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Chapter 246 Who is this goods?

    Shu Wei is very famous in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle.

    She made her debut in the night and became famous. The first album broke the "double platinum". It was called the small altar of the song. When she was at the peak of her career, she rushed into the giants and became a wife of countless female artists.

    After the marriage, Shu Shu is no longer involved in the Entertainment Circle, but the influence of the circle has always existed, especially the “Happiness Angel Charity Fund” she founded, which is supported by many Celebrity artists.

    In the past few years, Shu Wei and the giants and divorce lawsuits have also sensationalized Xiangjiang. After returning to singles, Shu Shu returned to the music scene. Although she has no longer seen the past, her connections and management in the circle are still there.

    Shu Wei often holds a charity dinner to raise funds for her angel fund, and the invited guests are not the celebrities of the upper class of Xiangjiang and the Celebrity big coffee in the circle. Those little singers will not want to get into the head even if they sharpen their heads. .

    Lu Chencai just came to Xiangjiang, and Shu Wei actually sent someone to send an invitation letter, which gave Li Zhen a new perspective on the background strength of his boss.

    She asked with concern: "BOSS, have you brought clothes for the banquet this time? Would you like me to send a dry cleaner to re-iron? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No, thank you for reminding me, I will buy two sets today."

    When he came to Xiangjiang this time, it was light and simple. There were only a few sets of ordinary clothes for changing clothes. I really didn't wear the appropriate dress for the Shuwei charity dinner. If it wasn't Li Zhen's reminder, I didn't think of it for a while.

    Li Zhen has completely entered the role of personal assistant and secretary. She thoughtfully suggested: "It is too late to customize. I know that several Master Fu tailors must book one or two months in advance. What do you like BOSS? Branded clothing?"

    Can't catch up with custom clothing, it can only buy ready-made, Lu Chen thought and said: "Armani."

    Lu Chen likes Armani's suits and coats most often, which is often worn during the Domestic.

    Li Zhen clap his hands: "The Armani's Fragrant Leader Jiang store is in Central, I know the location."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That's exactly going together, let's buy a car first, then buy clothes!"

    Li Zhen was surprised: "BOSS, do you want to buy a car?"

    Lu Chen nodded. "First buy a BMW for Wandao and Qiang, and they need it."

    Li Zhen was unable to speak at the time.

    She came out to work and live mixed life, followed several bosses, and also seen many bosses of all kinds.

    Li Zhen, who is such a bold and generous boss like Lu Chen, has never seen a few.

    Entertainment Circle Celebrity artists are everywhere, and some Celebrity is even reluctant to pay for the assistant to buy a box lunch. It has long been nothing.

    When Lu Chen first arrived, the take action gave the two managers of studio two BMWs, and it was like reading two clothes, which made Li Zhen secretly scream.

    Is the mainland Celebrity really good to make money?

    Li Zhen looked at Lu Chen’s eyes and all the stars, and he was so bold and generous. He was so young and handsome, and he was the diamond king in the Entertainment Circle!

    It is estimated that it will be very popular in the future!

    Li Zhen does not think that Lu Chen has a girlfriend in the future, and others have no chance, because it is Xiangjiang.

    Of course she knows that one's own is definitely not a chance – the gap is too big.

    Lu Chen knows that because of one's own sentence, the little secretary turned his mind so many thoughts. He called Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang, and the things he did were done today.

    There are five people in a commercial vehicle again. It is Chen Wenqiang who wants to say the most complicated thing.

    Chen Wenqiang’s life experience is richer and more difficult than Li Zhen. He is used to the cold and warmth of the human world. He has already honed a hard heart and will not be easily touched by anything.

    Despite this, Lu Chen’s generosity and trust still gave him the feeling of “this time to the right person”.

    Chen Wenqiang will not say anything that is grateful to him, nor will he show too much moving expression. He just remembers it in his heart and will naturally perform it in his work in the future.

    Lu Chen personally led the team. The group went to the BMW flagship store in Xiangjiang and booked two cars. Then they went to the main store in Armani to buy clothes. Finally, they ran to the commercial department of Xiangjiang to take photos and sign the signature. The registration procedures are all completed.

    At this point, Lu Chen film studio officially settled in Xiangjiang, with legal business qualifications.

    At the same time, Lu Chen also represented the studio and submitted an application for the local film and television support program to the Department of Commerce.

    Once the application is approved, the film and TV produced by Studio will not only receive special treatment of taxation and government funding, but also be able to broadcast simultaneously on the green channel in Xiangjiang and the Mainland.

    This is the first fundamental reason why Lu Chen went south to Xiangjiang, where he started one's own film career.

    In fact, there are still many home film companies in China that invest in Xiangjiang as well. In the foreseeable future, Xiangjiang movies, which are about to turn into a pool of Dead Water, will inevitably be surging and fierce competition!


    The black Mercedes-Benz business car steadily parked in front of the Shangri-La Hotel.

    The door slid silently, and a man in a dark gray Armani suit got out of the car and stood firmly on the red carpet, and the flash was lit up immediately around the corner.

    Lu Chen frowned and couldn't help but thought that a charity dinner could attract a lot of paparazzi.

    Xiangjiang's paparazzi is famous for its ability to track and dig celebrity privacy. It is the most troublesome existence of Celebrity artists. As long as there are places where Celebrity artists appear, they will inevitably have their active presence.

    Someone once said that Xiangjiang's entertainment newspapers and magazines are basically supported by paparazzi. Without their existence, Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle is too lonely and indispensable.

    It is precisely because of this kind of fearlessness, so Xiangjiang paparazzi is particularly bold and even arrogant, even for the news, but also caused a strong counterattack caused by the publicity of Entertainment Circle. In recent years, it has only converged and dare not be unscrupulous. Hu wrote a random shot.

    However, for Lu Chen, Xiangjiang paparazzi is the object he must guard against, and they can have fewer exercises than the Domestic counterparts.

    Before coming to Xiangjiang, Chen Feier also specifically reminded Lu Chen about this.

    It’s just that Lu Chen is thinking about being wary of paparazzi. The paparazzi who are ambushing near the hotel are so aggressive – hey, who is this? How have you never seen it?


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