The 425th chapter of Shu Shu’s invitation

    What Chen Feier is currently shooting is CCTV's new annual drama "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing". The background of the story is that during the Tang Dynasty, she played a singer of Fanghua.

    The drama series has a total of 60 sets and an investment of 1.7 billion. The drama has gathered a large number of Domestic Celebrity, including several people in the film and television circle, so it has attracted much attention in the industry.

    Although Chen Feier is not the first female actor, her drama is also very heavy. It is impossible to shoot in the short term, and the director who directs the drama is strictly known in the industry for the requirements of actors.

    "I regretted picking up the show…"

    Chen Feier complained softly: "I knew it would be very interesting to go to Xiangjiang to make a movie with you."

    When she filmed "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", the entire drama crew was surrounded by her and Lu Chen, the service was meticulously taken care of, and the urban idol drama shooting requirements were low, naturally it would be much easier. .

    In the drama crew of "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing", Chen Feier is not the number one female owner. It is undoubtedly an idiotic dream to expect others to move.

    However, this drama is very important for Chen Feier, who is developing towards the comprehensive development of film and television songs. Once it is successfully filmed next year, it will be of great help to improve her position in the circle.

    So complaining to complain, the play has to be taken seriously.

    Lu Chen knew, so he acted as a psychiatrist in a timely manner. The two men spoke to each other over the phone, and they talked to Mimi for more than an hour.

    Until the cell phone passed the System Notification tone with insufficient call volume, Chen Feier seemed to wake up in a dream, and quickly said: "Oh, my cell phone is running out of power, I forgot to tell you something."

    "I have a friend in Xiangjiang, you should know, called Shu Wei.

    “I called her yesterday to call you. She will probably send someone to send an invitation to you tomorrow, and invite you to attend a charity dinner. There will be many people in the circle.”

    Lu Chen understood it as soon as he heard it.

    He started his career in the film industry in Xiangjiang. There is no foundation at the beginning. It is unfamiliar to life.

    Chen Feier apparently wants to bring Lu Chen into the circle of Xiangjiang through the relationship of Shu Yu. As long as he knows more useful people, the future development will undoubtedly be much smoother.

    The so-called charity dinner is actually a social field. If you want to enter such an occasion, you will eventually bring passers-by.

    Shu Wei is the one who takes the lead.

    Lu Chen does not know Shu Wei, but she is no stranger to her name.

    From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the new century, the young girl named Xiangjiang Singer was very active in the popular Musical World. She launched many popular albums and won countless fans with her youthful image and sweet voice.

    However, when the career reached its peak, the young and comfortable Shu married into the giants, and then basically disappeared in the music world, people are very sighing.

    However, in the year before, Shu Wei suddenly broke out and had returned to the music scene.

    It’s just now that it’s not like the past. After she stepped back on the stage, she didn’t come up with any outstanding works, and her popularity was there, but the popularity was basically lost.

    In other words, the old singers of the past.

    In fact, Shu Wei is only 37 years old this year. For a powerful Singer, the real golden age is far from the past.

    However, after all, the gas is overdone. After all, Shu Wei is a man who once had a good time in the Xiangjiang music scene. With more than ten years of wealthy women's career, she has a broad network in every aspect.

    Chen Feier introduced Lu Chen to Shu Wei, which is undoubtedly also a fancy to the latter's network of contacts.

    Chen Feier knew Shu Wei very early. When she bought the Repulse Bay, this house was still recommended by Shu Wei. It took a special treatment discount price and it was quite a friendship.

    After Shu Yi quits the music scene, as long as he comes to Beijing, he will always find Chen Feier to have a cup of tea and chat.

    Ending the call with Chen Feier, Lu Chen’s cell phone is already very hot.

    Looking at the scenery on the balcony for a while, Lu Chen was ready to go back to the room to take a bath and sleep, and the cell phone sounded again.

    He answered the phone without thinking, and smiled and asked: "What? What else has been forgotten? ”

    Lu Chen thought that Chen Feier had changed the cell phone and called it again. I didn't expect the voice from the microphone to be strange: "Hello, are you Mr. Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen suddenly groaned: "Yes, may I ask you?"

    Just listen to the other party and say: "I am a comfortable person. I don't know if Mayfair has told you about it, taking the liberty to bother."

    Lu Chen stunned: "Hello sister, I was just talking to Mayfair and I mentioned it to you."

    Shu Shu’s Mandarin is very good. There is not much Hong Kong flavor. She said softly and softly: "No wonder the phone has been unable to get through. It is like this. I would like to invite you to attend the charity dinner scheduled to be held at Shangri-La Hotel the next night. I don't know if you can enjoy your face?"

    Lu Chen said quickly: "This is my honor. I just came to Xiangjiang to develop. I have to ask your sister to take care of you in the future. I will definitely attend the dinner at Shangri-La Hotel!"

    "That's good…"

    Shu Xiao smiled and said: "I will send someone to your company tomorrow morning to confirm with you."

    "Okay thank you!"

    After a few words, Lu Chen hung up.

    Lu Chen didn't expect Shu Wei to call one's own at this time. Through this conversation, he had a good impression on Shu Wei. I believe that the other party should be a worthy friend.

    This makes Lu Chen inevitably expect some dinner the night after tomorrow. If there is no accident, it will be the first step of his involvement in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle. It is an important step!

    After taking a shower in the bathroom, Lu Chen went to bed.

    The next day he got up early and put on a set of sportswear and went out to run.

    In the early morning, there are many people who exercise along the shores of Repulse Bay Beach, running and playing.

    Lu Chen ran a few laps back and was sweating when he returned home.

    After taking a shower and changing new clothes, Zhang Xiaofang’s phone call came over.

    Lu Chen went down the stairs again and sat in his car to go out for breakfast.

    Xiangjiang is a gourmet paradise. The various breakfasts are very rich. The most famous ones are Cantonese style. There are also several old-fashioned teahouse chains in Repulse Bay, so there is no place to find them.

    After breakfast, go to studio, time is just 9 o'clock.

    When Lu Chen arrived at the office, Li Zhen took a beautiful invitation and handed it to him: "This is the morning that Miss Shu has just sent someone to send it."

    So sent it so soon?

    Lu Chen was a little surprised.

    In fact, even more surprised is Li Zhen, she did not think that Lu Chen actually has a relationship with Shu Wei.


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