The 490th chapter really makes me angry.

    At 9:30 on the morning of November 30th, the temporary media communication of the drama crew of "Ghost Story" was held in the former site of Faun Temple, which is also the film studio.

    The media communication will be held by Lu Chen studio in conjunction with Jiayang Film, and the management of Lion Rock Studios will also be represented. The media invited to the scene include ATV, Ming Pao, Hong Kong Daily, and Baltic Daily. , entertainment news, Kowloon radio station …

    Except for some reporters who got the news and rushed to grab the news, most of them were invited by Zhou Yi to use their personal connections. Otherwise, as far as the incident itself is concerned, several big media will not have any interest in reporting.

    Zhou Yi took the opportunity to show one's own strength.

    The layout of the media communication meeting was very simple. The two long tables were put together and covered with cloth as the podium. The chairs that the reporters sat were temporarily borrowed by the management of the film and television city for temporary use.

    However, the projection screen and the projector are set up behind the podium, which gives people a different feeling.

    At the time of the visit, there were about 30 media coming to the scene, 40 or 50 reporters and photographers. The atmosphere at the scene was good, and there was no such mess.

    Lu Chen and Zhou Yi first went to the stage, then Wan Xiaoquan, Chen Wenqiang, then the representative of the film and television management, and finally came out with a middle-aged woman with gold glasses, sitting at the most On the outside position.

    After Chen Wenqiang sat down, he turned to ask Lu Chen: "Mr. Lu, let's get started?"

    Lu Chen nodded solemnly: "Okay."

    Chen Wenqiang coughed, and he sat up straight and the probe said to the microphone: "Welcome all media friends to visit the "Dragon Ghost" drama crew media communication meeting."

    "To invite everyone today, I mainly want to explain the bad events that our drama crew has encountered in the past few days!"

    Chen Wenqiang has been in the circle for decades and belongs to the real old Jiang Hu. When the drama crew spokesman is not his own, he still has the same model.

    His ideas are clear, the whole story in detail, and finally said: "Hong Kong is the rule of Law Society, but who can think of our drama crew unexpectedly will have such encounters, macro-China on the one hand bad practices not only seriously affected the drama crew members of the mood, and caused our filming plan to be interrupted, causing a great loss! ”

    "So here, we urge all media friends to be fair and justice!"

    Chen Wenqiang’s voice fell, and the reporters all looked at each other in dismay.

    When many reporters present were dispatched, it was not very clear what happened. I only knew that the drama crew of the "Ghost Story" had a conflict with people. It is only now that they have a basic understanding.

    However, this kind of thing does not seem to have much hype value, unless it is the "Dr.

    They thought that one's own has come to understand, and is ready to give some face to casual entertainment.

    However, the reporter who had witnessed the conflicts on both sides of the scene had a stomach problem. Someone immediately raised his hand and stood up and asked aloud: "Mr. Lu Chen, do you specifically hire a security guard in the drama crew, so Can you quickly calm down the situation?"

    Chen Wenqiang moved the microphone to Lu Chen. Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "The uniforms are not the security personnel I hired. They are members of the drama crew. They are the Lujia class I brought from the mainland. ."

    Lu Jiaban?

    This noun is quite fresh, and many journalists have been provoked curiosity.

    A reporter asked: "Can you tell us about Lu Jiaban in detail?"

    He has witnessed the mighty members of the Lujia class, and the ordinary martial artists do not have such high combat power.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Lu Jiaban is a martial arts class trained by myself. There are currently 12 members and a head coach who are responsible for filming the action and stunts involved in the film and television drama…"

    With this opportunity, Lu Chen officially pushed Lu Jiaban.

    Although the current Lujia class is still unknown, there is no work, but Lu Chen believes that in a few years, people in the Chinese circle will know the name!

    In the face of reporters' repeated questions, Lu Chen's answer was always calm and self-sufficient. Even if the other party's problem was a bit too hot, he also gently avoided the trap and let the other party have no loopholes.

    If this is the case, it is certainly not enough to form a public opinion offensive. Fortunately, Lu Chen has already prepared.

    After answering a reporter's question, Lu Chen looked solemnly: "In fact, as far as the incident itself is concerned, our drama crew has suffered a certain loss, but I believe that the police can handle it. Fair, don't let the people move to invite you to come."

    Xiaoxiao took the police first, and Lu Chen’s words suddenly turned.

    Not to give one's own justice through the media?

    The reporters present were all embarrassed, and Lu Lu said that it was too hypocritical. What is it?

    Lu Chen looked at their eyes in the eyes and hooked his lips. He said quietly: "Please let us watch a video first, which was captured by our drama crew in the morning."

    The curtains and projectors that were placed behind it finally came in handy, and under the control of the crew crew, the morning surveillance screen quickly appeared in front of everyone.

    When this video was filmed, the sky was already bright, and the monitoring equipment was more advanced, so the picture was very clear. Everyone can see that two people are sneaking outside to the studio.

    They held their own hands, each wrapped in a plastic bucket and a plastic sheet. The scene farther away could see someone in charge of the wind.

    The truth quickly revealed that one of them opened the parcel and lifted a dog corpse wrapped inside, ready to throw it into the wall.

    However, at this time, several drag crews left behind and they caught the two on the spot!

    The picture is fixed here.

    Lu Chen turned back and said in a heavy tone: "What really makes me angry is not the bad behavior of Honghua against our drama crew, but they do not hesitate to kill small animals for the purpose of one's own!"

    His voice just fell, and the curtain screen switched instantly.


    The scene suddenly sounded a scream, and several female reporters even closed their eyes and could not bear to see it!

    What is shown on the screen is a picture of a dead dog.

    This photo was taken very well, and the dog's horrible picture was taken out in a clear and incomparable way. The dog eyes squirmed out of the tongue, and the blood hole in the neck was also favored by the blade. The magnifying close-up had a visual impact!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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