The 490th chapter of the street mouse

    Mid-levels, 15th long Ka Road, Jiang Family mansion.

    The semi-mountainous area of ​​Xiangjiang is a high-end residential area between the Victoria Peak and Central. The location is extremely advantageous. Many buildings overlook the busy Victoria Harbour, so they are very popular among Hong Kong Island rich and foreign wealthy immigrants.

    There are many historic villa mansions in the Mid-Levels. The Jiang Family Mansion is one of them. It was built by the Jiang Family’s Chiang Kai-shek’s depletion of business income from the 50 years ago. It is a combination of Chinese and Western styles. It is quite famous in many large houses in the Mid-Levels.

    Jiang Family has been up and down for decades, and there have been times when it was close to bankruptcy, but Jiang Family never thought about selling this valuable ancestral home, because this house represents the root of Jiang. The pulse is a symbol of the spirit of solidarity among the people.

    Only those who enter the Jiang Family Mansion are eligible to lead the entire Chiang.

    Jiang Chenghua moved out of the Jiang Family house ten years ago. As a child who has already gone out of his own way, he rarely comes back when he usually does not need it.

    Because of this luxurious mansion, he always gave him a feeling of depression and dullness, which made his breathing difficult.

    One's own lives outside and doesn't know how comfortable it is.

    But today he had to come because the owner of this mansion, his old man, was furious.

    At the moment of stepping into the gate, Jiang Chenghua’s face could not help but reveal a bitter smile.

    If there is a regret in the world to eat, then even if it costs a million dollars, he is willing to buy a suit, let time back to a week ago.

    In this case, Jiang Chenghua can stop a tragedy from happening.

    As the big boss of Honghua Restaurant, he has been under tremendous pressure for several days and comes from all aspects of pressure.

    Jiang Chenghua really did not think of dreams. The small things that he thought were easy to get, actually evolved into a public opinion storm against one's own. The dog abuse incident was stirred up in Hong Kong Island. Honghua Company did not know how to be How many rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes were lost, and they were forced to close their doors temporarily.

    And his one's own has become a street mouse, the usual friends of the wine and meat are hiding, the beautiful women who often appear around disappeared, and everyone is afraid to avoid it.

    When did Jiang Chenghua fall to this point?

    Things happen too fast, and the means of launching public opinion is simply sinister. Using the negligence mistakes of his people, he directly nailed the Honghua company to the shame column and became the object of tens of thousands of people…

    Now the fire has burned to Jiang Family.

    Who asked him to surname "Jiang"!

    Jiang Chenghua wants to feel more boring, and can't help but pull the tie around his neck.

    "Master Sun, are you here?"

    The white-haired butler was waiting in the foyer. He looked at Jiang Chenghua with a slightly reproachful look and said softly: "The young master is waiting for you in the study. He has not eaten today. You should not provoke him to pissed off." ”

    Jiang Chenghua has always been awkward, but he has served the Jiang Family for 50 years, served Chiang’s grandfather, Jiang Chenghua Grandpa, and is still serving the veteran of Jiang Chenghua’s father Jiang Tai. He is not afraid to be rude.

    "Jiubo, I know it is wrong."

    The old housekeeper Yan Yan smiled and said: "If you know the wrong thing, just go in."

    Jiang Chenghua agreed and hurried to the study room on the second floor.

    When I arrived at the study room, Jiang Chenghua knocked on the door and saw one's own old man sitting behind the desk. There were seven or eight people sitting in the left and right positions, including his two brothers and several executives of the Chiang Kai-shek group.

    Everyone’s gaze fell on him, sympathetic, condemned, hateful and iron, and gloating.

    Fortunately, it is undoubtedly his brother who is inconsistent with both sides!

    Seeing such a battle, Jiang Chenghua really wanted to return immediately, but under the gaze of Jiang Tai’s fierce gaze, he had to swear and greet him: “Hey, are you looking for me?”

    Jiang Tai snorted and said: "I know that it is very difficult for me to call you the Jiang Family, but the Jiang Family is all dead and dead. You are also a Jiang Family. You can't stay out of it. ?"

    Death and death!

    Jiang Chenghua was shocked suddenly – is it so serious?

    Although it is extremely passive to say that the Honghua staff abuses the dog incident, there is still a way to solve it. Anyway, the police have been detained by the police, so that they can directly plead guilty and lose money.

    As far as public opinion is concerned, as long as the attitude of admitting mistakes is sincere, and spend more money to clear the media, the situation will soon pass, and it is impossible for everyone to keep staring at this matter.

    Small pet insurance is a big problem, but Jiang Family can communicate through all aspects of the relationship, nothing more than a little blood, and naturally can pass.

    How to say, it is impossible to shake the roots of Chiang!

    "Hey, I am already trying to solve this problem. It is nothing more than a low head and a mistake…"

    Jiang Chenghua asked incredulously: "Did you kill a few dogs, and we still have to pay for the Jiang Family?"

    Jiang Tai face sinks into the water and did not speak.

    A middle-aged man sitting on his left coughed and said: "Three less, the two factories we invested in the mainland were swept by the tax bureau yesterday, and the financial accounts were detained and may face high fines."

    "In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency has come over today, and we must conduct a major environmental inspection for us!"

    This time Jiang Chenghua is really embarrassed.

    Since the reform and opening up, the mainland's economic development level has grown rapidly. The huge market, abundant products and human resources have made the mainland the first choice for Xiangjiang entrepreneurs to invest.

    Xiangjiang is ranked among the top ten richest people. They all have a lot of investment in the mainland. By relying on the mainland to earn astronomical wealth, Jiang Family can certainly not miss the opportunity to make a fortune. It has been following the trend 20 years ago.

    A few years ago, the Jiang Group, which had tasted the sweetness in the new wave of economic growth in the mainland, continued to invest in the construction of two new large-scale factories in the Mainland, which was recently put into production and sales.

    The two projects covered most of Jiang's funds, including a bank loan of Over a hundred million, and began to make profits. He was attacked by the tax bureau.

    Jiang Chenghua is very clear that the two large factories in the Mainland, whether in tax or environmental protection, are 100% jerky, and they can find out the problems.

    This is actually a common problem for many Hong Kong investment companies in the Mainland, but the local government often closes one eye for economic development, as long as it can not pass.

    Moreover, the Chiang Group also pays attention to communication with local government agencies.

    But it is still an accident!

    Intuition told Jiang Chenghua that the investment project of the Chiang Kai-shek Group was investigated in the Mainland, and it was irrelevant to one's own that had previously dealt with the Xiaoma movie drama crew.

    Although this association is ridiculous and incredible, Jiang Chenghua did not think of other possibilities.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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