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Chapter 427, Shu Shu’s Junior Sister

    Shu Wei is the initiator of the charity dinner, naturally a well-deserved protagonist.

    Lu Chen as a guest, it must be the supporting role, the protagonist is of course impossible to accompany the supporting role, she has other guests need to socialize, so with Lu Chen in the banquet hall after a circle, can only be very sorry The land was "missing".

    Lu Chen expressed understanding and gratitude, and his harvest at night was enough.

    "You have something to eat…"

    Lu Chen said to the assistant who is next to one's own: "Don't worry about me, eat it first."

    Li Zhen was a little embarrassed and apologized: "BOSS, I will definitely pay attention to this invitation next time, please rest assured."

    These words have always been in my heart, and now I finally find the opportunity to say it.

    Li Zhen cherishes the job now. The boss is young and handsome and generous. The treatment of studio is even better.

    If she misses her face because of her mistakes, she will continue to stay.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This can't blame you, you are going to get it, otherwise the delicious ones will be robbed!"

    The charity dinner was buffet-style Western food, and the long dining table with white linen was filled with Western-style dishes and snacks. The dishes were very rich.

    The people who were invited to the banquet were not ordinary people, so there was no such thing as good food being robbed. Lu Chen was just joking, and he laughed at Li Zhen Hee Hee, and the tight heart was released.

    Lu Chen one's own to the waiter to come to a steak, with red wine and meal bag, choose a corner to sit down, ready to eat.

    "Hello, please…"

    As a result, he just picked up the knife and fork, and a young woman appeared in front of her eyes. She asked with a certain tone: "Are you Lu Chenlu Teacher?"

    The woman wearing a goose-yellow dress is very beautiful. In her twenties, her face is big and her eyes are long. The eyelashes are long like two rows of small fans. The skin is beautiful and beautiful, and she wears a silver ring. Colorful diamond earrings.

    Beauty is beautiful, Lu Chen is very strange to her, got up and asked: "I am Lu Chen, are you?"

    The term "Teacher" is not popular in Xiangjiang, and it sounds very kind, so even though he does not know each other, Lu Chen is still polite.

    The young woman smiled and took the initiative to extend her hand to Lu Chen: "Sure enough, you did not expect to see the hero of "Blue Life and Death" in Xiangjiang. I am your fan Xu Hui, I am very glad to meet you!"

    "Hello there."

    Lu Chen shook hands with her and curiously asked: "Have you seen "Blue Life and Death"?"

    Although "Blue Life and Death" has been broadcasted in the mainland for more than half a year, this Domestic phenomenon-level urban emotional drama has not yet entered Xiangjiang and Baodao.

    "I have seen it three times!"

    Xu Hui said with a smile: "Look at it once, you and Chen Feier played very well. This drama series is really touching. I watched it online. I hope that the local TV station can also broadcast it. ."

    "If it is broadcast locally, it should be faster."

    Lu Chen is not very sure, because these things involve copyright and airing, and Lu Xi is responsible.

    Xu Hui asked: "Lu Chen Teacher, can take the liberty to ask, are you visiting Hong Kong as a tourist, or are you ready to develop a career here?"

    She added a sentence: "I want to invite you to have a meal together, there are many things I want to ask you."

    The attitude of Xu Hui is undoubtedly very sincere, but Lu Chen does not know her origins at all. Naturally, she does not agree with anything. She smiles and says: "You don't have to be polite to eat, I will give you a business card."

    He sent out a one's own business card.

    Xu Hui took a look and looked carefully, surprise: "Lu Chen video studio? Ah, you really intend to develop in Xiangjiang, that is really great! ”

    Lu Chen asked: "I haven't asked you yet?"


    Xu Hui spit out his tongue and was very embarrassed to take out one's own business card from Kunbao. "I am an artist, and I am also the sister of Junior Sister, and I would like to ask for more guidance!"

    It is rare to meet a stranger who knows one's own, and is an artist. Lu Chen talked with Xu Hui more.

    The two sides talked very happily. Xu Hui knew the plot of "Blue Life and Death" very well, and she also had a CD album of Lu Chen's "The Same Table", which was purchased from the Internet.

    Xu Hui is very polite, does not take up too much time in Lu Chen, and soon leaves to leave.

    Her forefoot has just left, and her foot has appeared.

    The heroine of the charity dinner tonight saw Xu Hui’s back with a meaningful look and sat down to Lu Chen and said, “You talked with Xu Hui very much?”

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Alright, she said she is your same door Junior Sister?"

    "She is a Xu family…"

    Shu Wei said: "We are in the same company as the same teacher. Some people say that she is like me, but she will not be as stupid as I am."

    Speaking of this, Shu Wei’s face showed a bitter smile.

    However, she immediately converges on the bitter smile and said to Lu Chenzheng: "My little Junior Sister is not so irritating, and often makes news with others, so…I have to be responsible to Mayfair. ”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Thank you for your reminder."

    He understands the meaning of comfort.

    It’s just that he came to Hong Kong to develop one's own movie career, but he didn't want to get some headlines in the Eight Trigrams news, and naturally understand the difference.

    The woman like Xu Hui is very charming, but it is not the food of Lu Chen.

    Shu Xiao smiled and said: "You don't bother me, just eat it. I will start auctioning later."

    Once again, Shu Wei was sent away, and the guest steak at Lu Chen’s point was almost cool.

    He did not dislike it, wield a knife and fork to wipe it clean, no waste.

    After filling your stomach, the time is almost the same.

    After the guests finished eating, the waiters removed the cutlery and dishes and replaced them with new ones. The gentle Music sounded and echoed in the hall.

    On the performing stage, the Shu is a go on stage.

    She first expressed her gratitude to the guests, then introduced the charity project currently being implemented by one's own charity foundation, and finally announced that the auction officially began.

    Lu Chen got a card that was sent by a waiter. His number is 39.

    Then the auctioneer changed to an auctioneer wearing a black tuxedo.

    “The first lot of Miss Shu’s charity auction site this evening is…”

    The auctioneer did not waste time and went straight to the topic. He announced aloud: "An antique watch donated by Sir Cai Hong, the starting price is 10,000 yuan!"


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