The fourth hundred and fifty-nine chapter beautiful grassland my home

    More and more people gathered around the riverside bonfire, feeling that all the herdsmen in the entire hunting ground came, and the burning flames illuminate a face, as if it were a huge oil painting, but it is very lively.

    The jade-like water spring river flows quietly on the grassland. The sparkling light is the glory of the moon. In the distance, the humming of the horses is heard. The light wind blew through, and the air is filled with the fragrance of mud and grass.

    Under the gaze of everyone, Lu Chen strode to the front of an old herder and asked: "Old people, can you borrow your matouqin?"

    The old herder is very old, the dark skin on his face is cracked by the deep marks of the years, his hair is white and his eyes are muddy, but his horsehead plays very well.

    Hearing Lu Chen borrowing the piano from one's own, he grinned and revealed a bit of burnt teeth. An old face wrinkled into a chrysanthemum, and he handed the matouqin in his arms to Lu Chen: "Give!"

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen received the piano in hand and thanked him again.

    This piano looks very old. It is estimated that the age is not smaller than the old herder, but it is well maintained. The materials of the head, the piano and the resonance box are quite elegant. The dark brown surface is obvious. Padding.

    Such a matouqin with a history of years, only the talents who know the goods know its preciousness.

    Everyone is very surprised.

    Whether it is the hunting herdsmen such as Uncle Yan Yan, or the members of the drama crew such as Zhang Ke and Shi Lang, no one expected that Lu Chen would actually accompany the matouqin.

    Many people in the field know that Lu Chen’s guitar is very good. The guitar and the matouqin are completely different. Can’t he play the matouqin with the skill of playing the guitar?

    That's a joke!

    Lu Chen sat down on the little horse, took a bite and tried the test, and said: "The first time I came to the Mongolian steppe, it is really beautiful here. It feels like my dream home!"

    "At the same time, I am very grateful to the Mongolian friends for their hospitality, so this song will be given to you!"

    Although there were a lot of people gathered around, when Lu Chen spoke, everyone was very polite and kept quiet, so his voice could be clearly transmitted to everyone's ears.

    When Lu Chen praised the Mongolian prairie, the herdsmen showed a proud smile, and his voice fell, and the enthusiastic herdsmen immediately gave warm applause.

    Lu Chen smiled and waited for the applause to calm down, then said: "The name of this song is called…"

    "Beautiful grassland my home!"

    Beautiful grassland my home?

    Members of the drama crew, such as Zhang Ke and Shi Lang, can't help but look at each other in dismay because they have never heard of this song.

    Mongolian herders can basically understand Chinese. They don’t know that this song comes from Lu Chen’s originality. It’s too appetizing to hear this song name—beautiful grassland, isn’t it their home?

    So everyone is applauding again and again, and there is a good voice.

    Only Chen Fei’s heart was in the hearts of the people present. She stared at Lu Chen with deep affection, and her eyes were filled with tender love and pride.

    "Fairy sister…"

    At this time, a delicate figure quietly drilled to Chen Feier's side.

    Chen Feier suddenly smiled: "Gangentana sister!"

    The Mongolian girl had a shy color on her face. During the period, Ai Ai whispered, "My sister, I sent the one's own whip to the Lu Chen brother."

    The daughter on the grassland dares to love and hate. When they meet someone they like, they dare to take the initiative to confess. They will never hide their minds and let others guess. Groottana is no exception.

    She has never seen such a handsome Han man like Lu Chen, so she will send one's own whip.

    But then I thought about it, Lu Chen is the boyfriend of Mayfair's sister, one's own is not right, so after a fierce ideological battle, I finally came to Chen Feier to admit her mistake: "…You don't want to pissed off. ”

    "Silly sister…"

    Chen Feier smiled and held Guggentana in her arms and said: "Sister will not be pissed off, because my sister knows that Guggentana is a good girl, so…Let's listen to the song together! ”

    She likes Guggentana very much, how can she be pissed off because of the cute feelings of the little girl?

    Men like Lu Chen, there are many girls who like it is normal!

    And here, Lu Chen has started his singing.

    The matouqin sounds melodious, and the beautiful melody is played.

    "Beautiful grassland my home,

The wind blows the green grass everywhere,

The colorful butterflies flew a hundred birds to sing,

A curved water reflects the sunset,

The horse looks like a cloud,

The cattle and sheep are like pearls.

    Ah, haha~

The shepherd girl sings and the happy song is full of the world!


    In the world of Lu Chenmeng, this "Beautiful Grassland My Home" is a classic song that is widely sung. The songs are beautifully sung and praised the beautiful scenery of the Mongolian grasslands and the happy life of the herdsmen. Countless Singer has covered it.

    Lu Chen played with the matouqin, which is the original interpretation of the original taste. The first two sections are a series of ascending, as if the shepherd climbed the vast grassland, the yurts that bloom like lotus flowers and the pearls spilled on the pastures. The cows and sheep are involuntarily immersed in the atmosphere created by the songs.

    Immediately afterwards, there was a sublimation on the music, and the confession was the infinite beauty of the herdsmen's hometown of one's own, the ups and downs and the progressive narrative, which made the song's lyrical color more intense.

    At this moment, here, this song, this song, who can not be drunk?


Beautiful grassland my home,

Water, grass, beauty, I love it

The grassland is like a green sea.

Felt bag is like white lotus

Herders portray happiness,

The spring is beautiful,

Ah, haha~

The shepherd girl sings and the happy song is full of the world.

The shepherd girl sings and the happy song is full of the world! ”

    The structure of the second paragraph is exactly the same as the previous one. The development of the squareness of the four phrases, in addition to the further improvement of the music, is more obvious in the aspect of lyricism.

    In particular, a long sound in the ending sentence, with a strong love, that is the author's love and love for the beautiful prairie, is a reluctant confession.

    The sound of the piano and the songs linger, wandering between the yurts, across the Shuiquan River, flying in the innocent grassland!

    Until the end of Lu Chen’s singing, no one spoke, and the surrounding quietly seemed to be the magic of time. Only the sound of firewood burning in the bonfire piled up to remind people.

    Many herders are so fascinated that many people even have crystal tears in their eyes.

    Born in Sri Lanka, long in the song, the song is crying, and will die in Sri Lanka!

    Maybe they don't know these words, but their love for the local land has already been integrated into the bones. The intense and passionate emotions are completely inspired by Lu Chen's singing at this moment.

    Beautiful grassland my home!


Note: "Beautiful Grassland My Home" lyrics: Fire / Composition: Alaton Ole. (To be continued~^~)

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