Chapter 438 looks like a little familiar

    Singer, who can sing and sing, will always be looked at by people, because such Singer tends to be not too bad, and many of them have personality and characteristics, often inadvertently giving people a surprise.

    The amateur self-singing and self-singing, dare to get on the stage to make people appreciate the evaluation, either the strength is not good but the self-confidence is excessive, or it is really a bit level.

    Lu Chen seems to be like the kind of level. He is calm enough and confident. If you change into a jargon, it is a "typhoon" that is not good enough. Such people have seven or eight points of strength and can often play very well.

    So even though there was no suspense in the results, everyone still had some expectations for him and listened very seriously.

    Lu Chen coughed with a guitar and then said to the microphone: "The first time I came to Xiangjiang, it was the first time I came to Lan Kwai Fong and LaDolceVita97. Everything here surprised me."

    “Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my girlfriend with me this time, I Believe would like it too.”

    Everyone applauded the face and praised Lu Chen for LaDolceVita97.

    No one thought that Lu Chen was not a Xiangjiang person, and he was the first to come to Lan Kwai Fong.

    This is interesting.

    Lu Chen continued: "Then I saw a lot of couples in the bar, so I sang Love Song. I hope that the world will be a lover, and the lonely person can find the other half of one's own."

    The applause is even louder.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The name of this song is called "Love in Life" and is given to all lovers."

    He plucked the strings and started singing one's own.

    On this strange and familiar stage.

    "If you are crazy, you can wait until one day, the most loved in your life.

    Who cares about you, my situation, every time I encounter an accident, I don’t know the future.

    I have been willing, I love it,

I have to look at the sea alone every day.

    I would rather not talk forever.

Don't want to talk about fake and deceive you.

    Pay attention to you and me,

You will notice a little distance between them.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Wordless love,

I can’t say it,

I want to be with you,


“Favorite” is a Cantonese song, and it is the first Cantonese-language work by Lu Chen. The first singer here seems to be a bit of a play, but the so-called words are the voices, the songs are ambiguous, and when you want to sing, you sing, not Singing with the reputation of interest is the true color that a true Singer should have.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    "Love in Life" is the first gentle and affectionate song. What it sings is the singer's longing for love, the attachment and expectation of love, and one can undoubtedly achieve the classic Love Song!

    Lu Chen’s interpretation of this song is deep and introverted. The words and sentences contain emotions from the heart. This makes his songs have a unique Charm, which allows people to listen carefully and then there is no Rebelliously sinking in and being deeply infected.

    The LaDolceVita97 bar suddenly became very quiet, people listened to this song that has never been heard before, sighing one word at a time, such as the curse.

    No one spoke, even the waitresses hid in the corner, and their eyes were all on Lu Chen.

    Li Zhen bit her lip and not let one's own inner excitement appear.

    She knows that Lu Chen is very powerful, but the feeling of listening to Lu Chen’s singing on the spot is not something that can be described and carried by a few pages of text content.

    Chen Jiaming’s expression of a ghost.

    He has tried to overestimate the level of Lu Chen, especially after borrowing guitar from Lu Chen. However, the facts are often more cruel than imagined. Lu Chen has not been crushed by Ye Xuan, but in turn has crushed the other side. .

    This makes Chen Jiaming feel embarrassed.

    What a ridiculous calculation he had just made!

    Chen Jiaming's face is hot, and the people present, perhaps, only he is absent-minded.

    Fortunately, no one cares about him.

    The people at Ye Xuan’s table were basically shocked.

    They originally thought that one's own stable victory, Ye Xuan crushed the audience without any suspense, never expected to suddenly emerge a handsome guy who can sing, but also sang so well.

    A few people know how to understand, Lu Chen's guitar level is very high, his voice has a special quality, the strength of singing is not bad, whether it is the conversion of breath or the handling of details are familiar.

    The most rare thing is that the emotions contained in the songs are sincere and enthusiastic, and they are very touching.

    Such a level of strength, I am afraid that most of the professional Singer can not match, can it be said that the popular Music in the Mainland has developed to such a terrible point, just come over and one can make the opponent feel uncomfortable?

    One of them felt that Lu Chen looked a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

    Ye Xuan’s look became very serious. He stared at Lu Chen, who was sitting on the stage, and fell into thought.


True or false,

If you can play one's own,

Give your heart's tenderness to your only confidant.

    Like crazy, drunk,

I hope you know how to cherish one's own.

    I even miss you even if I am separated,

I really miss you

If you are crazy, you can finally wait for a certain day.

    Favorite in life! ”

    The climax of the whole song is undoubtedly the most exciting. In front of the gentle whisper, when the chorus is reached, the emotions and emotions are lifted up at once, and the sound is directly buckled, giving people a strong sense of impact.

    If a person waits insanely, will there be a day that will allow us to wait until the most beloved person in this life. And when we met the only one in our life, in the face of difficulties, obviously do not know the future, is still able to hold each other's hands, until the whiteheads!

    This Singing gives people the deepest truth.

    When Lu Chen played the last note, after a while, the applause broke out in the bar.

    Applause, scream, whistle…Young people who express one's own like attitude are always direct.

    There are also a few girls picking up the roses in the vases on the table and grabbing the go on stage to give Lu Chen.

    This means that they have identified Lu Chen, a flower is a vote.

    Among all the contestants who played in the front, only Ye Xuan had such treatment, but he is a singer!

    Xue Ni didn't dare to open her mouth and muttered, "I am really fake, Azhen, your colleague is too powerful. Why don't he be an artist, he will definitely be able to redeem half the sky!"

    The Xiangjiang girl suddenly felt that even if Lu Chen was eating soft rice, he also relied on strength to eat.

    Li Zhen hesitated for a moment, or took the initiative to uncover the mystery: "In fact, Lu Chen is not my colleague, but my new boss. He is the most famous young Singer in the Mainland, and he also starred in two Viewership Ratings. Series , also A-list Star in the Mainland, to write a song for others to be priced at millions!"


    Xue Ni and Chen Jiaming and others are all dumbfounded.


Note: "Favorite in a Life" lyrics: Xiang Xuehuai / Composer: Wu Sikai (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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