The 479th chapter let him get out

    Seeing Lu Chen, the woman in the long skirt reached out and took off her sunglasses, revealing a sweet smile.

    A smile, all the other.

    There was no other person in Lu Chen’s eyes. She couldn’t help but speed up her steps and walked in front of her. She resisted the urge to hold her into her arms and held her hand and said, “How come you?”

    This beautiful and beautiful white dress woman is Chen Feier.

    Filming on the Mongolian prairie, her skin was tanned a little bit, but it was completely harmless to her Charm, but it showed more healthy beauty and vitality. The smile was still so moving.

    Lu Chen did not think that Chen Feier actually came to Xiangjiang with Li Mubai.

    Chen Feier allowed Lu Chen to hold his hands, and his eyes stared at him with a sneer: "My scene on the grassland was finished, Director gave me a half-month holiday, so I came."

    "If you have such a big thing, you will not tell me, or Ms. Mu told me."

    Speaking of the last sentence, she did not get a good look at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled silently.

    He did not tell Chen Feier, of course, she was afraid that she was worried and affected the shooting of the drama series.

    Just did not expect that, actually, Li Mushi told her.

    "Hey Hey hey!"

    Li Mubai, who was left out to the side, was dissatisfied: "Please, don't bother you to show love here!"

    Lu Chen laughed and turned and gave the other party a strong hug: "Welcome to Xiangjiang!"

    Li Mubai also turned his eyes: "Is Xiangjiang better than you?" I have a lot of friends here. ”

    Lu Chen admitted: "Let's go up and talk."

    Of course, Li Mubai and Chen Feier are not alone, each with an assistant. Chen Feier also has two female bodyguards, adding up to the six or seven.

    On the elevator, Lu Chen asked Li Mubai: "Listen to your sister said that you are going to Hawaii for a honeymoon?"

    "Sweet honeymoon, smash!"

    Li Mubai grinned: "It is to play with friends in the past, just a heart."

    Said to be a friend, but the expression on his face is also concealed, it is estimated that the love field is proud.

    Lu Chen asked: "Why don't you bring her to Xiangjiang to play with?"

    Li Mubai has no choice: "She has something at home, Chen Qian wants to come, but know your girlfriend…Keke! ”

    He coughed twice, and sneaked aside Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen sneered at all, making him seem to have a very unusual relationship with Chen Qian. The other side scolded Chen Feier, the real girlfriend, so he dared not come over, it was simply intentionally smeared.

    Really speaking, his impression of the rebellious girl is a bit fuzzy.

    Chen Feier’s eyes flowed like a smile.

    Fortunately, the floor where the studio is located is here, the elevator door is open, and everyone is coming out.

    "You have done a very good job here!"

    Under the leadership of Lu Chen, the group first visited Lu Chen’s studio.

    When the employees knew that Lu Chen’s girlfriend, the future Lady Boss, was personally present, she did not respectfully and enthusiastically greeted her. Chen Fei’s response was generous and the atmosphere in the studio was exceptionally harmonious.

    After the visit, the three sat down in Lu Chen’s office.

    Li Mubai arbitrarily seized the seat of Lu Chen, rushed him and Chen Feier to the sofa, and then patted the table and said: "I am going to work in Xiangjiang, I hired 17 or eight employees, every day. Let me call my boss, Hahaha!"

    Lu Chen is speechless: "Have you been too busy recently?"

    If possible, he would like to drive out this special Large-sized light bulb now, so as not to affect the sweetness of one's own and Chen Fei's long-awaited reunion.

    Li Mubai smiled and said: "Do you think I am joking? I am serious. I am not here to play this time. The first is to set up Mu Chen’s crowdfunding Xiangjiang Branch Office, and then operate Mu Chen Crowdfunding in Hong Kong stocks! ”

    “Listing in Hong Kong stocks?”

    Lu Chen was really surprised. It is necessary to know that Muchen Crowdfunding has not been more than a year since its establishment.

    Li Mushi actually started to operate Hong Kong stocks.

    Xiangjiang's stock market has a long history and is highly integrated with the international market. Compared with the Domestic stock market, it is more mature and rational. Therefore, many domestic companies with strong strength are listed on the Hong Kong stock market.

    Originally, Li Mushi and Lu Chen said that they intend to go public on the Domestic GEM. As a result, they jumped to Xiangjiang and the starting point was undoubtedly higher.

    Once the listing is successful, then the Murray crowdfunding, which has received a lot of money, will surely fly into the sky!

    "This is a complicated matter. Later, we will slowly say it again…"

    Li Mubai waved his hand and said to Lu Chen in a very dissatisfied tone: "You made a movie in Xiangjiang, and someone came to trouble. You can't tell Fei's sister, I can understand, but why don't you call my brother?"

    In the end, he was filled with indignation, and he did not point to Lu Chen’s nose and said that he had no brothers in his eyes.


    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "In fact, things are not big. I want one's own to solve first. If it doesn't work, then it is definitely asking for help."

    When I first encountered the malicious provocation of Honghua, Lu Chen also had the idea of ​​asking Li to help, but the so-called asking for help is not as good as asking for help. I can't meet the difficulties and seek the support of others, so this idea is only in his mind. Flashed in a flash.

    Finally, he still completed the beautiful counterattack against Honghua by one's own Strength.

    Now Honghua is a dog, and in Xiangjiang has become the object of everyone's shouting. Even Zhou Yi admires his means, proving that as long as the method is correct, any problem is not difficult to solve.

    “Jiang Family is still a bit of a force in Xiangjiang…”

    Li Mubai obviously already knows the roots of Honghua. He said in a serious way: "But you don't have to worry, they should take the initiative to apologize to you soon."

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and asked: “What have you done?”

    Li Mubai said that it must have nothing to do with his one's own action with Xiaobaobao to deal with Honghua.

    Li Mubai said with a smile: "There is nothing, just looking for someone to help check the two large factories invested by Jiang Group in the Mainland."

    Lu Chen was really shocked: "Is this too exciting?"

    Originally, it was a small matter to collect protection fees. Now it has become a Li family to deal with Chiang, and things have completely separated from Lu Chen’s control.

    Li Mubai said proudly: "Bullying you is bullying me, bullying me is bullying our Li family. I don't dare to say that I can get Jiang in Xiangjiang, but in the Mainland…Oh! ”

    Lu Chen is speechless, only grateful.

    At this time, the phone resting on the desk rang and the indicator light came from the internal line.

    Lu Chen gestured to let Li Mubai help.

    The phone was called by the receptionist: "Lu Shao, there is a Mr. Jiang from Jiang who wants to see you."

    Lu Chen has not answered yet, Li Mubai said first: "Let him get out!"


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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