The 490th chapter of the horse honeycomb

    In the Xiangjiang Folk Association, the number of members is second to none, so in addition to the president and the two directors, the following vice presidents and directors add up to twenty or thirty.

    Being considered a crowded person is not worth the money. It is basically a social celebrity and a high-ranking family member of Xiangjiang. It is not necessary to say more about Feng Zhenyun’s identity. He is 100% able to make a town.

    The reporters present at the scene were very knowledgeable. They did not dare to blow up the times and did not dare to raise sensitive questions. They completed the questioning procedure for Feng Zhenyun in a proper manner. After returning, they could also write.

    After Feng Zhenyun was so happy, he returned the microphone to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen said: "I am very grateful to Ms. Feng Zhenyun. I think it is the responsibility of the whole society to protect small animals and pets. Similar tragedies or tragedies should not happen again, so I decided on behalf of the drama crew."

    Speaking of this, Lu Chen’s tone paused.

    The reporters suddenly felt a spirit, and the sensitivity of their careers made them realize that new materials were about to burst.

    I only listened to Lu Chen and said: "The two dogs who died unfortunately were handed over to the small pets to be buried. I personally donated five million to the pet company in the name of Lu Chen studio. stand by!"


    Many people have been shocked.

    Xiangjiang has developed its economy and is a world-famous place for the rich and the rich. It is no longer a big news for the social name to flow out of tens of millions of dollars to engage in charity donations.

    Compared to the amount of donations from these rich people, 5 million is really nothing.

    However, considering the background of the current situation, the object of donation is a small pet insurance association, Lu Chen's handwriting is really big!

    Lu Chen undoubtedly used this money to announce his determination and confidence in fighting against Honghua.

    In Xiangjiang, it is a common sense to not fight with rich people. Lu Chen’s 5 million squats down, at least he has smashed the big ally of the small pets, and the loss is definitely not enough.

    His opponent is hard!

    Many reporters are gloating for Honghua, sympathizing with the latter to choose the wrong target, and touch the fish to touch the big shark.

    You can easily get 5 million people, and what is easy?

    They quickly recorded, these are the news that can be used in the Eight Trigrams news.

    More reporters rushed to stand up and ask questions.

    "Mr. Lu Chen…"

    These media reporters have different performances before and after, and Lu Chen is all in the eye, knowing that one's own this move is right.

    Although the 5 million donation was a bit inexplicable, the effect was undoubtedly very good. First of all, it won the support of the small pets, so that he could defeat Honghua and even the Jiang Family behind it.

    Secondly, this money can also be used as the publicity marketing fee of "Ghost Story". A movie with an investment of 30 million yuan is very normal for spending another 20 million on the marketing publicity. There are not many 5 million movies.

    The seriousness is to let the media stir up and let the general public in Xiangjiang know about it. This money is worth it!

    The media communication meeting started at 9:30, ending at 10:45.

    At the time of the meeting, all the reporters present received a red envelope – this is the default rule.

    However, the reporters have not cared about the thickness of the red envelope, they are rushing back to their respective places, ready to release the news at the first time.

    Of course, all the media got a copy of the data, including the surveillance video and the high-definition photos that were previously projected and played.

    Lu Chen and Zhou Yi sent Ms. Feng Zhenyun to leave.

    Watching the other side's car go away, Zhou Yi's mood is extremely complicated.

    He never imagined that Lu Chen actually played such a beautiful counterattack, so that the intimidation of Honghua became a big handle to take the initiative to the door, and it is estimated that death can not be noticed.

    The last 5 million donations made Zhou Yi look impressive.

    He suddenly realized that one's own is probably a small look at Lu Chen, and the swinging position in front is undoubtedly a mistake.

    Fortunately, he came over in the morning.

    Mindfulness, Zhou Yi said decisively: "In the media, I will send people to stare, you will not have to pay for it, and you can guarantee the headlines of several newspapers!"

    On the headlines, that means paying a lot of money!

    Lu Chen knows that Zhou Yi is showing one's own attitude and smiles and smiles: "Then please ask Zhou boss."

    Although Zhou Yi’s performance was not very good, Lu Chen’s heart was dissatisfied, but the other party finally chose to stand with one’s own, so the cooperation between the two parties can continue.

    The film shot by Lu Chen studio is still inseparable from the support of local film companies.

    5 million plus a small pet holding, plus the power of a few photos, quickly revealed through the media.

    The first thing that came out of the news was several online media, and then there were photos and videos streaming out on the Hong Kong Island forums and blogs, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

    In particular, the few pictures of dead dogs that are horrible and bloody have aroused the anger of many people. They have posted messages online and condemned this kind of inhumanity.

    And this is just the beginning.

    In the evening, ATV's current affairs News Channel first reported the incident on TV.

    On the second day, important newspapers such as "Famous Newspaper", "Hong Kong Island Daily", "Polo Daily" and so on, all published the same dog abuse news on prominent issues, and many small and medium-sized newspapers even made headlines.

    Public opinion!

    The wealthy Xiangjiang people have a high proportion of pets, especially in the upper class. The celebrities and wealthy ladies will raise famous dogs and cats. The pet beauty contest is very high every year. Therefore, the pet industry in Hong Kong is very profitable. The big market.

    The influence of the small pet club has a broad public base, so when the news of the killing of dogs and cats reappears, coupled with the media's help, it naturally caused a wave of public opinion.

    It can even be said to be a storm!

    The big newspapers are still a bit of professional ethics. They have a few mosaics of bloody pictures. Several small newspapers don't have so many exercises, they are directly on the original picture, and they are accompanied by sensational black headlines.

    The Honghua Restaurant, which was the initiator of the event, was a big Malaysian cell. In the afternoon, the company’s door was blocked by a group of protesters who were filled with indignation.

    The gangsters in several companies couldn't bear to be insulted. They wanted to come out and rush with the baseball bats. As a result, they didn't leave the door. They were attacked by rainy tomatoes and rotten eggs. They wandered back.

    In desperation, the company's leader can only call for help.

    The result is a notice from the police station, informing them to go to the police station to explain the situation!

    The dog abuse incident has been plagued.


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