Chapter 437 is going to be miserable

    "BOSS, you will definitely win when you play!"

    Although Li Zhen said this sentence very lightly, it is absolutely confident.

    Who is Lu Chen? He is the first person in the mainland New Generation Singer, the time of debut is very short, the speed of the famous Speed ​​is extremely fast, the success of the two albums before and after proves his strength.

    Lu Chen also won the influential "Singing China" reality show champion.

    The more I know about Lu Chen, the more incredible Li Zhen is. The popular Music of Xiangjiang began in the early 1970s. It has been ups and downs for decades. There have been times of great glory, and a large number of outstanding Singer and Music people have emerged. And has a huge impact on the mainland.

    However, in Li Zhen’s impression, like Lu Chen’s young and talented young Singer, there are really few people in Xiangjiang’s popular Musical World that can be compared with it. It’s important to know that Lu Chen is a combination of singing and creation. Top singer!

    If he plays, isn't it easy to crush everyone in LaDolceVita97?

    That is bound to win!

    Before joining Lu Chen studio, Li Zhen, like most Xiangjiang people, knew nothing about one's own new boss. Now that she understands and is familiar with it, she is more and more looking forward to hearing Lu Chen’s live performance.

    Therefore, Li Zhenyu Lu Chen is the Xiaoxiao wish of the latter fans.

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head.

    He is confident that he can win if he plays, but he can bully people.

    "What are you talking about?"

    Chen Jiaming at this time is not good.

    He saw Li Zhen whispering with Lu Chen. It seemed to be very intimate, and the vinegar in his heart reappeared.

    Although knowing that one's own such a question would make Li Zhen resentful, he couldn't bear to wear it.

    I want you to manage it!

    Li Zhen couldn't help but rolled her eyes.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "We are talking about waiting for someone to play."

    "Of course it is a family!"

    The friend sitting next to Chen Jiaming immediately said: "Zhang Ming singing is very good. He is best at the song of Liu Heavenly King. He also won the prize of the singing competition before!"

    Chen Jiaming’s expression of smug expression did not mean modesty.

    Singing is really one of Chen Jiaming's most take-off actions. His favorite and admired idol is Xiangjiang Heavenly King superstar Liu Gangsheng, so the work of Liu Heavenly King is a practice of imitating the hard work.

    In the KTV field organized by colleagues and friends, his singing is often full of glory!

    Chen Jiaming was originally prepared to go one's own, but when he saw Lu Chen’s calm smile on his face, he always felt uncomfortable in his heart, so he said, "I want to let Lu Chen go, he is the first time. Come, of course, have fun, how can you not sing a song? Are you right? ”

    Several friends look at each other in dismay.

    Everyone has known each other for a long time, and they are very familiar with each other. What kind of ideas Chen Jiaming has in mind, everyone can naturally see that it is just to let Lu Chen come out to play, and in turn set off one's own and win the favor of Li Zhen.

    I have to say that this method is not very clever, chasing the girl is not like this, and Lu Chen obviously did not pursue the idea of ​​Li Zhen, Chen Jiaming is undoubtedly stunned by the vinegar.

    Just because everyone is a friend, no one can blame Chen Jiaming, the one next to Chen Jiaming also clap and say: "Right right, this idea is good, I support!"

    Others could not help but look at Li Zhen – Lu Chen was brought by her.

    Li Zhen's expression is very weird, as if she wants to laugh, and it seems to be dumbfounded. In short, it is very weird.

    what does this mean? Everyone does not understand.

    Lu Chen coughed and said: "Let's let Jia Ming brother go on, try to get a free order, everyone is happy."

    I know that it will be like this!

    Chen Jiaming’s face once again showed a pleasing color.

    Lu Chen is willing to play the best, unwilling and not related, he certainly will not force each other in front of Li Zhen, ruin the image of one's own, can make Lu Chen admit that it is enough.

    Let's take the limelight and let the real Expert come!

    "Ye Xuan, is Ye Xuan!"

    What Chen Jiaming did not think was that he had just prepared to speak, and as a result, the shouts filled with surprises suddenly broke out in a place not far from each other, which caused the audience to be amazed.

    Everyone’s attention has been drawn to the past, and it’s quick to figure out what happened.

    It was originally sitting at the table over there. It was a famous Singer Ye Xuan of Xiangjiang. He came to LaDolceVita97 with his friends and was recognized by the hostess who sent the number plate.

    The Lan Kwai Fong bar is very famous, and it is very common for Celebrity artists to appear here.

    It happened to be a female fan of Ye Xuan, who shouted out on the spot.

    As a result, there were several Ye Xuan in the bar. They strongly urged Ye Xuan to play. Ye Xuan was very difficult, but had to agree to take the number plate and attracted several fans to cheer.

    What are you playing?

    The people at Lu Chen’s table were discouraged, and Chen Jiaming did not have any desire for the limelight.

    Although he is confident in the singing ability of one's own, but the famous Singer such as Shang Ye Xuan, it is only a part of being crushed, there is no possibility of victory.

    Chen Jiaming is thinking about playing a blockbuster, but he doesn't want to be a foil to Ye Xuan.

    Under the disappointment, he took the opportunity to say to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, your luck today is very good, you can compete with Ye Xuan on the same stage, chances are rare, don't miss it."

    Chen Jiaming is not going to go up, why not let Lu Chen?

    this person…

    Lu Chen secretly lamented that this Chen Jiaming is typical of being smart and not really intelligent. In fact, it is something that everyone is happy to play, and still wants so many calculations, why bother?

    Ridiculously, his calculations are seen by everyone, and they are complacent and not knowing.

    Lu Chen does not think that Chen Jiaming has the opportunity to catch up with Li Zhen.

    Li Zhen is a very smart girl.

    At this time, the hostess came over, and Lu Chen took the number plate as proof of to go on stage from her.

    He smiled and said: "Then I am ugly, and everyone will support me a lot."

    Chen Jiaming said with a smile: "Must be certain."

    He just thrown away the hot potato, and Lu Lu went to Ye Xuan and PX.

    It must be miserable!

    Although Ye Xuan is not the singer of Xiangjiang A-list, the strength in singing is still very strong. After playing a few well-selling albums, it is not a problem to be in the B-list.

    It’s not too easy to crush amateurs like Lu Chen.

    During the talk, LaDolceVita97's LDVSinger King Awards officially began.

    The first one to go on stage is a young girl.

    She sang a classic old song "Love in the Distance", which was very good and attracted warm applause.

    Lu Chen’s number plate is No. 13.


Tanabata, I wish all lovers of the world are married!To be continued~^~)

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