Chapter 427, from the Mainland

    A champion, "Singing China."

    Two big-selling albums, "You at the Same Table" and "The Ordinary Road."

    Two phenomenal drama series, "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House".

    Lu Chen’s debut time is only a little more than a year, but with his own powerful strength and dazzling achievements, he has made a name for himself in the Domestic Entertainment Circle. He has countless fans. He usually walks down the street without wearing sunglasses and disguising himself. 100% will be onlookers, and I have encountered many cases of being blocked by passers-by.

    But in Xiangjiang, there are very few people who know and know him.

    These people definitely do not include the paparazzi who are at the door of the Shangri-La hotel at this moment. They are entirely out of professional instinct. They will take pictures of everyone who attended the dinner tonight, hoping to get some useful materials. .

    However, Lu Chen, who has just taken in the scene, is very strange to the paparazzi.

    A veteran paparazzi, he usually has a database in his head, which is the celebrity artist of Xiangjiang, as well as the figure of the business celebrities and the rich and powerful children, so that they can be immediately recognized as soon as they find the target.

    Lu Chen is clearly not in this database.

    He looks very young, tall and handsome, handsome and impeccable. He is definitely a first-class man, not like an ordinary person.

    The children of the giants who returned overseas? The newly rising company is small? …

    The paparazzi of Xiangjiang never cared about the Celebrity in the Mainland, because the citizens of Xiangjiang only liked to watch the entertainment of the local artists, the Eight Trigrams, and the anecdote, so they could not help but misunderstand Lu Chen’s identity.

    If you are a person in the Entertainment Circle, like Lu Chen, you can't even know it.

    Originated from mystery, the paparazzi reporters present had a keen interest in Lu Chen. After all, guests who were eligible to attend the Shuxi charity dinner at night were not universal.

    The main entrance of the Shangri-La Hotel has three access passages, and the red carpet and revolving door passages are reserved for the dinner guests. After the invitation to the doorman is one's own, Lu Chen takes the assistant Li Zhen through the spin door. Walk into the magnificent hall.

    Two rows of flower baskets were perfectly and systematically arranged on both sides of the passage leading to the second floor of the hall. Lu Chen picked up the stairs and quickly arrived at the banquet scene above.

    When he went upstairs, he suddenly had a dim sum, feeling that one's own seemed to have neglected something.

    But one time can't remember.

    There are dozens of dining tables in the main banquet hall. The white cloths are decorated with delicate flowers and silver-colored tableware. There are no guests who have already sat down a lot. There is a band playing on the stage.

    Lu Chen soon discovered that a beautiful woman wearing a purple evening gown was standing under a huge crystal chandelier, chatting with a few well-dressed gentlemen and ladies, and it was the focus of the entire hall.

    Shu Wei!

    Lu Chen had seen Shu Shu’s photos, and the other party was so dazzling, so he easily recognized them.

    Thinking a little, Lu Chen went straight to Shu Wei and walked over.

    Shu Wei's feeling is very sensitive. Lu Chen just turned her attention and turned over. The autumn-like light fell on Lu Chen's body, and there was a hint of doubt in his eyes.

    But very quickly, doubt became a joy.

    "excuse me…"

    She said to the person next to him, then turned and greeted Lu Chen and asked: "Lu Chen!?"

    Lu Chen said a little bit: "Hello sister!"

    Shu Wei is 37 years old this year, but she is very well-maintained. It looks like she is only in her early thirties. Danfeng eye willow eyebrows, facial features are exquisite, and there is a mature charm that girls can't match.

    She is not comparable to Chen Feier in her face. However, she has a unique style of smile and her smile looks like a spring breeze, which makes people unconsciously want to be close to her.

    "Sure enough, I am thinking about when you will come over!"

    Shu Wei took the initiative to take action against Lu Chen: "In fact, I have long wanted to see what the man named by Mayfair is!"

    Lu Chen shook her with her smile and said, "I am afraid I will let you down."

    Shu Wei actually carefully looked at Lu Chen carefully, and then said: "On the contrary, it is better than I thought, and Mayfair's eyes are always so good, it is enviable!"

    She was joking in a half-truth, and unconsciously narrowed the distance between the two sides.

    “How about feeling when I came to Xiangjiang for the first time?”

    Lu Chen said: "It's beautiful…"


    The two were chatting, and suddenly there was a contemptuous Voice: "Who is this?" The face is very raw. ”

    Lu Chen turned his head and saw that a young man in a white suit who had come in with a note was not more than twenty or thirty. He was not tall and combed perfectly, and he had a lot of waxing on it.

    Seeing Lu Chen’s gaze, the white suit man gave him a disdainful look.

    There was a middle-aged man next to the white suit man, with a smile on his face. He first gestured with Lu Chen friendly, but his attention was quickly placed on Shu Wei.

    Shu Yu's brow gently wrinkled and immediately stretched out. She smiled and said: "Lu Chen, let me introduce you, this is the general manager of Xincheng Film Industry, Liang Jiaxing, this is Liang Zong's nephew Liang Zhihao. ."

    New Town Pictures?

    Lu Chen has not heard of it. It is certainly not one of the large film and television companies in Xiangjiang. However, since it was invited by Shu Yu, it is definitely strong.

    Liang Jiaxing’s impression on the surface is very good. Unlike his nephew, he wrote the words “superficial and impetuous” on his face, but this made Lu Chen feel a little vigilant.

    This kind of person is best at laughing and hiding the knife, and maintaining the proper distance is the best choice.

    He said quietly: "Hello, please."

    Lu Chen directly ignored Liang Zhihao, and the latter was so angry that his nose was smashed.

    Shu Yu introduced him again: "This Lu Chen, just coming from the mainland, is my good friend's boyfriend."

    Liang Jiaxing smiled and said: "Sure enough, it is a talent!"

    He shook hands with Lu Chen and seemed to inadvertently ask: "Is Mr. Lu ready to come to Xiangjiang to develop his career? I can help you introduce some useful friends. ”

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Thank you, Mr. Liang, I will definitely ask you for help if you need it!"

    In fact, it is nonsense.

    As the saying goes, there is nothing to offer, and it is a thief, and the intuition tells Lu Chen that the general manager has some ambitions for Shu Yucun. His nephew is just an item that he uses. It is estimated that it is because Shu Shu and one's just now. Own is very happy to talk about.

    Is it like a little white face?

    Lu Chen was dumb in his heart.

    As a result, the "tool" jumped out again, and asked with a loud voice: "Where the mainland came, what kind of items did you bring to your sister in the evening?"

    Lu Chen could not help but frown.

    He knows why one's own has just been uneasy.


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