Chapter 430 has not heard of

    The auctioneer’s voice just fell, and a hostesses dressed in cheongsam came forward and smiled to show the first lot to the hundreds of guests in the banquet hall.

    This lot is a brand-name antique watch, which belongs to the real collection. The starting price of 10,000 yuan is undoubtedly just a gimmick. Immediately someone raised the price and raised the price to more than 200,000.

    "250000! This gentleman bids 250,000! ”

    "300000! Our beautiful Miss Yuan Ziyun offered 300,000 and 300,000! ”

    "Well, now it is 450,000, quoted from the distinguished Mrs. Ho."


    The charity dinners were attended by famous celebrities in Xiangjiang’s upper class and Entertainment Circle. Many of them often go to similar social occasions, and naturally they are familiar with the face, and the auctioneers basically know each other.

    However, unlike ordinary auctions, the atmosphere of the auction of charity dinners is very weak. The bidding price for each other is mainly for the active atmosphere, so when the auction price of this lot is close to the actual value, the placard has already been smashed. Few.

    In the end, Cai Hong won the one's own lot at a price of 580,000.

    “Thank you Sir Cai Hong for his generous donation to poor children!”

    As the auctioneer fixed the tone, the audience gave a warm applause.

    The white-haired old jazz stood up and thanked the guests applauding.

    This is also very common for charity auctions. Some people will take one's own favorite collection and shoot it, then one's own will take it back and donate money to show off.

    The guests have their own tacit understanding. Under such a situation, no one will suddenly jump out and grab the high price with the original owner.

    Those who do not follow the rules will only be excluded by the circle.

    Li Zhen quietly and diligently told Lu Chen that something that one's own knew, and the two sat in a low-key position in the corner, and participated in the charity auction as a spectator.

    With the successful auction of the first lot, the next lot was followed by one piece. The Speed ​​and frequency of the auction were very fast. Only a few excellent pieces without the original participation attracted relatively intense bidding.

    Lu Chen took action once and took a limited bag of Chanel for 50,000 yuan.

    He forwarded the branded bag that was photographed to the assistant of one's own.

    "Send it to me?"

    Li Zhen was shocked and happy, and could not believe it.

    With her income, the salary of the first half of the year is also affordable, but Xiangjiang’s price level is very high, and the cost of living is huge. She wants one’s own 掏 50,000 yuan to buy a bag, that’s 10,000 I am reluctant.

    On the street stall in the night street, you can buy a copy of the money for 50 yuan.

    But reluctant to give up, very few girls can resist the temptation of brand-name bags, so suddenly received this special gift, Li Zhen's mood can be imagined.

    "BOSS, you will make me fall in love with you."

    After a few days of getting along, Li Zhen had a good understanding of the character temper of her new boss. Lu Chen was generous and generous and easy-going. He never put on the shelf of BOSS, which is undoubtedly a very good person.

    So she dared to make a playful joke.

    In fact, it may not be a joke.

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly: "I will be free if I fall in love with you. I already have a girlfriend. You will work hard in the future."

    Lu Chen has always been generous to follow one's own. He sent two BMWs yesterday. It is not a big deal to send a bag to one's own assistant secretary today. In the future, he will rely on Li Zhen in his work and life.

    "Thank you BOSS!"

    Li Zhenmei touched the bag in his hand and thought about bringing the little sister to envy.

    "The next lot is something special…"

    At this moment, the auctioneer standing on the performing stage launched a new one.

    His look is a little weird, saying: "It was donated by Mr. Lu Chen, a song that has not yet been written."

    The auctioneer’s voice just fell, and the banquet hall suddenly became a piece.

    The auctions that have been successfully shot in front, famous brands of jewelry, watches, bags, antique crafts, etc., suddenly popped up "a song that has not yet been written", people feel very incredible.

    Most importantly, not many people know who Lu Chen is or have heard his name.

    Is this piece really funny?

    Some of the guests were amazed, some doubts, some ridicule, and some whispered with others, making the atmosphere of the scene a bit embarrassing.

    Someone asked aloud: "A song that has not yet been written can also be used as a charity lottery. Is there something wrong?"

    It’s not someone else who came out to ask questions, it’s Liang Zhihao.

    He had previously seen Lu Chen not being pleasing to the eye, and he was not able to live in Lu Chen.

    Now Lu Chen’s charity lot is on the stage, which is just a song. It unleashes his doubts and makes him find the opportunity to ridicule Lu Chen.

    "Who is Lu Chen, I have never heard of it!"

    Although Liang Zhihao was so rude, his questioning still aroused the resonance of many guests present, and many people turned their attention to the comfort of sitting in front.

    The auctions that can be auctioned are all donations from guests. The charity foundation of Shu Wei has been established for many years, and the fundraising dinner has been held for dozens of games. How can such a thing happen?

    The auctioneer is very experienced. Seeing such a situation immediately explained: "Mr. Lu Chen is a famous Music singer in the Mainland. His works have won numerous awards and he has a high status in the popular Musical World in the Mainland!"

    "The guest who took this song will receive a custom-made work by Mr. Lu Chen for his or her designated person. The starting price is 10,000 yuan."

    Unlike the previous case of someone bidding immediately, the ballroom was caught in a subtle silence.

    The atmosphere is wrong.

    Liang Zhihao said yin and anger: "It turned out to be from the mainland. No wonder I have never heard of it."

    He meant to point out that several guests had laughed, and there were still sarcasm on the faces of people.

    It’s a strange thing to shoot someone who is so popular!

    Maybe this is the first lot of the auction tonight, then there will be a good show.

    "This guy…"

    Li Zhen was so angry that Liang Zhihao was too much.

    Lu Chen had no innocence with him. He didn’t even know it before today. He was so targeted.

    However, Lu Chen, who is the party, is very calm. He puts a relief to one's own assistant: "We don't care about him, and it is not worth pissed off for him."


    Li Zhen bit her lip and she wanted to say that Liang Zhihao was so upset, so how did Lu Chen’s songs come out? What other faces continue to stay here?


First send a more, today with my wife and children take the train to Ganzhou, the second do not know if you can get it, the author Jun strive to get the code out! (To be continued~^~)

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