The forty-two thirty-two chapter lady

    The modern society has developed information, and the online world is far from ever. Although the social atmosphere of Xiangjiang is special and the upper-class society is self-explanatory, the Entertainment Circle is self-styled, but there is no shortage of people with deep-eyed and keen sense of smell.

    These true elites of Xiangjiang not only care about Hong Kong, Baodao and Aocheng, but also turn their attention to the mainland, where the market is huge, and even Southeast Asia and the whole world, firmly grasp the pulse of the times.

    Mrs. Jin is definitely one of the most concerned about the mainland entertainment market in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang. As early as the establishment of her Entertainment Manager Corporation, she began to consciously lay out the mainland in advance and strive to open up the mainland market. She has organized Xiangjiang Celebrity many times. The group went to the mainland to perform, and it also has considerable contacts and resources in the Mainland.

    At that time, the Xiangjiang entertainment film and television industry was in full swing, the classic masterpieces emerged endlessly, and the Celebrity big coffee was dazzling. At that time, Mrs. Jin realized the importance of the mainland market and was undoubtedly extremely visionary.

    She also received a huge return.

    Hundreds of guests present, on the status of the Entertainment Circle, Mrs. Kim must be the highest.

    She said that Lu Chen's works are worth millions. No one dares to question them. Even if they don't believe, they can only hide in their hearts.

    Most people have a new understanding of Lu Chen, a young man from the mainland.

    Because Lu Chen proved his worth.

    The value is in Xiangjiang, which is basically the most basic measure of social class.

    This means that Lu Chen’s “one song” charity is falling, so he will become one of the top original authors of the popular Musical World in Hong Kong.


    Xu Hui bit his teeth and lifted the plate again.

    To be honest, this price has exceeded her expectations, and she is quite jealous of Mrs. Kim.

    But if you give up and give up, Xu Hui is not willing.

    She can't let others think that one's own is afraid of Mrs. Kim.

    Mrs. Jin seemed to have expected it, and she smiled lightly and gracefully greeted her: "One million."


    Actually, it really reached 1 million, and a song sold for 1 million. This is probably something that has never happened in any auction.

    There was an exclamation in the ballroom.

    Although for the many people present, 1 million is not a big number, they can easily take out ten times, but take a song…

    Can only say that Mrs. Kim’s dismay is too big!

    Xu Hui finally convinced, first of all, not to mention the amazing price of 1 million, she continued to fight for it, it would feel very ignorant.

    Yes, it was Xu Hui’s first shot, but she and Mrs. Jin struggled to the end, others would only say that she was young and ignorant.

    This is the problem of word of mouth.

    "One million deals!"

    At this time, the auctioneer did not dare to ask again, and directly settled: "Congratulations Mrs. Kim!"


    The warm applause rang in the hall, no matter what thoughts were in everyone's mind, congratulations to Mrs. Jin at this time.

    They also saw a lively event and added a topic for chatting.

    "Thank you!"

    Mrs. Kim smiled and got up and thanked Lu Chen, who was sitting in the corner.

    She obviously noticed the existence of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen said to Li Zhen: "Go, let's go."

    His lot was taken, so you can't continue to hide as a spectator in the corner.

    I have to bring the real thing to others.

    When Lu Chen stood up, he immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

    No special introduction, everyone knows that he is the real protagonist of this auction, and almost everyone's eyes are attracted.

    The guests wanted to see if the mainland singer who sold a million songs had three heads and six arms.

    Speaking of shape temperament, Lu Chen is definitely not going to be disappointed.

    Lu Chen's facial features are distinct, and the swords and eyebrows are very manly. They are essentially different from the current popular style of the Entertainment Circle, which is more in line with the traditional aesthetic tendency.

    Handsome enough, but not feminine!

    His height is more than 1.80 meters. After a long-term exercise, the figure is perfect. With the 16-year-old Armani suit, there is no problem in the Fashion Week.

    The most important thing is that after the 3rd Rank life in the dream, Lu Chen's temperament has undergone great changes, deep and introverted, not arrogant, but also the calmness of a successful person, which impressed the first sighted.

    "He is Lu Chen?"

    "It really is a talent, I am afraid it is rare in the Mainland."

    "The young people like this are rare in Hong Kong."

    "so hot…"

    There are several young girls among the guests. They look at Lu Chen’s eyes and they are rich and colorful.

    And next to Mrs. King, there are two girls sitting.

    The two looked at Lu Chen who came with a slightly shy and curious look.

    "Hello, Mrs. Jin, I am Lu Chen."

    Lu Chen was slightly squatted, first introduced himself, and then introduced Li Zhen: "This is my assistant, Azhen, can we sit down here?"

    Li Zhen quickly bent down and saluted: "Mrs. Kim is good!"

    Mrs. Kim is no longer young, and the ruthless years have left an indelible mark on her face. That is irreparable in any maintenance. The horns are white hair.

    However, it can be seen that when she was young, she must be a beautiful woman. The years have left a mark, and at the same time, she has deposited the unique temperament accumulated in her experience.

    The most inconspicuous thing is her bright eyes, and her eyes seem to be able to understand the hearts of the people.

    "Sit, there is a place here."

    Mrs. Jin smiled and asked: "When did you come to Xiangjiang?"

    Lu Chen and Li Zhen sat down in the vacancy. He said: "The day before yesterday."

    Mrs. Jin smiled and said: "Let me guess, are you coming to Xiangjiang to participate in the new film and television support program?"

    Lu Chen suddenly got a surprise: "Yes, how did you know?"

    He Xiangjiang is very low-key, and even did not say on the blog, the official establishment of the film studio is actually just yesterday, the local circle people may be comfortable to understand the situation, this lady is too much supernatural.

    "Actually, this is a good guess…"

    Mrs. Kim explained: "You have achieved such great success in the popular Musical World and drama series in the Mainland. If it is not for Xiangjiang's new film and television support program, I can't think of the reason you ran quietly here."

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I can't travel?"

    Mrs. Jin asked: "When you travel to Xiangjiang alone, do you break up with Mayfair?"

    Lu Chen was speechless.

    Mrs. Kim showed a sly smile and said: "The most important thing is that I was on the phone with Mayfair last night. I know her time is earlier than Shu Wei."

    Lu Chen was completely dressed.


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