Chapter 434

    Xiangjiang, which is under the cover of night, is a world of bright lights and paper fans.

    In this world, there are countless social interactions every day, and the well-dressed gentlemen and ladies are lingering in various social occasions, with false masks saying insincere words, but they are happy.

    There are countless news every day here.

    Just after 8 o'clock in the evening, Shu Yi officially ended the charity dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel. The auction raised more than 10 million donations, mainly for the relief of poor mothers and children in Hong Kong.

    There are many rich people in Xiangjiang, and there are countless billions of assets in the rich. There are also many top billionaires in the world, but there are still a large number of poor people in the population of more than 13 million.

    Whether it is the upper class or the media mastered by the upper class, they rarely care about these people at the bottom of the society. Countless people and small people are struggling to survive. Compared with those who are rich and extravagant, they seem to Like a cockroach, you can't stand a little bit of turbulent waves.

    In the past few decades, Xiangjiang’s economy has developed greatly, but social contradictions have become increasingly prominent. People of insight have realized the biggest problem of Xiangjiang society and have been calling for improvement of the situation of the poor.

    Shu Wei is undoubtedly one of them. She has long been paying attention to the poor in Hong Kong. After she entered the giants, she established the charity foundation to use her influence and connections to help those in need.

    After ten years of persistence, although her reputation in the Entertainment Circle is far less than before, but the status and the Reputation are not worse than those of the big superstar, so the fundraising goal was completed so smoothly this evening.

    "Lu Chen, thank you very much this time!"

    After the dinner ended, Shu Wei first sent the guests away, let the assistant deliberately ask Lu Chen to stay.

    “How about a cup of coffee together?”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Is it bad to drink coffee at night? But sister Sister, you said, then I will accompany myself. ”

    Shu Wei smiled: "The night life of Xiangjiang has not yet begun."

    Shu Wei asked Lu Chen to go to the cafe next to the Shangri-La Hotel, which is said to be the most famous Lanting coffee in Xiangjiang. If the seat here is not reserved in advance, the direct past is definitely not empty.

    Shu Wei's seat is very good, close to the large floor-to-ceiling windows, just look around, then the beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour.

    Tasting the hand-grown coffee, listening to the piano playing in the cafe, facing a style / 10,000 kinds of beauty, let Lu Chen feel that this time to Hong Kong is really worthwhile.

    Of course, he just appreciates the beauty, there is no other thought.

    Perhaps it is Lu Chen’s attitude of calm appreciation that makes Shu Wei very affectionate. After some careful observation, she finally recognized Lu Chen: “Feier found a good boyfriend, as a sister, I am really She is happy."

    Although it is praised one's own, it sounds a bit strange, Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Sister, you will be embarrassed to say this."

    Shu Xiaozui smiled and said: "What is embarrassing, Feier's eyes have always been better than me. At first she advised me not to marry into the giants, thinking that women should rely on one's own to win life, I almost turned her face."

    She converges and smiles, and Voice becomes low: "Now think about it, she said it right."

    Lu Chen silently.

    Although he was meeting for the first time, he could see that under the glamorous appearance of Shu Shu, the hidden thing is probably the unknown sorrow and grief.

    Actually think also can understand, as once a little days later, now entertainment Circle she has not too much popularity, although rely on the charity foundation accumulated reputation in the upper-class society has a place, but face is given by others, All the sights and honors are like castles on the beach, and a blast of great waves is likely to vanish.

    In the Xiangjiang River, the foundation is standing still, the most basic is its own strength!

    "Don't say this…"

    Shu Wei re-energized the spirit, and his face smiled again: "You said what you said to Mrs. Jin for so long, whether you are looking at her two daughters, and they are still reluctant to leave." ”

    Her smile is a sly color, a kind of ridicule between friends.

    "Sister, don't you black me…"

    Lu Chen quickly surrendered: "I just promised to give them two works that debuted."

    "Two songs?"

    Shu Yu was surprised: "Is it a shot?"

    Lu Chen explained: "In fact, it is a song, because I suggest that the two girls debut in a couple, and Mrs. Kim agrees, called Twins."


    Shu Shu suddenly brightened his eyes and said: "Double girl combination? It seems that there is nothing famous in the circle. This name is very good. Is it what you gave? ”

    Lu Chen nodded.

    Shu Yu said with exclamation: "The two gimmicks are your luck, I can already predict that Twins will definitely succeed, because you write songs for them!"

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head: "Sister, you are still black."

    "Not black…"

    Shu Wei said very seriously: "I heard that you have a nickname called 'Golden Hand', saying that your hand is a little bit of a magical gold. Any Singer can sing the song you wrote, it will definitely be popular!"

    Lu Chenhan Yan: "I don't even know that I have such a nickname, it is too exaggerated."

    Shu Wei smiled slightly: "Exaggeration is not exaggerated. I only know after I tried it. I am currently collecting works and preparing to release a new album before the end of the year. So I would like to ask you to take a 'golden hand' take action and write two for me. How is the song?"

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "No problem."

    His refreshment made him feel comfortable: "You don't ask questions?" If I want you to be free? ”

    Her face showed a playful expression.

    Lu Chen said with a sigh: "You are a friend of Mayfair, that is my friend. There is no need to talk about so many conditions between friends. Free is no problem."

    Lu Chen said that he is not a guest and a vain. He started a one's own film career in Xiangjiang. He needs all aspects of strength support, such as Shu Wei, who has influence in the circle. What is the relationship between sending her two songs? ?

    Moreover, she and Feier are still friends, and help one's own to get to know a lot of high-level people in the circle.

    However, Shu Wei is moved inexplicably.

    After the prosperous ups and downs, she is not the kind of person who will be easily moved, but Lu Chen's frankness and generosity make her see a different man.

    Chen Feier He Qi Luck!


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