Chapter 242 is not a problem

    The time set by Lu Chen Xiangjiang Film Studio is very short, but everything seems to be very formal, and no one who is recruited is doing nothing, and is busy with the first film work that Studio will prepare.

    Although the sparrow is small and complete, the most important thing is that the atmosphere in the studio is very good, giving people a feeling of vitality, which makes Lu Chen very satisfied.

    Wan Xiaoquan is not greedy, he attributed the credit to Chen Wenqiang, the director of studio.

    Lu Chen Xiangjiang studio has very few people. Lu Chen’s own is of course the big boss. Wan Xiaoquan is the director of art, and it involves the specific work, relying on the thin and thin middle-aged man.

    Chen Wenqiang's appearance is not good, his cheekbones are high and his chin is narrow, his mouth is like a monkey, his skin is dark and thin, his height is no more than one meter six, and his wrinkled suit is a bit funny.

    It’s just that his eyes are very beautiful, and his eyes are very intractable, not easy.

    On the way to studio, Wan Xiaoquan specifically told Lu Chen the new supervisor.

    Chen Wenqiang was the first generation of descendants of Xiangjiang immigrants. He grew up in a small fishing village in the New Territories. After graduating from high school, he came out to mix with the society. He washed the dishes and swept across the street. Later, he accidentally entered the film and television circle.

    He started from the handyman, giving people the errands, assistants and managers, and even the TV station. The experience is very rich, it is similar to the role of Wanjinyou, but it has never really come out.

    The career is bumpy, the road to life is not smooth, Chen Wenqiang's wife died very early, leaving him to live with his only daughter, to work hard for life.

    Wan Xiaoquan digs Chen Wenqiang through the introduction of a friend. For Lu Chen Studio, there is no such thing as a foreigner who has no trace of contacts and foundation in Xiangjiang. It is undoubtedly able to avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles and take a lot of detours. It's easier to integrate into local circles.

    Of course, the cost of dig people is not low. In addition to the high salary required, Wan Xiaoquan also promised to give Chen Wenqiang's daughter a role in the first film produced by Studio.

    Chen Wenqiang’s daughter, Chen Siyi, is currently studying in an acting training class and wants to enter the Entertainment Circle.

    This daughter is the lifeblood of Chen Wenqiang.

    "Strong uncle, hard work for you."

    After Wan Xiaoquan introduced, Lu Chen took the initiative to take action to Chen Wenqiang: "I have come to see you, I am still not familiar with everything here, please ask for more!"

    Unfamiliar is unfamiliar, Lu Chen will never care about the boss's face and style without knowing how to understand.

    His frank and enthusiastic attitude clearly made Chen Wenqiang very surprised. He quickly took the hand that Lu Chen handed and said: "BOSS is too polite, it is my pleasure to work for you."

    Compared with Li Zhen and Chen Wenqiang's Mandarin level, it is really too far away. It is not only blunt but also has a strong Cantonese accent. If you don't listen carefully, you can't understand it.

    Lu Chen smiled slightly: "The strong uncle is also polite, and I wish you a happy cooperation."

    These two sentences are spoken in Cantonese and are still very standard Cantonese.

    Chen Wenqiang suddenly stunned, and the color of surprise overflowed with words, and even Wan Xiaoquan and Li Zhen were surprised.

    Wan Xiaoquan knows that Lu Chen also has a time. Chen Wenqiang and Li Zhen have read his relevant information. He knows that he is a native of Zhejiang Province. He graduated from college last year and studied computer science.

    After graduation, Lu Chen has been developing in Beijing. He has never been to Xiangjiang. It is the first time today.

    What about his fluent Cantonese?

    Lu Chen certainly knows what everyone is thinking, but he can't say that one's own will say that Cantonese is from Xu Wenbo's memory? Explain: "My Cantonese is learned from a classmate from the tide, is it okay?"

    Chen Wenqiang erected a thumbs up and sincerely praised: "BOSS your Cantonese is this, did not say!"

    He didn't care how Lu Chen learned Cantonese. The important thing is that there is no obstacle to communicating with Lu Chen in the future. He originally worried about this issue and was afraid of affecting the communication between the two sides.

    Chen Wenqiang's understanding of Lu Chen is much deeper than that of Li Chen. According to the information obtained from various aspects, Lu Chen has already made a great reputation in the Domestic Entertainment Circle. The future is limitless. What is lacking is only qualifications. Only.

    Lu Chen chose to come to Xiangjiang to create a new business of one's own. Chen Wenqiang felt that this was an opportunity for one's own. As long as he grasped this relationship, even if the filming failed in the future, pulling his daughter to the development of Domestic is also simple. Simple things.

    Compared to Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle, the world of Domestic is truly vast.

    Therefore, Chen Wenqiang moved to Lu Chen studio, and sincerely wants to make some achievements.

    "I have seen many Celebrity artists from the Mainland. Your Cantonese is the best. There is no problem with a real Xiangjiang person!"

    Lu Chen smiled lightly.

    Chen Wenqiang’s attitude towards him must be sincere and respectful, but inadvertently, the words of the Xiangjiang people’s sense of superiority to the mainland people are revealed.

    Chen Wenqiang is still the case, then those Celebrity big coffee and high-level figures in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle?

    Although it is a legitimate opportunity, it is not easy for him to expand his career here.

    For this, Lu Chen had been psychologically prepared, and the good things in the world could not have allowed him to take over. If Xiangjiang is a brand new battlefield, then he is not afraid of any challenges.

    A challenging life is a fun and meaningful life!

    Wan Xiaoquan said in a timely manner: "Let's talk to the small meeting room about the new film."

    The most anxious thing about making a movie is not Lu Chen. It is precisely the Director who has not sat in the Director chair for several years. He got the script of Lu Chen when he was in Beijing. Now he has basically studied it.

    “From the perspective of shooting alone, it’s not very difficult…”

    In the small meeting room of studio, Wan Xiaoquan talked about the projection screen.

    What is displayed on the screen is the new film that he personally sketched. The sketch is undoubtedly infiltrated by the director's efforts and efforts.

    "All the scenes can be filmed in the studio of Lion Rock. In addition to the Special Effect, several of the local Special Effect companies in Hong Kong are fully capable of making, including soundtracks, dubbing, etc., without having to go back to the mainland to find someone."

    “The main problem is still on the drama crew, or the partner!”


Explain that these chapters are related to the basic introduction, setting up more content, and buried several foreshadowings, all related to the development of the plot behind, but not intentionally irrigation, hope readers understand.

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