubles of Lu Chen.

    In addition, Wan Yong's skill and image are actually quite suitable for shooting martial arts films and action films.

    He can be the protagonist.

    It’s just the main character of the villain.

    Thinking of this, Lu Chen could not help but reveal a smile.

    I don’t know if Wan Yong understands the idea of ​​one's own, what expression will he be!

    Happy or depressed?

    Li Mu Shi suspiciously: "You laugh very evil, what are you doing bad things?"

    Lu Chen coughed and got up and said, "That's it, I am going to find a brave man now."

    Li Mushi is not happy: "What anxious, let's have a light meal together at night."

    Lu Chen regrets: "No at night, there is an appointment, or will I invite you to dinner tomorrow night?"

    Li Mushi raised an eyebrow: "With your sister?"

    Lu Chen is very sorry: "Oh, I remember that there will be a meal tomorrow night, and I will contact you again tomorrow!"

    After that, Lu Chen quickly disappeared.

    This guy…

    Looking at the figure he had left in a hurry, Li Mu Shi’s lips had a faint smile.

    In the fight hall, Lu Chen found Wan Yong.

    In the future, he said that Wan Yong had completely agreed without hesitation, and he was very happy.

    Lu Chen said quickly: "You shouldn't be too happy too early. The movies I will shoot later may require you to play the villain role. Are you willing?"

    In fact, it doesn't matter if Wan Yong doesn't want to, and then find another special actor to train.

    Only Wan Yong is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate for Lu Chen.

    In this regard, Wan Yong only hesitated for a few seconds and replied categorically: "No problem, the villain is a villain!"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but wonder: "Brother, why do you want to make a movie with me?"

    Ordinary people want to make a movie, nothing more than to be famous, but Lu Chen feels that Wan Yong is not like that kind of like to be famous.

    Wan Yong was a little embarrassed and explained: "I heard that making movies is very profitable, I want to make more money."

    Wan Yong’s salary at the Borui Club is not low, but he has already settled in Beijing, and his biggest wish is to buy a big house in Beijing, so that the family can live comfortably.

    However, Beijing's housing prices, as everyone knows, although Li Mushi is very important, he did not give him a set of millions of houses worth millions of dollars.

    Therefore, after knowing that Lu Chen cultivated the team to film, he had a mind.

    Lu Chen understood and said with a smile: "It turns out that it is, then you believe me, you don't need many years, you can buy a house that one's own like in Beijing!"

    This is Lu Chen’s promise to him.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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