The 475th chapter of the grassland exploration class (below)

    At a tired pace, Chen Feier stepped out of the Khan gold account as a temporary studio.

    The thing she wants to do most now is to go back to the yurt where one's own is living, lying on the bed with blankets and sleeping on it, don't think about anything, then sleep until dawn in the morning. !

    Running the location is very troublesome and tiring. It is undoubtedly a great test for Chen Feier to travel thousands of kilometers from the bustling and comfortable big city to the endless Mongolian prairie.

    She is Singer's debut. She used to be a guest in several movies. "Blue Life and Death" is her first time as a heroine, and she is really entering the film and television circle.

    Whether it is "Blue Life and Death" or "Full House", although the two urban emotional drama shooting work is very tense, the drama crew is very caring for her, plus many scenes are filmed in the film city. So it is not very hard.

    "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" is completely different. As the CCTV's annual drama, this drama series contains a lot of characters. Chen Feier is not the top big coffee in it, so naturally don't want to get the best care.

    Moreover, the Director of the drama series, Zhang Ke, has always been known for his enthusiasm for the actors. He is famous for his old name and is backed by the towering tree of CCTV. He dares to speak out for any mistakes made by any big wrist superstar. The point is that it is even a swearing.

    If a scene does not meet his requirements, Zhang Ke will let the actors perform repeatedly until he is finally satisfied.

    Through the exercise of two drama series, Chen Feier's acting skills have improved a lot compared to before, but obviously can't fully meet Zhang Ke's standard, so she didn't suffer much in this respect.

    The most important thing is that even if he is suffering from bitter heads, Chen Feier will stick to his teeth, not only because this drama series can greatly enhance her calorie in the circle, she wants to prove to everyone. One's own ability.

    Of course, she has been working harder.

    At this moment, Chen Feier couldn't help but think of Lu Chen, who is far away from Xiangjiang. He must have been very chic, maybe he is drinking coffee with a beautiful woman…

    "Lu Chen!"

    Just as Chen Feier was thinking about it, the assistant who was next to her suddenly screamed.

    "Philippine sister, Lu Chen is here!"

    Chen Feier suddenly stunned and wondered if one's own was an auditory hallucination.

    How will Lu Chen come? It is not Beijing or Jinling Film City, but the hinterland of the Mongolian prairie. It is also hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest city.

    However, the next moment, Chen Feier saw Lu Chen who was heading towards one's own!

    Really Lu Chen!

    Chen Feier couldn't believe the eyes of one's own. The huge surprise moment made her tears blurred. All the tiredness, grievances and sourness in her heart disappeared, leaving only the sweetness.

    Can't wait in the eyes of the public, she took a step and rushed out I'm free and rushed into the arms of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen hugged Chen Feier. In contrast, he had to be rational. He noticed all kinds of different eyes from all sides, so he could only hold back his inner impulses and did not make intimate moves.

    Patted the back of his girlfriend, he whispered: "You lost weight…"

    The tears contained in the eyelids suddenly fell, Chen Feier wanted to cry in his arms, but finally did not forget where one's own.

    She gently broke away from the arms of Lu Chen, embarrassed to reach out and wipe the tears in her eyes and asked: "How come you?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I miss you, I am coming."


The crowds on the crowd said that they were so so sweet that they all had goose bumps all over the body. Many single dogs were also hit with 10,000 points of crit, and they could not continue to watch.

    "Chen Feier, is this your boyfriend?"

    The words of approval came from a black and thin middle-aged man. He was about forty-five years old, wearing a dark gray jacket, his hair was soaring and his eyes were high, and his eyes were staring at the two.

    Chen Feier quickly introduced to Lu Chen: "This is our Director Zhang Kezhang."

    "Chapter guide Hello!"

    Lu Chen immediately stepped forward and took the initiative to extend his hands to the other side: "I am Lu Chen, long-awaited your name!"

    Zhang Kezhang’s Director is estimated to be known to the people of the country. Lu Chen is no exception.

    He is the drama series director of CCTV. He has photographed large-scale historical series such as "Qin", "Sui and Tang Dynasties", "Da Ming Empire", "Opium War", etc., not only famous for Domestic, but also has great reputation in the Asian film and television circle. .

    In front of the big Senior in the circle, Lu Chen even shot more TVs and movies, all of which are small characters.

    Zhang Ke shook hands with Lu Chen, and a smile appeared on his serious face: "I know you, Zhang Wentian once told you about me, Wan Xiaoquan is helping you now?"

    Lu Chen replied respectfully: "Yes, Wan Dao is currently preparing my first film in Xiangjiang."

    Zhang Ke nodded: "Wan Xiaoquan is not easy, you are very good."

    He looked at Chen Feier and said: "As a boyfriend of Chen Feier, you are qualified."

    Everyone laughed.

    At this moment, there are many people around, many of whom are actors in the drama crew. They are still wearing costumes for performances. The standings are high and the group performances can only be pointed at the distance.

    The actors and actresses admire and admire Lu Chen, and the actresses are mostly appreciative and embarrassed.

    Celebrity is very common, but when you come here to visit, it is not something that ordinary people can do.

    Lu Chen was a little embarrassed to be laughed at by them.

    Chen Feier grinned and smiled, and the corner of her lips was a happy taste. She introduced other actors to Lu Chen.

    "This is the big brother of Shi Langshi."

    "This is Yan Kang Yan Teacher!"


    The main actors introduced by Chen Feier to Lu Chen are the wrist figures in the film and television circle. The biggest card is undoubtedly the star of the actor, the slam of the three major movie awards, Movie King, starring several times. The demographic movie and the drama series.

    Shi Lang's tall and handsome appearance, at first glance is the image of the kind of positive characters, his attitude towards Lu Chen is very good, there is no big coffee shelf.

    After a circle of introductions, Zhang Ke said: "Go, remember not to delay the shooting tomorrow."

    The language focus is long and meaningful.

    Several actresses laughed and ate, and Shi Lang and others laughed very much.

    Chen Feier’s face was red-hot, and she quickly took Lu Chen and ran to the tent where one’s own lived.


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