Chapter 491

    This time, Zhou Yi himself was answered.

    He said in a deep voice: "Lu Shao, I am on the road, it will be up to a few minutes."

    Zhou Yi is a very smart businessman, and in many cases the savvy of people can also be explained as a slippery head. On the issue of treating Honghua, Zhou Yi is very slippery and unwilling to share pressure for Lu Chen.

    But now his attitude is impeccable. As a well-known businessman in Xiangjiang, Zhou Yi's strength and status cannot be compared with the top rich, nor is it an ordinary rich man with a considerable status.

    He personally rushed to the studio and undoubtedly supported Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was too lazy to guess the thoughts of the other party's mind. He briefly told about what happened just now on the phone. Finally, he said to Zhou Yi directly: "Zhou Bo, I am going to hold a media communication meeting immediately, to the media and The public clarified the truth of the matter and at the same time denounced Honghua’s bad behavior.

    “I want to know how much media you can help me with now?”

    Lu Chen bite the word "have weight" and he believes that Zhou Yi understands the meaning of one's own.

    Zhou Yi certainly understands that Lu Chen is going to fight the Honghua with a bayonet!

    If Zhou Yi invites a heavyweight media reporter to come, it means that he is firmly tied to Lu Chen’s chariot. It is impossible to swing like the previous one. He must support Lu Chen clearly.

    The young people nowadays are really bad!

    Zhou Yi is silent and thinking.

    However, Lu Chen did not let him delay the time, very rudely said: "Zhou boss, if you can't do it, then you don't have to come over."

    This is the last night of Lu Chen. If you want to continue to cooperate, you have to come up with a cooperative attitude.

    Otherwise, everyone will take a shot!

    Zhou Yichang sighed and said, "Give me half an hour."

    Of course, he does not want to directly confront Jiang Family. He is quick and does not help his business. It will cause unnecessary trouble.

    Zhou Yi doesn't like trouble very much. He likes to make money easily and painfully.

    But now Xiangjiang, making money has been very difficult, the competition in the industry is fierce, 1% of the profits may need to pay 100% of the effort, the difference will be bloodless.

    Therefore, Zhou Yi will acquire Jiayang Film for a multi-faceted investment and will not put the eggs in the same basket.

    Zhou Yi is also very optimistic about Lu Chen's film project. According to his serious understanding of Lu Chen, he found that this young man who has been in the less than two years of Dometic has created many miracles.

    People who followed Lu Chen, trusted Lu Chen, and supported Lu Chen were rewarded with great results.

    It is based on this understanding, so when faced with the choice, Zhou Yi put his chips on Lu Chen.

    Of course, he also has a card.

    Lu Chen’s face finally had a smile and his tone softened: “An hour is OK, the press conference is scheduled to be held at 9:30, and I have materials for preparation.”

    With determination, Zhou Yi immediately demonstrated the decisiveness that a real businessman should have: "Good!"

    The temporary holding of a press conference was officially finalized.

    Lu Chen just ended his call with Zhou Yi, and Chen Wenqiang took a policeman to find him.

    "This is our boss, Mr. Lu Chen."

    Chen Wenqiang said: "This is the party sheriff of the Kowloon Tong Police Station…"

    "Fang Sheriff, hello."

    Lu Chen immediately took the initiative to extend his hand to the other side: "Working hard."

    The police sheriff was a thin middle-aged man. He shook hands with Lu Chen and said, "Hello Mr. Lu Chen, Lion Rock Studios is in the jurisdiction of our police station. It is our safety to protect the crew crew. Responsibility, it is a pity that such a thing happens, we will increase the patrol in the future."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you!"

    The police sergeant nodded. His gaze swept through the members of the Lujia class, such as Wan Yong. It seemed to be inadvertently said: "The people in your drama crew are very good."

    It’s very good!

    The party sheriff is of course very aware of the details of this troubled project, Honghua. He has even heard the wind, saying that Honghua is dealing with a drama crew from the mainland, so he is psychologically prepared for today's events.

    But what he didn't expect was that Honghua, who had made trouble at home, actually ate such a big loss. Ten or twenty people were subdued on the spot. Speed ​​was coming to him and he led the team to clean up the mess.

    This made the police chief vigilant.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, Xiangjiang’s gang community had a special force called the big circle gang. Its members all came from the mainland, and the means was very ruthless. Later, it was also the most severely suppressed by the crackdown.

    As a child, the police sheriff was very impressed with the reputation of the big circle.

    The powerful Lujia class members gave him some subtle association.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "They are the martial artists who are responsible for staying on the studio. They are all veterans, but fortunately."

    These words, Lu Chen said it is meaningful.

    When I heard the words "military", the sergeant's pupils shrank and shrunk, and the look was instantly stiff.

    The soldiers of the Republic have a special deterrent to the Xiangjiang people.

    After Xiangjiang returned to the mainland, there were always troops stationed in Hong Kong. Later, the Xiangjiang government's actions against the evil forces, the Hong Kong troops participated in it, and its outstanding performance made the world look at it.

    However, the sergeant’s response was very quick, and he immediately smiled: “No wonder it’s no wonder, but we have to bring these troublemakers back to the police station for interrogation. Please believe that our police will handle it impartially!”

    Invisible, he was a little polite to Lu Chen.

    "Thank you for your sheriff!"

    Lu Chen shook hands with him again: "Then it will be handed over to the police to handle it."

    Because the incident was a bit too big, the Kowloon Tong Police Station sent a number of police cars, including one riot-proof car. The police officers had more than 20 people, so when they returned, the momentum was quite loud.

    It is estimated that the news has spread, and more and more reporters have appeared around the studio. Many paparazzi do not know where to come from, and they are slamming against the police and the arrested Honghua people.

    There are also reporters directly rushing to the morning.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, I am a reporter for the Kowloon Express. Can you tell me what happened?"

    Lu Chen pulled Zhang Xiaofang, who was preparing to block the other party, and said: "Our drama crew will hold a media communication meeting at 9:30, and welcome reporters to the interview!"

    After that, he ignored the reporter who tried to continue to ask questions and turned back to the studio.

    "Lu Chen, Mr. Lu Chen!"

    Other reporters who just came around can only see the back of Lu Chen.


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