The forty-eighth chapter of Lu Chen’s lot

    Lu Chen certainly did not have the power of the unforeseen prophet, and predicted in advance that he had an accident at the charity evening party.

    Liang Zhihao jumped out to find him trouble, although it was very inexplicable, but also let Lu Chen realize that one's own made a mistake, that is, you should have a detailed understanding before the feast, such as the rules of this dinner or need to pay attention to The place is coming directly.

    Of course, the checkbook is definitely brought, and he thought it would be enough to bring the money.

    And the fact is obviously not the case.

    Seeing Lu Chen’s god, Liang Zhihao revealed a look of “I know it would be like this” and laughed loudly: “Haha, you really came from the mainland. No wonder we don’t know the rules here.”

    "Tell you, my sister's charity dinner, the auction items are all out together!"

    His laughter was particularly harsh, attracting the attention of many other guests.

    Liang Zhihao is obviously deliberate to let Lu Chen go out!

    Lu Chen is still nothing, Shu Wei is almost unable to endure, and the pretty face seems to be covered with a layer of frost.

    Shu Yu’s temper has always been very good, but Liang Zhihao’s screaming screaming for her guests, isn’t she falling on her face?

    There are already dozens of guests in the hall.

    As a result, Shu Wei had not had time to open his mouth. Liang Jiaxing took the lead and replied: "Zhihao, can't be so rude, open and close what the mainland comes from. We are all guests of Miss Shu, what are you doing here!"

    Liang Zhihao is very awed by one's own uncle, shrinking his head and not crying again.

    Liang Jiaxing said to Lu Chen apologetically: "Mr. Lu, I am really embarrassed. My infernal character is unruly and unruly. Please don't be surprised."

    His attitude is sincere and can be said to be impeccable, but Lu Chen feels uncomfortable, especially the words "rules" in his words sound particularly harsh.

    Old fox!

    Lu Chen’s heart is dark, and the surface is quiet, as if there is no stalk.

    He smiled and said: "Liang boss said that he is heavy, and he goes to the country to follow the customs. Since the rules of Xiangjiang are like this, then I should be supposed to follow it, and I have to thank the reminder of the order."

    Lu Chen turned to Li Zhen, who was next to one's own, and said, "Get a business card and a pen."

    In the scene just now, Li Zhen looked at her eyes. Her heart was anxious and embarrassing.

    Tonight is Lu Chen's first appearance in Xiangjiang's upper social circle. It is also the beginning of his entry into the local Entertainment Circle. So important, as an assistant secretary, she forgot to tell Lu Chen, the rules in the charity dinner.

    This kind of charity dinner initiated by celebrity characters is usually invited by friends in the circle or the upper class on the social field, and those who are invited to the meeting will donate a lot, such as a watch and a calligraphy and painting. A string of jewels, even brand-name bags that have never been used.

    At that time, the products will take turns to play, you can shoot things back one's own, or you can compete with others for the best auctions, but the auction will not raise the auction price very high. It is actually a kind of game on the social field.

    Li Zhen had participated in two charity banquets before, so I know this very well.

    This is her dereliction of duty.

    Li Zhen also thought about how to make up, and Lu Chen actually let her take business cards and pens.


    She gave a sigh of relief and hurriedly took out Lu Chen’s business card and signature pen from her carry-on bag.

    Lu Chen’s business card was just made today.

    So what does Lu Chen do with one's own business card now, will not be given to Liang Jiaxing?

    Then you really have to make a joke!

    However, Lu Chen did not have this meaning at all. He took the business card and the signature pen from Li Zhen's hand and handed it to Shu Wei after writing a few words on the north side of the business card.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Sister, this is my charity lot at night."

    Shu Yu was unclear, so she picked it up. Her gaze passed over the business card. First, she was puzzled. She immediately woke up and grinned. "This is definitely the most special lot tonight, Lu Chen, thank you. !"

    Lu Chen demeanor slightly decapitated: "My sister is polite."

    The two sang one and one, and the next Liang Jiaxing and Liang Zhihao were unbelievable.

    They don't know what Lu Chen is selling, and he can take a business card and write a few words to make a lottery, and he is also highly recognized by Shu Wei.

    But the two can't take the business card from Shu Yu to see what happened. Liang Jiaxing City House is still performing normally. It is a bit ridiculous for Liang Zhihao to look at his heart and mind.

    Shu Wei was very annoyed by the uncles and even regretted giving them an invitation letter. She put Lu Chen’s business card away and smiled and said to Lu Chen: “You came to Xiangjiang for the first time, just here I will introduce you to you. A friend."

    Lu Chen can't ask for it: "That's really troublesome sister."

    Shu Yu said to Liang Jiashu, "The two are free, I can only be lost for the time being."

    The two can only smile and say nothing, leave blankly.

    After getting rid of Liang Jiashu, Shu Shu clearly breathed a sigh of relief. She said softly to Lu Chen: "I am sorry, this Liang may have a little thought about me, but I don't think about emotional issues now."

    Lu Chen nodded and said that he understood.

    It's no wonder that Liang Jiaxing's skin is not smiling, and he dares to think that one's own is a competitive opponent.

    Liang Zhihao’s attitude is very intriguing.

    On the rich family, Lu Chen finally saw some people in the upper class of Xiangjiang, the sense of superiority that exudes staleness and the rejection of foreigners.

    In the past few decades, the development speed of the mainland has far surpassed that of Xiangjiang. It is no longer synonymous with poverty and backwardness. The living standards of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other international metropolises are no worse than those of Xiangjiang, and even in some respects. There is also a win.

    However, some Xiangjiang people can't see or intentionally or unintentionally ignore this point. They are still immersed in the glory of the past. They don't face the huge and irreplaceable works of the mainland market and resources on Xiangjiang, and they are self-styled and locked in circles. The development of the aspect lags behind the times.

    Xiangjiang’s once brilliant film and television industry is one of the best examples.

    What makes Lu Chen feel interesting is that Shu Wei told him so straightforwardly that he seemed to talk to his true friend about one's own troubles.

    This attitude of trust has undoubtedly brought the distance between the two sides closer.

    Under the introduction of Shu Wei, Lu Chen met a number of upper-level people in the local circle. Some of them are the CEOs of film and television companies, some of the editors of the newspapers and magazines, and several Celebrity artists.

    In addition to the Xiaoxiao accident, he made his debut in the Xiangjiang social circle, which is a good start.


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