The 455th chapter of the grassland exploration class (on)

    Lu Chen flew to Wumeng to go to the class.

    The target of the class is of course the girlfriend Chen Feier, who is shooting the long history of the CCTV production drama series "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" on the Mongolian prairie. It has been there for several days and it is said that the conditions are quite difficult.

    "Shengshi Long Songs" is the CCTV 2017 annual drama. The huge cast of actors is strong, the shooting cycle is naturally long, and most of the scenes are taken in real shots.

    This is the characteristics of CCTV shooting dramas for decades, large scenes and large screens, especially related to military warfare, and the human resources used by Hollywood are even stunned.

    It is very normal to go to the Mongolian Prairie or the Gobi Desert for dozens of days, like the important role played by Chen Feier.

    After arriving in Umen City, the capital of Mongolia, Lu Chen and Zhang Xiaofang left the airport and got the off-road vehicle that Beijing studio arranged to rent in advance, and then drove to the shooting site more than 700 kilometers away.

    With a total area of ​​more than 2.7 million square kilometers, Mongolia is the largest province in China. At the beginning of the last century, Mongolia was independently separated and returned to the embrace of the motherland in the 1970s.

    Leaving Wumen City, the surrounding terrain quickly became wider. The rolling hills and green grassland became the most important scenery along the way. When the highway opened more than 300 kilometers to the city of Barto, it was already dark.

    The two stayed in the city of Barto for one night, adding enough fuel to the off-road vehicle and moving on to the northwest.

    Out of the city of Bata, it entered the vast expanse of the Mongolian steppe. There is basically no formal road here. Without the guidance of the satellite navigation system, it is very easy to get lost in it.

    However, it is absolutely a pleasure to drive a powerful off-road vehicle on the prairie. Open the roof of the vehicle, bathe in the sun and the wind, and freely and indulge in galloping, letting people feel like dandelion.

    Lu Chen was the first to come to Mongolia. On the way, he changed his position with Zhang Xiaofang to drive one's own, and enjoyed the feeling of being wide and wide.

    At 8 o'clock in the morning, the departure from the city of Barto, and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the two found the water spring surrounding the CCTV "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" film crew.

    Shuiquanwei is a large settlement of the local Mongolian people. It is located on the shore of Xiaojing Lake and has a population of tens of thousands.

    Mongolian people have lived a nomadic life for generations, but in modern times, with the continuous growth of population and the development of animal husbandry, the contradiction between survival and environment has become increasingly prominent. In order to protect the ecology of the prairie, many The Mongolians began to live a settled life.

    Shuiquanwei is such a settlement, which is equivalent to a grassland town. It is a local tourist attraction. Due to its relatively good condition, it has become the location of CCTV's “Shengshi Changgexing” film crew.

    Across the distance, Lu Chen saw the satchel standing on the high slope and the bunting in the wind.

    The bag is a signpost on the grassland, and it is also the place where the herdsmen worship. It tells Lu Chen that it has traveled thousands of kilometers from south to north and finally arrived at the destination.

    The area of ​​Shuiquanwei is very large. The center of the area is composed of large white-walled buildings and bungalows. Then many beautiful yurts are scattered around the town on the surrounding grasslands. The scattered cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere.

    In the distance is the sparkling Xiaojing Lake. A group of horses are chasing grass and playing with the grass. It is really beautiful.

    By inquiring to the local villagers, Lu Chen easily found the location of the film crew.

    It was an independent compound, and there was a tool cart on the body of the car with the words "Shengshi Changgexing" filming group. The place was definitely not wrong.

    There were left-behind staff members in the compound. When Lu Chen went in and inquired, the other party recognized him at a glance.

    "You are Lu Chen?"

    The staff of the CCTV crew was very surprised: "How come you come here, willn't you come to our drama crew to film?" I have not received any notice here! ”

    There is no Lu Chen in the list of actors in "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing", but it is normal for such a strong lineup to temporarily increase or decrease an actor. It is not worth making a fuss.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I came to visit the class."

    Exploring the class?

    The staff suddenly became dumb.

    The actors and actresses are filming outside, and it is normal for friends to come to the class. But here is the center of the Mongolian steppe, and there are hundreds of miles from the nearest city.

    The experience of the crew crew is also very rich, and I have never seen a few like Lu Chen.

    He suddenly woke up: "Are you looking at Chen Feier?"

    Is Chen Feier not Lu’s girlfriend? The two feelings are really good enough!

    The staff member was sighing and envious, saying: "Miss Chen and the drama crew are filming at the hunting ground. It is estimated that they will not come back in these two days. There are more than 100 kilometers from Shuiquanwei."

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "Then I am one's own driving in the past, more than 100 kilometers is also very fast."

    Thousands of kilometers have run down, and there are still more than a hundred kilometers.

    The staff smiled and asked: "Would you not come over without notifying Miss Chen?"

    Lu Chen was a little embarrassed and nodded.

    He did not inform Chen Feier in advance to visit the class. The purpose was to give her a surprise.

    During the Xiangjiang period, the two men talked on the phone every day. He knew that Chen Feier was very hard at filming, and one's own almost made a sneak peek. Although it was just a misunderstanding, it was always unsatisfactory.

    So before the official start of the "Ghost Story", Lu Chen rushed to explore the class.

    The lovers of Entertainment Circle are hard to look at, the feelings want to remain fading, and the need for both sides to maintain, although the two people's feelings have always been good, but this does not mean that you do not need to care.

    it is as expected!

    The other side shot the thigh: "I know it is, it is really romantic!"

    "That's why I will go with you, and send something by the way, lest you go the wrong way."

    Lu Chen accident: "Does that not delay your business?"

    The staff smiled and said: "If you don't get in the way, there are others in it. I will give it a message."

    Lu Chen grateful: "That's a thank you!"

    "you are welcome…"

    The other party waved his hand and smiled and said: "You can give me a signature photo. My sister is your fan!"

    Lu Chenxiao: "Wait, let me tell you the address of your sister. I asked Beijing studio to send a signature limited edition album in the past."


    So under the leadership of the drama crew, Lu Chen and the two drove again to the hunting grounds 100 kilometers away.

    Running around, just to meet the beloved.


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