Chapter 496 The arrival of surprise

    "It's all you do well!"

    Jiang Tailei’s roaring roar made Jiang Chenghua’s hunch come true, but it was really related to Lu Chen.

    But he couldn't understand it and couldn't help but say, "How is this possible? I have let people investigate each other. It is nothing more than a small artist from the Mainland. Just debuted and went to the female Celebrity. Where did he come from such an Expert? ”

    It is inevitable that the Inland Revenue Department and the Environmental Protection Agency will be dispatched to find a Hong Kong-invested enterprise with huge investment. It is definitely not possible for ordinary powers to do so.

    Jiang Chenghua is not a fool. Before he started to deal with the drama crew of the "Ghost Story", he had already known about Lu Chen's situation. Now it seems that he is blinded by others, or the background of the other party is too deep.

    Touching the fish and touching the big shark, at this moment, Jiang Chenghua is really helpless.

    Jiang Tai smiled coldly: "Is it investigated? What do you believe in what others say, you don’t know if you are being played! ”

    Jiang Chenghua’s heart jerked, and his own old man was clearly speaking.

    He dealt with Lu Chen, but it was not the idea that one's own suddenly emerged, but was shackled and benefited.

    Jiang Tai apparently already knows the truth.

    Jiang Tai’s ridiculous blame also provoked Jiang Chenghua’s rebellious mentality: “Not necessarily? That Dongge…"

    "East brother of the fart!"

    Jiang Tai was furious and grabbed the ashtray on the desk and went to Jiang Chenghua.


    With a muffled sound, Jiang Chenghua's forehead was smashed by a crystal-made ashtray, and the red blood suddenly ran down. His figure was swaying and he was screaming.

    The other people present were all shocked.

    The tiger poison does not eat, sees the horrible blood flow of his own son, and Jiang Tai, who is impulsive to take action, is somewhat regretful. He sat down and said: "You are one's own. I will handle it on the mainland side, and the other party has already borrowed the words from the middleman."

    Jiang Chenghua did not rub the blood on his face and asked, "What do they say?"

    Jiang Tai said faintly: "This is only a warning. If there is a similar incident, our Jiang Family will never go to the mainland."

    Jiang Chenghua nodded silently, blood flowing to his lips, salty, extra bitter.

    He opened his mouth with difficulty and said, "I know how to do it."

    Nowadays, Xiangjiang is inseparable from the mainland. If the family of Xiangjiang only does business in Hong Kong, then it should never be expected to be bigger. The Chiang’s Group has made a big remark on the mainland. Once it is blocked by high-level people, the loss is Unpredictable.

    It is said that the news of the two factories being investigated, once spread out, the share price of the Chiang Group will inevitably plummet.

    It’s not too late to make up for it!

    Jiang Tai waved his hand and motioned that he could go.

    With a heavy pace, Jiang Chenghua left the Jiang Family Mansion, and at this moment, he hated the guy who was the one's own in his heart!

    Of course, the most important thing for him is to calm down the storm and get the understanding of Lu Chen.

    As for how to do it, Jiang Chenghua thinks that killing is just the first thing.

    At most, it’s squatting.

    Just as Jiang Chenghua was thinking about countermeasures, Lu Chen was working on the backlog of documents in his studio's office as the other party to the incident.

    Due to the dog abuse incident, and the front section event, the drama crew was broken, and many people left, so Lu Chen took photos of Pause and asked Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan to rectify and recruit new personnel. .

    He is one's own and then returns to the studio, ready to restart the filming work after a few days.

    In addition, Lu Chen is also waiting for the response from Honghua or Jiang Family.

    In this war of invisible smoke, he now steadily prevails, naturally no need to worry.

    Urgent should be Jiang Chenghua and his old lady.

    叮 铃铃~

Lu Chen just signed a document and the cell phone resting on the computer rang.

    After he came to Xiangjiang, he purchased another new cell phone and number in the local area. As a daily work, Chen Wenqiang, Wan Xiaoquan or Li Zhen had to find him.

    In recent days, this work phone has been ringing, most of them are media interviews. Lu Chen simply lost it to the assistant, and he did not bother with it, so as not to interfere with one's own work.

    But now it is his personal phone call, not the family or friends.

    The name shown above makes Lu Chen laugh.

    He immediately picked it up and smiled and asked: "White, how do you think of calling me?"

    The "white Shao" in Lu Chenkou refers to Li Mubai, who is a friend's ridicule and is different from others.

    Since the Xiangjiang River, Lu Chen and Li Mubai basically did not contact each other. When they returned to Beijing, they heard that Pastor Li said that this guy was running Hawaii with his girlfriend. He would not come back without a black body.

    "Morning brother!"

    Inside the microphone came the familiar Voice of Li Mubai, but the content was very shocking: "I am downstairs in your studio!"


    Lu Chen suddenly groaned: "I am in Xiangjiang, not in Beijing, are you not in Hawaii?"

    "I just came back the day before…"

    Li Mubai smiled and said: "I know that you are in Xiangjiang. I am in Xiangjiang now. I am in Rongjin Building. There is no appointment for this guard. I will come directly to your studio!"

    Li Mubai actually came here, Lu Chen was a little dizzy, and quickly said: "Okay, wait a moment, I will come down immediately!"

    If it is replaced by another uninvited guest, he will let Li Zhen receive it, and Li Mubai will be different.

    The two belong to a true friend relationship. Li Mubai returned to Domestic from Hawaii and went to Xiangjiang to find one's own. He could sit still in the office and must be personally greeted.

    After the call ended, Lu Chen left the studio immediately and took the elevator down to the first floor of the building.

    The management of Rongjin Building is very strict. Visitors who do not have reservations must contact the tenants at the lobby guards and get permission to go up, eliminating the nuisance of the boring people.

    When the elevator door opened, Lu Chen saw Li Mubai standing at the guard at a glance.

    This temperament is a bit of a wind/sex guy, like a firefly in the dark, it’s easy to tell in the crowd.

However, Lu Chen’s attention did not stop on Li Mubai’s time. He was quickly attracted to the woman in the long skirt wearing sunglasses next to Li Mubai.

    The other party is so familiar, even if the huge sunglasses cover her true content, Lu Chen can still recognize her identity in an instant.

    The huge, unexpected surprise made him feel like he was going to fly.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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