The 452th chapter has come to the door

    Liu Gangsheng's story can be written as an inspirational novel. His Legendary belongs to Xiangjiang, witnessing the once glorious past of Xiangjiang popular Music and Xiangjiang movies.

    Lu Chen really did not expect that the Heavenly King superstar actually paid attention to one's own blog, and also gave him support and appreciation very friendly.

    Lu Chen is also one of Liu Gangsheng's fans.

    When he was a child, he saw a lot of movies and drama series starring Liu Gangsheng, such as "Barrister", "Hong Kong Island Hero", "Life and Death Rescue", "Detective", "Sword Out of Wudang", etc. They were all popular works at the time, as well as the records produced by Liu Gang.

    So far in his hometown, Lu Chen has retained more than a dozen CD albums of this Xiangjiang Heavenly King.

    Although Lu Chen, now in the industry, has stood at a considerable height, but he still has great respect for the senior who is truly "German Art".

    So Lu Chen immediately replied to Liu Gangsheng's comments and sincerely thanked the Heavenly King superstar, saying that one's own is the other's fans, and I am looking forward to cooperating with my idol.

    Liu Gangsheng has a lot of fans on the Hong Kong Island blog. Lu Chen’s respect for admiration has undoubtedly won their favor, driving the number of fans of one's own to climb.

    As a result, the next day, Lu Chengang went to the studio, and assistant Li Zhen reported to him with great enthusiasm: "Lu Shao, you are really amazing, even Liu Heavenly King praised, now your fans have risen to 300,000. !"

    In the Domestic, hot people in the Inspur blog rose dozens or even millions of powders are common, but in the Hong Kong Island blog, such a powder speed If it is not brushed, it is quite rare.

    Many Celebrity artists are keen to run blogs because the greater the number of fans, the greater the benefits, including direct and indirect benefits. It is commonplace to endorse advertising products on blogs.

    Hong Kong Island blog is no exception. The artists of Xiangjiang New Generation like to play blogs. Li Zhen has seen more and naturally feels happy for Lu Chen. This is Liu Hongsheng's Liu Heavenly King helping Lu Chen's powder, it is too face. Now!

    Lu Chen just smiled and quickly left behind, because he didn't need to make money to earn popularity. Yesterday, it was more like an accident. It was nothing more than a surprise.

    He won't be so fluent.

    However, Lu Chen still underestimated the influence of Liu Gangsheng in Xiangjiang and the impact on one's own.

    He hasn’t been hot in his office chair, and there are visitors.

    There are five people coming, and three of them are known in the past few days – Jin Mingxiu, the owner of Mrs. Jin Entertainment, and her two daughters, Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi.

    As for the other two, it should be a character like an assistant.

    Lu Chen was a little surprised. He promised Mrs. Jin at the charity dinner at Shu Wei, and created a debut in the three days for the combination of Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi.

    But the time has not yet arrived, how do they rush to the door to take the initiative to run the door?

    I am not afraid of one's own running, right?

    Lu Chen was amused by the idea of ​​one's own, who received several uninvited guests in the hospitality room.

    "Mrs. Kim, are you this?"

    After sitting down, Lu Chen asked curiously: "Is there anything?"

    Mrs. Jin said: "In fact, there is nothing big about it. Just bring two daughters to come and string the doors and get familiar with them. Let them often go to the land teacher. You will turn around and learn more."

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly: "You are too polite, I am afraid I can't teach them anything."

    Mrs. Jin smiled and said: "Lu Shaocai is really polite, Liu Heavenly King is very appreciative to you, pointing me to these two gimmicks is definitely more than enough."

    Lu Chen suddenly understood that it was the impact of the incident last night. Mrs. Jin apparently already knew the news on the Hong Kong Island blog, so she took the Twins to brush her face.

    His position and weight in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang became different because of the praise of Liu Gangsheng. Mrs. Jin is only trying to get closer to the relationship.

    To put it simply, the songs written to Twins in Lu Chen, which was originally unknown in Xiangjiang, and the songs written by Twin Chen, which are now famous, are very different in publicity!

    Although this practice is snobbish, she also has reasons.

    The combination proposal of Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyu was proposed by Lu Chen. The name of Twins was obtained by him. He also arranged the title songs of the two girls. The title of “Teacher” was completely no problem.

    In the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, this relationship is actually very close.

    Mrs. Kim wants to kiss her and kiss her.

    Understand Mrs. Jin’s intentions, Lu Chen was dumbfounded, and he thought about it: “That’s right, I have already written the works for Twins, and I will give it to you now.”

    "Have you written now?"

    Mrs. Kim was really shocked.

    Originally, Lu Chen promised that she was a three-day time. She didn't really care about three or five days. A good work needs time to polish it. It is too urgent to catch up with work.

    So today, Mrs. Jin is taking Twins to mix her face and have no intention of drafting.

    I did not expect that Lu Chen actually said that he had already written it, this time is not enough for two days!

    This million will not always buy the first perfunctory work?

    Although Mrs. Jin does not care very much about one million, if this is the case, her mood will not be pleasant.

    Of course, as a man Jing Jiang, on the surface, Mrs. Kim also showed the color of surprise: "So fast?"

    Lu Chen is more or less able to guess the true thoughts in her heart, but she will not intentionally reveal it. She smiles and laughs: "Inspiration has already existed, it is nothing more than writing it out."

    He asked Li Zhen to print the scores from the existing one's own computer.

    Mrs. Kim took over the hot paper, and her eyes fell on the top title.

    It is the name of this song, called "Next Station Tianhou".

    Next days?

    This song name is very interesting! Mrs. Kim is not brightened by her eyes.

    She feels that one's own previous guess is probably wrong. The nine out of ten that Lu Chen took out is not a perfunctory work, but a work that is truly tailor-made for Twins.

    So, Lu Chen’s talent is really amazing. It’s no wonder that Liu Heavenly King would be so praised.

    Thinking of the first "Love in Life" that is circulating on the Internet, Mrs. Jin’s confidence in Lu Chen has increased sharply.

    Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyu, who were sitting beside her, looked at the score on the score.

    "Lu Shao…"

    At this time, Li Zhen appeared again in the reception room and said to Lu Chen: "The boss of Zhou Yang of Jiayang Film Industry has come, he wants to see you."

    Zhou Yi?

    Lu Chen remembered the name and wondered what the boss of Zhou Yang, the owner of Jiayang Pictures, had come to do.

    He looked at Mrs. Jin, who was sitting in front of her eyes, and suddenly moved in her heart.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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