Chapter 451 is famous

    Back to the home of Repulse Bay, Lu Chen had just taken a shower and received a call from Assistant Li Zhen.

    Then he realized the controversy that happened in the Hong Kong Island blog, knowing that one's own actually became the focus of the incident, and in just a few hours, the number of his Hong Kong Island blog fans increased from dozens to 100,000+ !

    Lu Chen has more than 20 million fans in the Domestic wave blog of Domestic, but he is not famous in Xiangjiang, and he has no roots in the first time. He is still trying to adapt to the environment here, so he has no intention of speculation.

    As an assistant to Lu Chen, Li Zhen applied for the real-name certification of the Hong Kong Island blog for him. His identity is a famous singer and actor in the Mainland. He has already obtained the certification of V.

    But as of yesterday, Lu Chen’s number of blog fans on Hong Kong Island was only 57. There was only one blog post on the blog post, and the number of hits and comments was very small.

    The content of this blog post is nothing more than "just registered and certified Hong Kong Island blog members, please also advise a lot".

    Because Lu Chen’s visit to Hong Kong is very low-key, the media and fans of Domestic are not aware of his whereabouts. It is normal to have such a situation. Otherwise, his fans’ support group will engage in a powdering activity and will be able to help him pull a few. Ten or even millions of Hong Kong Island blog fans counted up.

    The result was unintentional, because a blog post by a well-known blogger and sound critic of the Hong Kong Island blog, Nanhai Madman, instantly pushed him to the top of the cusp. The only commentary on the formulated blog post was so excited that it was as many as tens of thousands. And the amount of forwarding is quite a lot.

    When Lu Chen turned on the computer and logged into the Hong Kong Island blog one's own account, he was shocked by thousands of System messages and blog private message System Notification.

    It took a lot of effort, and Lu Chen finally figured out the ins and outs of this matter.

    Last night, he sang "Latest Love in Life" at LaDolceVita97. He was photographed by the on-site customers and sent to the forum. Then he was used as a weapon by the Nanhai madman to attack the popular Musical World and creators of Xiangjiang. Field blog battle.

    As a key figure, he was quickly searched out from the blog by, and he was on the hot word search list, which led to a sharp increase in the number of fans.

    For the innocent lying gun of one's own, Lu Chen is a bit dumbfounded.

    These soaring fans are not all rice noodles, most of them are watching the lively road powder, and some are black powder, all kinds of comments and private letters.

    "Go back to the mainland, Xiangjiang does not welcome you!"

    "Don't you sing a song? What's so great? Really understand the hype! ”

    "To tell the truth, how much do you give the Nanhai madman, let him blow you like this?"

    "Where is this song you sang copied?"

    "So I look down on our Musician creator of Xiangjiang. Do you think you are very good?"

    “Restaurant 屎黎…”

    There are more ugly slang words that are directly blocked by the blog's intelligent identification system, but it is enough for Lu Chen to see some of the other side of the Xiangjiang people on the Internet.

    However, there are also many people who like "Love in Life". They express their support for Lu Chen. They think that this song is one of the best Cantonese pop songs in the past ten years, as the South Sea madman said.

    These newly added fans are eager to see that Lu Chen can launch single and create more and better works.

    "Welcome to Xiangjiang!"

    "Mr. Lu Chen, although I still don't know you before today, but now I am your fan!"

    "The Favorite in Life" is too nice, you sing very well, I watched the video ten times in a loop!"

    "Is this song written for your girlfriend?"

    "Thank you for letting me hear a good song…"

    After spending more than half an hour, Lu Chen finally browsed some of the comments and text messages. He ignored the black powder sprays that cursed and mocked, feeling that one's own needs to say something.

    After careful thinking, Lu Chen made a new blog post on the Hong Kong Island blog for the first time.

    The title of the blog post is "Thank you for your friends in Xiangjiang."

    In this blog post, Lu Chen expressed his gratitude to the Xiangjiang fans who supported him and liked his work. He specifically explained that one's own came to Xiangjiang to set up a film studio. He was preparing to make a film work, so he did not introduce single. Or the idea of ​​the album.

    This "Love in Life" is the first Cantonese work of Lu Chen's own. It was impromptuly sung at LaDolceVita97 in Lan Kwai Fong last night, so it was not a deliberate hype. He himself and the South Sea madman are not acquaintance.

    Finally, Lu Chen said in Bowen that he likes the prosperity and beauty of Xiangjiang very much, but he is very disgusted with the remarks made by some people on the blog, and is contrary to the image of Xiangjiang's open and inclusive!

    Lu Chen’s blog post is ceremonial and gently, but it’s not too hard. It’s neither aggressive nor cringing, showing an extraordinary stroke.

    After the blog post was sent out, it was quickly reposted and commented. The most obvious is that there are fewer people who are maliciously slamming and insulting.

    What Lu Chen didn't think of was that after half an hour of blog post release, Hong Kong Island blog fans numbered the biggest V, and the top big coffee Liu Hongsheng in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, even praised this new blog post and commented. And forwarding.

    Liu Heavenly King first welcomes Lu Chen to Xiangjiang Development in the comments. He just watched the video of the "Love in a Life" bar, saying that one's own also liked this song very much, and hoped to have the opportunity to cooperate with Lu Chen.

    In addition, he asked Lu Chen not to care about those malicious statements, because those people can not represent Xiangjiang people.

    Liu Gangsheng’s blog commentary came out and suddenly suppressed the audience.

    The Heavenly King superstar, born in the 1970s, is also a household name in the Mainland. He was born in poverty but worked extremely hard. His personal achievements are inseparable from the Xiangjiang entertainment industry in the 1980s and 1990s, and it is the symbol of the prosperity of the latter. First, the real film and television songs amphibian!

    Although Liu Gangsheng, who is in his forties in his 40s, has passed the peak period, his position in the minds of Xiangjiang people is unique and has great influence in Japanese and Korean and Southeast Asia.

    The Liu Heavenly King Hong Kong Island blog has 17 million+ fans, which greatly exceeds the population of Xiangjiang. But this is not a brush, but the registered members of the Hong Kong Island blog include Hong Kong Island, Baodao and Aocheng. And the Chinese community in some countries in Southeast Asia.

    Liu Gangsheng’s support for Lu Chen is undoubtedly a fan of the black powder face. He is undoubtedly helpful to Lu Chen’s foothold in Xiangjiang, and he hopes that the cooperation with Lu Chen is enough to make people think.

    The so-called "three-fold", after this twist, Lu Chen is really famous in Xiangjiang.

    The people who know him suddenly jumped to tens of thousands of times!


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