The forty-eighth chapter of the chapter is soft

    It’s no coincidence that Lu Chen is talking to Li Mubai about the Chiang’s group, and Jiang’s side sent someone to come to the door.

    Li Mubai directly made the decision for Lu Chen to let the other party get out.

    The front desk lady did not know that Li Mu was fine at the end, and heard that it was not the morning voice of Lu Chen, but No Nono dared to promise.

    Lu Chen had to say: "Since there is no appointment, please ask him to go back and say that I am not good."

    This time the front desk lady was given instructions.

    Li Mubai said disdainfully: "What any cat and dog dare to come face to face, since you want to settle the trouble, then follow the rules of the Tao!"

    Suddenly the voice of Jiang Hu’s boss, Lu Chen asked with a funny smile: “What is the rule?”

    "Set the tea to pay for the crime!"

    Li Mubai rightly said: "At least let Chiang ask a respected senior out of the brokered, the attitude let us talk about the satisfaction, otherwise this can make them better?" ”

    The Li family three less mouthful of Jiang Hu taste let Lu Chen very admire, blunt his thumbs up.

    Li Mubai finally a bit embarrassed, hey smile: "I also heard from the Friends of the Xiangjiang, one of the own has not seen, roughly wrong, anyway, the other party must have the face to the foot." ”

    "Now, look at each other's roads!"

    Chen Feier curiously asked: "Do you have many friends on the road in Xiangjiang?"

    Li Mubai scratched his head and said: "There are not a few, they are all friends of wine and meat."

    He jumped from Lu Chen's position and said: "Chen brother, Feier sister, I don't bother you two love, I go to find friends to play!"

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Don't worry so much, let's have dinner together, yes, where do you live at night?"

    Although Li Mubai is a bit unsightly now, but he helped Lu Chen find trouble with Jiang in the Mainland, it is undoubtedly a true friendship, how can Lu Chen let him run like this?

    That would be too meaningless!

    Li Mubai smiled and said: "Chen brother, Xiangjiang I am more familiar than you, my brother has a big house to live here, dinner is still changed tomorrow, I have already made an appointment with friends of Xiangjiang before they came, they have prepared a lot of Program. ”

    He glanced at Chen Feier with a good intention and said: "If the Philippine sister did not come, then I will definitely bring you to play, so save it today!"

    Lu Chen really took him: "Well, then you can't make a good date tomorrow night."

    Li Mubai made an "OK" gesture and then left the studio with his assistant.

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Li Mubai did not require much courtesy and etiquette, so Lu Chen sent him back to the door and returned.

    Closing the door, he couldn't wait to hold Chen Fei in his arms and kissed him on his lips.

    Chen Feier smirked and femininely greeted her, letting Lu Chen taste her sweet and sweet taste.

    It is a pity that it is an office. It can't be done too much. It is a few minutes of warmth and warmth. Lu Chen is reluctant to let go of the beautiful woman. It will really be uncontrollable to continue!

    "Let's go!"

    He pulled Chen Fei's hand and said, "Let's go home."

    Lu Chen asked Li Zhen to settle Chen Feier's two bodyguards and assistants. He took his girlfriend one's own and drove back to his home in Repulse Bay. He wished to enjoy the wonderful Era of two people alone.

    Xiao Bisheng is getting married, and when the two ends their passions, the sky is already dark.

    On the soft and comfortable big bed, Chen Feier leaned in Lu Chen’s arms and fingered his circles on his sturdy chest, telling Lu Chen about the last Lu Chen’s after-exploration.

    It’s a very hard job to shoot out. The role played by Chen Feier is very heavy. Director’s requirements are very high. She insisted on her teeth and finally finished the one’s own scene. Month of the holiday.

    The drama of "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing", the shooting cycle is calculated in years, involving a large number of characters, complicated and detailed details, and the requirements for actors are naturally exceptionally high.

    Therefore, although it has suffered a lot of suffering, but through this tempering, Chen Feier has really improved the level of acting skills, and has been recognized by Director and colleagues.

    She is still very proud of this!

    After listening to Chen Feier’s remarks, Lu Chen kissed her face and said: “It’s worthy of praise, then I will take you to eat big meal, reward you!”

    Chen Feier gave him a charming white look: "When I am a little girl?"

    Although this is the case, she is still happy to get up and dress, re-dressed and went out with Lu Chen.

    The two are well-known Celebrity characters in the Mainland. In Xiangjiang, it is not comparable to the big coffee in Hong Kong, so there is no need to worry about hitting fanatics on the road, plus night, so the sunglasses mask will not wear anything. It is.

    In fact, Chen Feier came to Xiangjiang more often than Lu Chen, and also bought a house in Xiangjiang Real Estate, so she was more familiar with Xiangjiang than Lu Chen, and even the place where she was eating was what she was looking for.

    The two had a big meal of sweet and savory seafood, and they went hand in hand to Central. In the luxury store at Landmark, Lu Chen bought her the latest bag.

    It was late at night when I returned home. After they washed, they went to bed and rested.

    Woke up the next morning, Lu Chen reached out and touched the girlfriend who was sleeping next to him, feeling like a dream.

    When I touched it, I felt the fire and woke up Chen Feier.

    Then in her squeaky voice, the scene of passion re-enacted, and the two, like all young lovers, can never be tired of love and lingering.

    Until 9 o'clock in the morning, Lu Chen opened two cell phones of one's own.

    As a result, his working cell phone was just turned on, only after a few seconds, the phone came in!

    Chen Wenqiang was called to call Lu Chen.

    The director of the studio couldn't restrain the excitement and said: "Lu Shao, Honghua's service was soft, and Jiang Chenghua sent a message through the middleman, willing to make a drink for you!"

    Front section time Chen Wenqiang is under great pressure. He is the least likely to have a problem with Lu Chen’s film, because it is not only related to his job, but also affects the future of his daughter in the film and television industry.

    Although Lu Chen completed a beautiful counterattack, Chen Wenqiang also secretly worried that this would completely anger Jiang, bringing more trouble to the drama crew.

    So this morning he got the news and couldn't believe the one's own ear.

    Jiang Chenghua actually admit defeat!

    Chen Wen, who did not understand the deeper insider, was very happy and called Lu Chen again and again.

    Until now, get through.

    I was really told by Li Mubai!

    Lu Chen didn't have many accidents. He told Chen Wenqiang to hang up a few words.

    However, his cell phone just dropped and re-sounded.

    This call is Zhou Yi.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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