The 403th chapter is really you

    Li Zhen's new boss, the mainland's most famous young Singer, starring two high-level Viewership Ratings drama series, works for millions of A-list Star …

    Li Zhen’s friends seem to be listening to mythological stories, and all of them are listening.

    Very unreal feeling.

    The first time I met, Lu Chen gave everyone the feeling of being handsome first, a real handsome guy, and from the mainland.

    Then his talk is good, kind and easygoing is like a big boy next door, very likable.

    Xue Ni immediately felt heartily and boldly "showing love."

    But what everyone didn't think was that Lu Chen not only had a girlfriend, but also sounded to rely on his girlfriend.

    This made Li Zhen’s friends’ comments on Lu Chen not be reduced a lot.

    Now Lu Chen is singing and singing on the stage of the performing arts. Li Zhen tells everyone that he is a superstar, and it is difficult for them to accept it at a time.

    Li Zhen is also helpless, because even if she deliberately concealed, it will not hide for too long, when the truth is exposed, it is very embarrassing in front of friends.

    "Really, I don't lie to you…"

    Facing the surprises of friends, Li Zhen had to explain: "You will know when you go to the Internet to search for a search. My BOSS girlfriend is Chen Feier. You should always know Chen Feier? Also, he and Chen Feier starred in the drama series called "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", I suggest you go and see! ”

    When it comes to this, Li Zhen’s pretty face is a little red.

    Because not long ago, like the friends here, she only cares about the news in the Entertainment Circle in Hong Kong. She only looks at the drama series and variety program produced by Hong Kong Island TV. The Internet only plays in the local BBS.

    This is actually a common problem for Xiangjiang people. Most people lack understanding of the situation in the Mainland and will not take the initiative.

    Li Zhen felt that one's own at that time, and friends were the frogs at the bottom of the well, guarding the small world of Hong Kong Island, ignoring the really wonderful big world outside, it seems ignorant and inexperienced.

    "His girlfriend is Chen Feier!"

    Xue Ni squinted and said: "Azhen, you are too bad, don't tell me earlier, let me lose face!"

    There are not many Celebrities in the mainland that Xiangjiang people know. Chen Feier is one of them. She once went to Hong Kong Stadium in Xiangjiang to have a concert, and also released one's own album on Xiangjiang, so she has a certain popularity.

    Xue Ni is more confident and can't say that one's own can get a piece of cake from Chen Feier.

    Li Zhen smiled bitterly: "Whoever makes you so fast / sing, I am not telling you now?"

    Xue Ni hugged her: "No, you have to pay for me!"

    The two women laughed and the Lu Chen on the stage returned the guitar to the guitarist in the bar band.

    The latter was full of admiration, and after picking up, Lu Chen morning gave a thumbs up: "Good sharp!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for your guitar."

    At this time, Ye Xuan strode onto the stage and came to Lu Chen.

    "Hello there!"

    In the eyes of the public, he took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen: "I am Ye Xuan."

    "Hello there."

    Lu Chen shook his hand: "My name is Lu Chen."

    Ye Xuan could not wait to ask: "I want to ask, who wrote this song?" Who is the original singer? ”

    As the local strength of Xiangjiang, Singer, Ye Xuan's status in the popular Musical World is not very high, but he graduated from the Kowloon Music College, and he does not talk about his ability to sing, his vision and experience are first-class.

    Lu Chen just sang this "Favorite in Life", Ye Xuan has never heard of it, which makes him curious, knowing that such a good Cantonese song, as long as it has been issued, then he must have heard.

    And this song should never be obscured!

    It is this kind of intense curiosity in pursuing the truth that makes Ye Xuan, regardless of the publicity, rushing back to the stage to ask for answers. He is anxious to know the original author.

    As a Singer's keen sense of smell, let Ye Xuan realize that this is likely to be a chance for one's own.

    If you can buy this song…

    Ye Xuan stared at Lu Chen and looked forward to the answer he expected.


    In the face of Ye Xuan’s inquiries, Lu Chen was a little surprised and said, “Let’s go on and say?”

    Ye Xuan realized that one's own behavior was not appropriate. He couldn't help but look old and said: "Okay."

    The two walked down the stage of the performing arts together.

    Most of the guests in the bar didn't know what happened. They saw Ye Xuan shaking hands with Lu Chen, thinking that the singer was appreciating Lu Chen, deliberately to go on stage to encourage the latter.

    So everyone applauded.

    Ye Xuan will take Lu Chen directly to one's own side to sit down.

    Lu Chen did not refuse, and after screaming with Li Zhen, he sat calmly at Ye Xuan's side.

    Ye Xuan’s friends looked at Lu Chen with curious eyes.

    One of the girls looked extraordinarily careful, and did not wait for Ye Xuan to introduce, she suddenly asked: "You, have you taken the drama series?"

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded: "Yes."

    The girl suddenly turned a blind eye and repeatedly asked: "Is it a "blue life and death", are you called Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but touch his nose and said, "It's me."


    The girl suddenly screamed, and the eyes were all stars: "Sure enough, you are really you!"

    "Yin Junxi!"

    "I am your fan!"

    She was so excited that she was full of redness and was completely excited by the brainless fan who saw the idol.

    If it is not inappropriate for the occasion, it is estimated that another place will be thrown over and hugged Lu Chen.

    Ye Xuan and other friends look at each other in dismay, Ye Xuan could not help but ask: "A Fang, you said he is an actor?"

    The girl nodded hard and her eyes fixed on Lu Chen: "Yes, when did you come to Xiangjiang?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I just came over a few days ago."

    Ye Xuan had to interrupt the conversation between the two, and he found that the development of things seems to have left the mastery of one's own.

    "Lu Chen, the song just now…"

    Lu Chen replied: "The song was written by me one's own, and it was the first time I sang in public."

    He understands Ye Xuan's thoughts.

    But this song Lu Chen will not be sold to others.

    Ye Xuan suddenly stunned.

    Just when A Fang said that Lu Chen was an actor, Ye Xuan was not too concerned about it. But now that Lu Chen said that this "Favorite in Life" is from his one's own, Ye Xuan was really shocked.

    A Fang smirked and said: "Lu Chenge is very famous in the mainland. He is Singer's debut. Has there been two albums yet? The works on his album are written by one's own and are very powerful singers! ”

    Her understanding of Lu Chen came from the Internet, and she went to search after reading "Blue Life and Death".

    Ye Xuan finally realized that one's own small look at Lu Chen!


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