Chapter 421 Different Worlds

    Li Zhen is 25 years old and graduated from Xiangjiang Chinese University. She has three years of experience. She once followed a local B-list Star. The reputation in the circle is very good, so she was dug up by Wan Xiaoquan.

    Wan Xiaoquan is no stranger to Xiangjiang. He had a SAR green card as early as ten years ago. He even planned to retired in Xiangjiang after he retired in the future. It is also related to the local Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang.

    So after coming to Xiangjiang with the funds provided by Lu Chen, Wan Xiaoquan quickly entered the role, pulling up a team of people through headhunting or recruiting, and the performance of the ability outside of Director.

    It’s just that Wan Xiaoquan’s ability in this area will stop here, so Lu Chen will come to oversee Host. After all, he really takes his job and loves it, or shoots a movie.

    Li Zhen is an assistant secretary specially prepared by Wan Xiaoquan for Lu Chen. This delicate and delicate woman has a round face and big eyes. When she laughs, she will show shallow dimples on her right cheek. The specific ability, at least eye-catching.

    "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen, I am your assistant Li Zhen…"

    After Wan Xiaoquan introduced it, Li Zhen took a ceremony with Lu Chenxi: "Please take care of you."

    As a native of Xiangjiang, Li Zhen’s Mandarin is very standard and almost no accent is heard.

    This is one of the important reasons why Wan Xiaoquan chose her.

    The official language of the Xiangjiang Special Administrative Region is Chinese and English, and the native language of Xiangjiang is Cantonese. Therefore, many locals, including many young people, only speak Cantonese, and it is difficult for mainlanders to communicate properly.

    Of course, as the mainland economy has become more and more influential to Xiangjiang, the population of Putonghua is expanding in Hong Kong. Especially when doing business with the mainland, it will be very troublesome without Mandarin.

    Li Zhen is undoubtedly one of the representatives.

    Lu Chen smiled slightly and said, "Hello Miss Li."

    This name reminds him of Li Jie in Beijing. The names of the two are worse than one word. It is also a fate.

    "You can call me Jane."

    Li Zhen blushes and shakes hands with Lu Chen, and his heart beats for a few seconds.

    She is not a young girl, but she is not a newcomer who has never seen the world. It is just that the new boss is very handsome and handsome, and she can't help but touch her as a woman's unique feelings.

    After entering the studio, Li Zhen learned about the new owner of one's own. He knew that Lu Chen was the popular popular Musical World in the Domestic and the newly emerging Celebrity in the film industry. He also knew that Lu Chen’s girlfriend was Chen Feier.

    If Lu Chen and Chen Feier are not much different in Domestic's popularity and popularity, then in Xiangjiang, he has no way to compare with one's own girlfriend, and Chen Feier is far less than the top of Xiangjiang. Celebrity artist.

    The reason for this is complicated.

    If Li Zhen did not change this new job, she did not know what character Lu Chen was.

    However, after listening to Lu Chen’s work on the Internet and seeing his starring “Blue Life and Death Love”, Li Zhen has also become a fan of Lu Chen, so it is inevitable to see idols.

    What must be explained here is that last year's "Blue Life and Death" has not been broadcast in Xiangjiang.

    "Well, Azhen, I will work harder in the future."

    Lu Chen nodded and introduced her to Zhang Xiaofang: "This is my assistant Zhang Xiaofang."

    In the face of Zhang Xiaofang, Li Zhen is more generous: "Brother Zhang, please advise more in the future."

    Zhang Xiaofang was not good at words, and shook hands with her a little bit: "Hello."

    Wan Xiaoquan said: "Well, let's talk on the car, go to the studio first."

    The car waited outside as early as possible.

    This Mercedes-Benz business car was purchased exclusively for Lu Chen Xiangjiang studio. It can take seven people and it is expensive.

    But this is a very necessary expenditure. It is impossible to run a business in Xiangjiang without a car, and the car is not good either. Otherwise, it is easy to make people look down on it. In this big city, there are luxury cars from all over the world. , has the largest number of Rolls Royce.

    The Mercedes-Benz business car has been very low-key, and in the future it will definitely have to be equipped with a special car to meet his identity and status.

    Although Xiangjiang returned in 1969, the policy of one country, two systems allowed Xiangjiang to maintain a unique development track, so whether it is customs, laws and regulations, it is very different from Domestic.

    Even two different worlds.

    The address of Luchen Xiangjiang Film Studio is located in the Xigang Commercial Center of Xiyingpan, not far from Xiangjiang University. This area brings together the main TV stations of Xiangjiang, including the headquarters of wireless stations and satellite TV stations, as well as the entertainment and recording companies of Xiaoxiao. The company is the core of the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle.

    Crossing the Victoria Harbour along the West Kowloon Highway, entering the high-rise commercial area, the commercial vehicle carrying Lu Chen and others stopped in front of a 50-60-storey building.

    Studio is on the 59th floor of this Rongjin Building, an office of about 200 square meters.

    Compared to Beijing's Lu Chen studio, the area of ​​Xiangjiang studio is undoubtedly much smaller, but the rent is not cheap at all, more than 100,000 per month, equivalent to a monthly rent of 500 / square meter.

    This is still cheap in the Xiangjiang River, which is in the middle of the world. The Sai Ying Pun is eastward in the upper ring, Central and Admiralty blocks. The office buildings with the same area of ​​two or three million a year are everywhere, and the rent is high all over the world. The scope is top-notch.

    Wan Xiaoquan came to Xiangjiang for only two months, spending millions of waters on expenses such as renting, approving, hiring people, buying cars, etc.

    Of course, this money is not white. In addition to the necessary investment, the early investment also makes Lu Chen easily get the SAR green card. Otherwise, even if he is a well-known artist, it will take time to take the regular application route. Struggling toss for a long time.

    As for ordinary people, it is difficult to apply for a green card at present, let alone a more difficult migration.

    The prosperity of the economy coupled with a large population and special environment, and then investors from the mainland invested in Xiangjiang's real estate market, so the current average price of Xiangjiang is the highest in the world, surpassing Beijing.

    The 200-square-meter office building is actually a luxury for a newly established Celebrity studio. There are also many local artists in Xiangjiang who have opened studios. Few of them can rent such "big" offices in the business district.

    As for the current employees of Studio, in addition to Wan Xiaoquan one's own and Li Zhen, there are also 7 people including receptionist, general clerk, financial cashier, network management, marketing planning and so on.

    And a studio director – Chen Wenqiang.


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