The forty-ninth chapter of the chapter

    Intimidation with dead cats and dead dogs is a common practice used by gang members.

    In the past, people in the gang put on loan sharks, and the debts were not paid. The first step was often to hang bloody dead cats on the other's door, meaning that they would not pay back. That poor cat is an example.

    Since the triad society of Xiangjiang was severely cracked down, the gang society was turned from dark to light. Nowadays, the debts of the usury loan are rarely used in such a way. It is changed to a red paint on the door of the house. The purpose is the same.

    However, the intimidation routine of the dead cat and the dead dog did not disappear. Therefore, the media reporters present knew what it was all about. The drama crew of the "Ghost Story" offended the Honghua people and was harassed by the other party.

    This is undoubtedly a very disgusting act.

    The crux of the matter is that the photo that appeared on the screen of the Bailu projection was so shocking that it was fearful that night sleep would be a nightmare, so the well-informed reporters could not help but exclaim.

    The next moment, the photo displayed on the screen switches, it is also a very bloody picture, and there is a bucket of dog blood!

    I only listened to Lu Chen’s voice: “Xiangjiang is the land of the rule of law and the land of humanities. The modern Xiangjiang people speak of civilization and quality. When I was in the Mainland, I heard that Hong Kong Island has corresponding animals for small animals and pets. The protection regulations have also established a small pet protection society, even if a stray dog ​​can be properly protected."

    "However, I never imagined that in the broad daylight, some people would kill the innocent cats and dogs so cruelly that they would be so ruthless!"

    At this time, the purpose of the media communication meeting held by Lu Chen has been clearly revealed.

    The former drama crew representative Chen Wenqiang has already told about the ins and outs of the incident. Lu Chen did not make any more remarks. He did not scream for the harassment of the drama crew by Honghua. Instead, he focused on the other side to kill the small animals. on.

    It’s a strange peak!

    None of the reporters present was a fool. If you can't guess the intention of Lu Chen, then don't just mix in this line, because IQ is too low and there is no future.

    If Lu Chen focuses on the contradiction between the drama crew and Honghua, I hope to use media public opinion to put pressure on the other side. To be honest, it certainly has no effect.

    The media are very savvy and very realistic. Zhou Yi used his contacts to let the reporters of these TV stations rush to attend the communication meeting of the drama crew, which has reached the limit.

    The next step is to let a lot of media create momentum at the same time. The energy needed is very big. In addition, the news has to have a burst of hot spots and hotspots for hype. The "Day of the Ghost" drama crew is obviously far from reaching the black event. standard.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen came from the mainland. With many foreigners who are common in Xiangjiang people, when the drama crew he represented is in conflict with the local community, it is estimated that many people will gloat and be more willing to watch the show.

    After the reporters went back, they gave a large section of the tofu block in a corner of the newspaper. They said that they were very good at giving a few words, and they talked a lot about the effect of public opinion.

    The current situation is completely different!

    "to this end…"

    Lu Chen turned around and his eyes fell on the middle-aged woman on the far right of the podium. Then he continued: "I sincerely invite Ms. Feng Zhenyun, vice chairman of Xiangjiang Xiaobaobao, to have Please Ms. Feng speak."

    The middle-aged woman was dressed in a rich face with a cold face and a blemish, which made her feel very uncomfortable. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought she was one of the members of the drama crew. It is the vice chairman of the small pet insurance association!

    The full name of Xiaobaobao is the Xiangjiang Small Animal/Pet Protection Association. It was established in the 1990s. As a non-governmental public welfare organization, its history is not very long, but it has a great influence in Xiangjiang.

    Because the members of the small pet insurance association cover the upper, middle and lower levels of the society, many celebrities, Celebrity artists are volunteers of the small pets, and many of the senior government officials of Xiangjiang are important in the small pets. The position of the potential power is huge.

    In recent years, Xiangjiang has caused many incidents of animal cruelty and pets. It has always become a hot spot in the society, and it has nothing to do with the small pets.

    What makes people jealous is that some members of the small pet club have a near-perverted degree of protection for cats and dogs. If anyone violates their jealousy, the trouble is really big.

    Once a business person who killed a stray dog ​​was besieged by a small pet defender after the incident was exposed, not only lost his job, but also forced to squat at the dog's funeral.

    Therefore, in the face of the mixed-small pets, many people can't afford to hide, and the dog meat stalls of Xiangjiang have disappeared. The famous dishes such as "Dragon Tiger Fight" disappeared on the menu.

    Lu Chen actually invited out this god to fight the opponent, and everyone has a feeling of ridiculousness.

    Do you want to be so embarrassed?

    But I have to admit that his counter-attacks are extremely brilliant.

    The underworld can't afford a small pet!

    This is a special Large-sized horse cell, which was directly smashed by Hong Chen on the face of Honghua, and it is a mountain.

    Sure enough, when Ms. Feng Zhenyun opened her mouth, she would have smashed the eyes of Honghua’s people. She was simply filled with indignation and screamed for seven or eight minutes. The fighting power was so powerful.

    The reporters have to listen patiently, because their upper level or the boss's wife may be a member or volunteer of the small pet club, or a member of the bosom friend.

    In Xiangjiang, caring for small animals and pets is a paradox, and smart people will not do the opposite.

    As for the Honghua's gangsters, before they caught the cats and dogs, the loop in their minds was estimated to have no "small pets".

    However, these people will soon know how terrible the little pet will be!

    The morning light that gave the microphone to Feng Zhenyun was awe-inspiring, but the heart was secretly funny.

    Before he came to Xiangjiang, Chen Feier told him a lot about Xiangjiang. Among them, there was a small pet holding.

    For example, if you want to use a small animal as an Item for filming or TV, you must arrange it through a small pet insurance association. Otherwise, if you are complained of animal cruelty, then you will have trouble.

    The film "Ghost Story" does not need animal actors, but when he came over to see two dead dogs this morning, he immediately thought of the small pets, so he queried the 24-hour hotline of Xiaobaobao through the voice station, and then Hit the past.

    As a result, the other party sent a deputy chairman directly!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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