Chapter 499, I am coming

    Zhou Yi told Lu Chen on the phone that Hong Cheng’s Jiang Chenghua invited an old Senior to express his approval to Lu Chen through his side. He planned to banquet at the Yunding Hotel tomorrow evening to face Lu Chen!

    The Senior is highly regarded in the circle. Zhou Yi counts his juniors. Jiang Chenghua moved the god out. It is estimated that it paid a very high price and proved the sincerity of one's own.

    Lu Chen said a little and said: "That line, I also give Senior face, and I will go to the appointment on time tomorrow night."

    "That's great!"

    Zhou Yi smiled and said: "Jiang Chenghua has put his head on the ground, and we are not good enough to kill and kill."

    “Right, when will our crew crew restart shooting?”

    Zhou Yi is actually a proud and proud person, but his pride has always been hidden in the bones, and it will not be easily revealed. There are not many people in the Xiangjiang industry circle who can enter his eyes.

    But for Lu Chen, a young man who is a little younger than one's own, he is really convinced now. The original thoughts have long since disappeared, and he really wants to continue this cooperation.

    Lu Chen replied: "Retake it today."

    Time is precious, can not withstand any waste, was delayed by Honghua for a week, the loss of money is second, the key is to disrupt the shooting plan, so that Lu Chen is quite angry.

    Now that Jiang Chenghua has confirmed that the dust has settled, the restoration of the drama crew today is justified.

    Zhou Yi asked with concern: "Is the actor who plays the tree Grandma found it?"

    Lu Chen is a bit strange.

    Although Zhou Yi acquired Jiayang Film Co., he became the owner of this old-fashioned film company, but in fact he did not understand the film. The specific things were naturally handed over to the professionals to complete, but asked the details.

    Lu Chen had dealt with him several times and had a certain understanding of him. So I felt very puzzled: "There is not yet, but it does not affect today's re-shooting. Is there any problem?"

    Zhou Yi said a little helplessly: "There is nothing, Liu Zhaohui is looking for me, saying that he wants to return to the drama crew. He also said that he would apologize to your tea. He was an old friend with one of my relatives. Ask me…"

    Liu Zhaohui is the actor who was originally recommended to play the tree Grandma in Jiayang Film. It is an experienced old bone like Ma Rongzhen.

    It’s just that the old play bones may not have the wind. Under the threat of Honghua and Chiang’s, he was the first to retreat.

    Now that I want to return to the drama crew, I regret that I heard the wind.

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "I can't afford this, you can go back for me."

    What kind of jokes, if such a person still lets him come back, what do people who stay in the drama crew think?

    Lu Chen is not an unprincipled old man!

    For Lu Chen’s refusal, Zhou Yi did not have any surprise. He smiled and said: “That line, I will return him. In fact, he does not say that he has to come back, but he is a little scared.”

    Lu Chen thought a little, and suddenly understood the meaning of Zhou Yi.

    Liu Zhaohui feared that Honghua and Jiang would take the initiative to withdraw from the drama crew. Now Lu Chen is obviously winning a big victory. He is afraid that he will be settled by Lu Chenqiu, so he will pull down the old face and ask Zhou Yi.

    Back to the drama crew is not the purpose, begging for mercy is true!

    Understand the key, Lu Chen is really disgusted with Liu Zhaohui.

    "Don't say this person, it's boring."

    Zhou Yi understood: "That's good, we will see you at the Yunding Hotel tomorrow night."

    Hang up the phone, Lu Chen said to Chen Feier who has been groomed and finished: "Let's go?"

    Chen Feier sat in front of the dressing table and put her last ear studs on her side. She curiously asked, "Do you have a drama crew with fewer actors?"

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "The tree Grandma, originally selected by someone, was later withdrawn."

    The specific Lu Chen did not say much, anyway, Liu Zhaohui has been listed on the list of never cooperating!

    "Tree Fine Grand?"

    Chen Feier has seen the script of "Ghost Story", so she soon remembered: "Reverse BOSS!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, there are more plays, so we must choose another one."

    The re-election of things, he has let Chen Wenqiang go to do, I believe that there will be eyebrows soon.

    Chen Feier blinked and suddenly said, "I am going to play the tree Grandma. How do you see it?"


    Lu Chen was suddenly caught off guard by her whim: "What are you talking about?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I said that I am going to play the Grandma. I have a half-month holiday. If I hurry up, I will finish shooting my scene at this time. Shouldn't it be a problem?"

    Time is certainly not a problem. The story of "Ghost Story" is very strong, but the background of the story is blurred, and the scenes involved are few, so the shooting is not complicated. It can be done in the establishment of Lion Rock Film and Television. The later Special Effect is a bit of a hassle.

    Half a month's time, if all used on Chen Feier's body, that is enough!

    But Lu Chen didn't even think about it: "How about doing it, isn't that letting you destroy your image?" No, no! ”

    To know that he originally thought that Chen Feier appeared in Nie Xiao Qian, but because of the irregular schedule, and the audience also had an aesthetic fatigue problem, Chen Feier did not follow Xiangjiang.

    Now let her play the Grandma, the style of the painting is too violent, Lu Chen worried that it will have a negative impact on Chen Feier's image.

    Chen Feier is very serious: "I think it's okay, a real actor can't be fixed in the same character image forever, positive characters can play, and negative characters can also play live."

    "I am very willing to accept such a challenge…"

    As she said, she got up and leaned in Lu Chen’s arms and said softly: “You have paid so much for this movie, and I hope to help you.”

    In order to shoot this "Ghost Story", Lu Chen began to lose weight planly more than a month ago. Now he has lost a dozen pounds. He was not the kind of strong body, so now it looks a little more. The weak part of the text is in line with the needs of the characters in the play.

    He came to Xiangjiang to work alone, and worked hard to integrate into the circle of Xiangjiang. He set up the Lu Chen movie studio from scratch, found someone to co-produce the film, and encountered the provocation of the gang community. This road was not smooth.

    As a friend of Lu Chen, Li Mubai has been working hard in the Mainland to deal with Jiang Family and help Lu Chen to level the incident. Then she is the closest lover of Lu Chen, how can she stand spectator?

    Self-destruction image?

    That's not necessarily the case.

    Needless to say, Lu Chen understood Chen Feier's mind. He embraced the beautiful woman in his arms and only felt happy in his heart. He hoped that Era would stay at this moment forever.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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