Chapter 424 eating soft rice

    In the middle of the night, the black Mercedes-Benz business vehicle sailed out of the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay, took the Aberdeen Tunnel into the Island of Xiangdao and headed east to the Repulse Bay area.

    In just ten minutes of travel, the scene is very different!

    Repulse Bay is located on the south side of Taiping Mountain on Hong Kong Island. It is surrounded by mountains and seas. The bay is crescent-shaped. It is known as “the first bay in the world” and also has the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”. It is the most beautiful and representative bay of Xiangjiang.

    It is both a tourist area of ​​Xiangjiang and one of Hong Kong's famous Advanced residential areas. It is surrounded by luxury residences and is surrounded by five-star hotels, marine parks, golf courses, large supermarkets and other commercial facilities.

    Lu Chen’s residence in Xiangjiang is in the Wanjin Apartment at No. 268 Repulse Bay Road.

    "The one in your family is really very prescient, and I bought a house here early."

    Wan Xiaoquan, sitting in the co-pilot position, half-jokingly said to Lu Chen half-heartedly: "Now the price of this side, I will not be able to afford it if I don’t eat or drink for a lifetime!"

    Originally, Lu Chen let the assistant Zhang Xiaofang send one's own to come over. Although Zhang Xiaofang is also the first time to come to Xiangjiang, there are perfect navigation devices on the business car, so don't worry about going wrong.

    However, Wan Xiaoquan was a bit uneasy, and there was another saying that he wanted to talk to Lu Chen, so he followed the car.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you are here well, I think you can afford it soon!"

    The price of Repulse Bay is extremely expensive. When Chen Feier bought this 137-square-meter house ten years ago, she spent all her savings and paid a bank mortgage loan.

    In the past ten years, the market value of this house has been turned over ten times. If the investment income ratio is calculated, it is difficult to compare anything.

    As early as a decade ago, the Celebrity artists of Domestic began to purchase the industry in Xiangjiang, and some even moved directly to the home, which also played a certain role in promoting the rise of Xiangjiang housing prices.

    Chen Feier bought three houses in Xiangjiang before and after, and the other two set off in the housing market when she surged. This house in Repulse Bay is her favorite and stays on vacation. Autonomous.

    It’s just cheaper for Lu Chen, otherwise the rents in Xiangjiang are so large and the location is so good, the monthly rent is quite amazing.

    Wan Xiaoquan shook his head and said: "If you buy one, you can buy two or three sets in Beijing."

    Lu Chen said: "The house does not say that it is not possible to travel in Xiangjiang without a car. So, you and the uncle will go back and buy two BMW cars to come back, into the studio account, usually for you to work as a car."

    Lu Chen has never been the kind of awkward person, especially now that a drama series can bring in more than 100 million yuan in income, buying a few cars is nothing.

    Wan Xiaoquan is the art director and new film director of Lu Chen Xiangjiang studio. Chen Wenqiang is the director of studio. The two represent the facade image of studio to a large extent. If there is no decent car in the studio, he is also the face. No light.

    Xiangjiang people are very particular about the face, even if the debt-ridden company business operators also open luxury cars, otherwise there is no way to go out and talk business with others.

    Wan Xiaoquan was accidental and moved: "This is not good."

    Wan Xiaoquan really needs to use a car, but Lu Chen takes action is a BMW, which inevitably makes him a little scared.

    After all, he came to Xiangjiang to form a movie studio, spending money like water, filming things have not been seen, always feel that one's own efforts are not enough, sorry for Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Nothing is bad, just set it, go to the 4S shop tomorrow."

    Seeing that Lu Chen stubbornly persisted, Wan Xiaoquan had to take advantage of Lu Chen’s kindness.

    In his heart, the more and more conviction for Lu Chen.

    After experiencing the cold and warmth of the human condition, Wan Xiaoquan deeply understands how rare and precious Lu Chen’s trust and favor for one's own is also his best chance to start again.

    The Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of a high-rise residential building.

    Lu Chen got out of the car and said to Zhang Xiaofang: "You go back with Wandao. I can go one's own. If it is tomorrow morning, come over at 8 o'clock to pick me up."

    Zhang Xiaofang nodded: "Good boss."

    After bidding farewell to the two, Lu Chen walked alone toward the apartment building.

    The houses along Repulse Bay Road are high-end communities, so the security is very strict, but Lu Chen has his access card for Chen Feier, and he has already notified the property company here when he was in Beijing, and updated the security password. And fingerprint information, so he entered the door very smoothly.

    Take the elevator straight up to the 58th floor, Lu Chen found the room 5801 where one's own resides.

    The Wanjin Apartment has a total height of 60 stories, which is one of the characteristics of Xiangjiang. The area is small and the available area is small, so the building is built high to make full use of the space.

    Repulse Bay is a very good place, and the high-rise buildings in the real public community are so dense to the extent of terror.


    Lu Chen pressed one's own fingerprint on the door lock, and the red indicator light turned green immediately, and it slammed open.

    When he pushed the door in, the illuminating lights and the lights in the living room automatically lit up, and the soft light evenly illuminated the whole space, which was very warm.

    Lu Chen turned off the door and took off his shoes while observing one's own new home.

    This luxury apartment is a three-bedroom, two-bedroom, two-guard layout. The decor is very elegant, and the designer's creative ideas can be seen everywhere. Especially through the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, you can directly see the distant bay scenery.

    The room was clean and had been scheduled for cleaning and cleaning up.

    He walked over and pushed the glass door to the large balcony. The sea breeze blew people to their hearts, and looked up at the moonlight. They saw the sparkling light above the blue sea and the long beach bonfire.

    This situation, let Lu Chen have the idea of ​​staying here and staying old!

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, his cell phone rang.

    Lu Chen received it directly: "Hey?"

    In the microphone, Chen Feier’s sweet and touching Voice came: "How? Going home? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am going to call you, just arrived home!"

    Chen Feier asked: "How is this house?"

    Lu Chen exclaimed: "Can't be better, so I decided not to work in the future, specifically to eat your soft rice!"

    Chen Feier laughed and swayed: "Let's talk, you like it, I am afraid that you are not used to living."

    Lu Chen asked: "How are you over there?"

    Chen Feier complained: "It's very hard, it's much harder than taking "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House"…"


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