Chapter 437 looks like a bit level

    At 10 o'clock in the evening, for the people living in Xiangjiang, the really exciting moments of nightlife have not yet arrived, and the atmosphere in LaDolceVita97 is just right.

    The LDVSinger King awards are very famous. In fact, it is just a self-entertainment program for the bar. The key is to invite customers to participate in it. Anyone can play a show and show off the singing ability of one's own.

    But this evening's situation is different. The appearance of the singer Ye Xuan has made this game lose its suspense, but other players have also sung especially relaxed, less competition and more joyful taste.

    The amateur Singers who played in order according to the number plate were unevenly leveled, and some attracted warm applause from the scene, and there was also a burst of buzz.

    I don’t mind being jealous, laughing Hee Hee will finish Singing, because only then can I get a small gift from the bar for all the contestants – two German dark beer.

    It is a coincidence that Ye Xuan played in the 12th place, just in front of Lu Chen.

    Celebrity is Celebrity, and Ye Xuan’s appearance on the stage immediately led to a boiling in the whole bar. Applause, cheers, whistle sounded one after another, and female fans shouted his name, just like the home of his personal concert, instantly ahead All the contestants gave it down.

    Ye Xuan is about 30 years old. He is not the kind of handsome guy who fits the public aesthetics. However, his skin is white and gentle, and the gentle temperament should be able to attract the love of the Historical and Art women.

    After going to stage, Ye Xuan said with a microphone: "I am very happy tonight, I can meet so many friends here, and everyone likes Music, LaDolceVita97 is also very good."

    "Or originally, there is no plan to play, but everyone insists, then I only have to offer ugly."

    "Drinking a lot of wine today, the state is not very good. If you sing badly, don't be surprised."

    Everyone laughed and clap their hands and gave him encouragement and support.

    Ye Xuan seems to have gained strength with the applause. The mental state suddenly rises. The whole person suddenly becomes very different, as if full of vitality and vitality, and the desire to release Singing!

    "Then I will bring this one to everyone, my one's own favorite "Dawn dawn"!"

    The applause was a few times more intense.

    Lu Chen is also applauding, he nodded secretly, thinking that the experience of this peer control field is absolutely old.

    There are many kinds of Singer. Some Singers are only good at playing in the studio, and some Singers are better at playing in large occasions, and their ability to control the field is often very strong.

    Gaoming's control field, Singer, can easily provoke the atmosphere of the scene, firmly grasp the emotions of the audience, and it is easy to complete a successful performance.

    The scene in front of me is very small, but Ye Xuan only uses a few words to add his own momentum, so that LaDolceVita97 completely becomes the home of one's own, obviously knowing the mystery.

    It can be said that people can't be seen!

    Ye Xuan’s singing strength is also very strong. This “Dawn dawn” is not his one’s own work, but the famous work of Xiangjiang Heavenly King superstar Liu Gangsheng, which is a household name in Xiangjiang.

    A tribute to Senior, there is a lot of Xiangjiang Singer singing this song, because everyone is too familiar, so the standard of evaluation is very high, there is not enough strength to cover the "Dawn dawn", it is absolutely self-deprecating.

    "Dawn dawn" is not the kind of fast song or saliva song, it has requirements for singing skills.

    Under the accompaniment of the bar band, Ye Xuan sang very well with his microphone. His voice line was slightly sharp and sorghum, and he was able to control the treble part of the song. It was quite shocking to the climax of the chorus.

    If you want to say the shortcomings, it is that the depth of the bass is not enough, making this classic work sounds lacking in thickness and not intriguing.

    But I don't want to hide it, Ye Xuan's "Dawn dawn" sang, the whole bar is boiling.

    "One more!"

    Someone shouted, and his words immediately received countless approvals.

    After singing this very difficult "Dawn dawn", Ye Xuan’s forehead has already produced fine sweat. He smiled and waved his hand and said, "Thank you, everyone is happy this evening, and I can’t destroy the game. The rules, so I can only be sorry!"

    He plugged the microphone back into the shelf and then returned to the seat of one's own.

    Ye Xuan’s friend smiled and said: “I know that it’s okay to pull you over, and at least a few thousand have been saved.”

    There are five or six friends in the same seat with Ye Xuan, and they can't help but laugh.

    A girl grinned and said: "I should just call a few bottles of red wine just now…"

    In fact, they are not the masters of bad money, but it is always very happy to be able to take advantage of it, and it is still very cheap.

    Ye Xuan modest: "You should not be too happy, there are still a few people to play."


    The friend said disdainfully: "Unless it is Liu Heavenly King, you will be the champion of non-Xuange tonight!"

    This is touted a bit too much, Ye Xuan only smiles – he can not refute the face of friends?

    "I don't know if there are a few behind…"

    The girl looked at the probe and suddenly showed the color of surprise: "Hey, the 13th is a handsome guy!"

    The word "handsome guy" is still very attractive. Everyone can't help but turn to look at the stage.

    Really a handsome guy!

    At this moment, on the field, it is the 13th handsome guy Lu Chen.

    "keep it up !"

    Li Zhen applauded and cheered for his own BOSS, and the influence of beauty was not weak. Many guests applauded to express their encouragement.

    In fact, everyone sees Lu Chen's eyes, there is a bit of sympathy, because the front Ye Xuan performance is as wonderful, his pressure is very big.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen is tall enough and handsome enough to at least pull back some impression points, especially for female guests.

    "Young guy keep it up!"

    There was a crisp and fascinating voice in the crowd, which suddenly caused a burst of laughter.

    Lu Chen smiled and asked the band guitarist on the scene: "Is there a spare guitar?"

    For most guitarists, their instrument is the second life or wife lover, usually it will not be loaned to others, so Lu Chen will ask for a spare.

    The guitarist was surprised: "Do you want one's own to play?"

    Lu Chen nodded.

    The guitarist was very refreshed and handed the guitar he held to Lu Chen: "That should be my, pitch."

    Lu Chen received it: "Thank you!"

    He had to pass a stool again, then re-adjusted the height of the microphone and sat down again.

    The LaDolceVita97 bar became very quiet, and even the bartenders put down the bartender in their hands. They all wanted to see what kind of performance the guy would bring to everyone.

    Self-singing? Looks like a bit level.


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