The 420th chapter of the first Xiangjiang

    In the drizzle, a blue-and-white painted intercity express train flew over the straight rails.

    On both sides of the track are high-rise buildings hidden in the mist of rain and rain, highlighting the prosperity and greatness of the deepest sea economy, the most developed city in China.

    On the A1 business seat of the No. 2 car, Lu Chen holds a copy of the "Entertainment Express" and is watching it.

    "Entertainment Express" is the largest commercial daily newspaper published by Domestic. In today's Internet industry, this newspaper with the main information of Pan-Entertainment Circle news can survive. It relies on accurate and in-depth reports and timely and explosive. Content and distinctive news perspectives.

    The headline of today's "Entertainment Express" is the one who is holding it now.

    [The man standing behind the sky after the song! 】

    The thick and big fonts give people a very shocking feeling. The sensational headlines are also enough to attract people to read their content and see what Xiaobian is selling.

    This article, which occupies more than half of the front page of Entertainment Express, first reported the great success of Chen Feier [Phoebe] personal national tour concert in Beijing, Huhai, Huacheng, Shancheng, Shacheng…They have been enthusiastically sought after by countless fan fans.

    The total number of audiences in the seven games has exceeded 500,000, making it the hottest national singer this year.

    After introducing Chen Feier's singer, the article's editor's stroke turned, revealing the key to the love song of Chen Song after the sweet Singer King from the sweet Singer King!

    The man standing behind the celestial world is naturally Lu Chen.

    The text interrupted, Chen Feier's transformation of the "Flower Woman" album sales rebound, infinitely approaching 5 million [crown] achievements, and then one's own in the popular Musical World position to the peak of the biggest hero, non-Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen not only created her own love song for her, but also brought her career to a new high with two big sales drama series, "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House". The importance of this is beyond doubt.

    This headline article also detailed Lu Chen's success trajectory, and finally said: Do you want to be the day after Chen Feier? Then find a man like Lu Chen!

    After reading the headline report, Lu Chen laughed and folded the newspaper and placed it on the front table.

    On September 22nd, Chen Feier successfully held her first solo concert at the Beijing Olympics Wuhuan Gymnasium. As the only guest, he sang two Love Songs with Chen Feier.

    Then Chen Feier moved to Beijing, Huhai, Huacheng and other places, Lu Chen has always followed.

    Until October 17, the last concert ended in Shengjing.

    After the two men had a busy and sweet Era, Chen Feier was invited to participate in a long historical drama series “Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing” produced by CCTV, while Lu Chen went south to the Xiangjiang Special Zone.

    What he is currently taking is the intercity express train that goes directly to Xiangjiang Kowloon in Shenzhen.

    Under the traction of powerful electric locomotives, this long express train entered the Xiangjiang New Territories through Luohu.

    Xiangjiang, the old name of Hong Kong, is located in China's South China region, east of the Pearl River Estuary, along the South China Sea coast, north of the deep sea city, west of the Pearl River, and the Macao Special Administrative Region across the Pearl River estuary, the other two sides adjacent to the South China Sea.

    Xiangjiang is also one of the world's most prosperous international metropolises. It consists of three major regions, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. It administers a total land area of ​​square kilometers. As of the end of 2016, the total population is 13.52 million, and the population density ranks first in the world. Two.

    It is the third largest financial center in the world after New York and London. It is called “Nuremport” and enjoys a high reputation in the world. It is also an important shipping hub and one of the most competitive cities in the international and Asia-Pacific regions. The economic freedom index for the 20th consecutive year ranks first in the world.

    This huge and prosperous city has always been known for its excellent public order, free economy and sound legal system. It is known as the “Charm Capital”, “Gourmet Paradise” and “Shopping Paradise”. It is also the most affluent and economical in the world. One of the regions with the highest level of development and living standards.

    Half a month ago, Lu Chen applied for permanent residency in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region, also known as the SAR Green Card. Although there is no transfer, but relying on this thin certificate card, he is in the manufacturing industry in Xiangjiang. Or investment management, will receive the same treatment as residents of the Special Administrative Region.

    This time, the south of Xiangjiang, Lu Chen is mainly to complete the establishment of [Lu Chen Xiangjiang film studio].

    In fact, as early as the end of August, [Lu Chen Xiangjiang film studio] has been registered in Xiangjiang, but including registration approval, renting office buildings, recruiting staff, etc., all from the early arrival of Xiangjiang Wan Xiaoquan agent carry out.

    However, as the core figure of studio, many important documents need Lu Chen to personally sign and ask questions. Wan Xiaoquan had long wanted Lu Chen to come to Xiangjiang, but they were all delayed because Lu Chen’s work was too busy.

    So now he has to go, otherwise Wan Xiaoquan will have to jump off the building to protest.

    This trip to Xiangjiang, Lu Chen also brought an assistant to Zhang Xiaofang, which can be described as light and simple.

    The Speed ​​of Express Intercity Express was very fast. It took only 20 minutes to arrive at the Kowloon Terminus Station in Xiangjiang. From here, you can take the Xiangjiang Metro, which is well-connected, to various areas.

    “Mr. Lu Chen, welcome to Xiangjiang!”

    After checking the identity documents of Lu Chen, the staff at Kowloon Station gave him a very charming smile: "I wish you a happy day in Xiangjiang."

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen received the documents and went out with Zhang Xiaofang.

    Outside the exit channel, Lu Chen saw Wan Xiaoquan who came to pick up the station.

    After a lapse of more than two months, I saw the middle-aged director again, and Lu Chen almost couldn’t recognize it.

    Compared with the original gloom, Wan Xiaoquan, who started again in Xiangjiang, is full of energy and radiance. The whole person seems to be young and four or five years old, full of confidence and vitality.

    "Lu Chen!"

    Seeing Lu Chen coming out from inside, Wan Xiaoquan immediately smiled and greeted him and said, "I finally hoped for you!"

    Lu Chenhan Yan: "Wantie, I am sorry, the front section time is really too busy."

    In order to let him come to Xiangjiang, Wan Xiaoquan gave him a dozen phone calls before and after.

    Wan Xiaoquan smiled and shook his head and said: "Don't say this…"

    He will pull the girl next to one's own: "Introduction, this is Xiaozhen."

    "Li Zhen, Li of Dawn, Jane of Pearl, is your personal assistant and secretary in Xiangjiang!"


The Xiangjiang article was opened, and the first one was sent.

    Note: Again, this book describes the parallel world. All the contents of Xiangjiang described in the book, including basic settings, nouns, geography, characters, etc., have nothing to do with reality. They are purely authors, so please Do not compare links. (To be continued~^~)

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