The 456th chapter sings a song

    Xiaobie wins a new marriage, and counts two people who haven’t seen each other for more than half a month.

    Couples in love, always can't wait to get tired together all the time. The separation of each side of the sky is the most difficult to think about. When you meet again, the fire of love is naturally blazing.

    It’s just that the day is still dark, the drama crew has just finished filming, and the people outside the tent are very busy. Under such a situation, Lu Chen can only force the impulse, and Chen Feier slightly warms up to solve the lovesickness.

    Chen Feier, who was blushing, grabbed Lu Chen’s hand in one's own skirt, and the beautiful woman said with shame: "Okay, at night…Let me talk at night. ”

    Her eyes are so fascinating that she is about to drop water, don't mention how moving.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen’s willpower is strong enough, otherwise he will really push her down and talk about it.

    He reluctantly pulled back his hand and bowed his head in Chen Fei's pretty face.

    The two men talked about each other and talked about their respective situations.

    Lu Chen told Chen Feier that one of his own things in Xiangjiang had been told by Chen Feier. Compared with Chen Feier’s filming here, he could say a lot more things, so most of them are Chen Feier. Listening.

    After listening to Chen Feier, she smiled and said: "Your luck is good. You can let Liu Gangsheng like it. If he covers you, then you can walk away in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang!"

    This said…

    Lu Chen looked at one's own girlfriend – I must have seen a lot of Xiangjiang gangsters.

    "Do you know Liu Gangsheng?"

    Chen Feier replied: "I have seen it twice, but it is not familiar. My friend of Xiangjiang is mainly Shu Shujie."

    Lu Chen asked: "What about Mrs. King?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Mrs. Jin is too smart, can cooperate but not suitable as a friend."

    Lu Chen nodded and he remembered Zhou Yi.

    Chen Feier’s evaluation is very accurate, and Mrs. Jin is essentially not much different from Zhou Yi.


    Chen Feier picked up the whip resting on the bedside table and curiously asked: "Where is this coming from?"


    Lu Chen explained: "I just met a Mongolian girl, Ghentana, she gave me a hard fight."

    Gifts from others are not always discarded, so when he came in, he placed them here.


    Chen Feier was surprised: "Is it Gengtana? Very beautiful little girl? ”

    Lu Chen was not sure: "It should be."

    Chen Feier's eyes widened and raised the whip in her hand: "She stuffed this whip to you, and then you accepted it, didn't return it to her?"


    Lu Chen suddenly felt the feeling of falling into the pit: "Is there a problem?"

    Chen Feier suddenly laughed and laughed and swayed.

    She squatted on Lu Chen’s shoulder and said with a smile: “This is the girl whip of the Mongolian girl, which is compiled by one’s own and is usually given only to the sweetheart, which is equivalent to a sentiment.”

    "Gangentana is fond of you, loves you at first sight, so I just sent this whip when I met!"

    "You actually accepted it, huh, huh!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Where do I know where…"

    He really didn't know, and in Fang Mingyi's memory of Mongolia, it seems that there is no such custom.

    "Then I will return it."

    Chen Feier criticized: "Gegentana is a good girl. How much do you hurt her heart?"

    Lu Chen is speechless: "What should I do?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "You don't have to do anything. This is the custom of the past. There is no big relationship now. When Groottana meets someone she really likes, she will naturally make another whip."

    "In fact, some people in our drama crew have received a whip. If Shi Lang’s brother didn’t know what was going on, I’m afraid I could pack it into a bundle and bring it back!”

    It turned out to be the case, Lu Chen finally put down his heart, know that Chen Feier was just intentionally funny one's own.

    He retaliated and reached out to scratch the itch of Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier was most afraid of itching, and Gege laughed and sneaked away. Suddenly, he grabbed a whip from behind him and waved at Lu Chen. He said proudly: "You don't want to bully me, I also have one. Be careful, I will smoke you!"

    The Mongolian woman is like a horse on the grassland. The cowardly coward is unconquerable. They like real men, and this whip is used to tame the horse.

    Taking the initiative to send a whip, represents the sustenance of fate.

    In turn, it can also be used as a weapon to beat the minded man, so it contains a double meaning.

    Chen Feier's whip is exactly how Groottana teaches her how to weave. It is very simple to distinguish between ordinary whip and girl whip. The latter has a red concentric knot at the position of the whip handle, which is very easy to identify.

    Era, sweet Era always flies fast, and it turns black in the blink of an eye.

    The herdsmen sizzled on the grass on the side of the river and invited the crew crew to join in their feast. Lu Chen was lucky enough to follow the light and sat together to share the fragrant roasted whole lamb and kumiss.

    The main personnel in the drama crew are all present. Director Zhang Ke, starring Shi Lang and others are all sitting next to the campfire. Here they are the size of the cafés in the circle. They are all guests of Mongolian herders who are enthusiastic.

    The bonfire flaming and flying, the moon is high in the sky, and the prairie under the night is beautiful.

    When the wine arrived at the place, a strong man with a tiger-backed bear stood up and said loudly: "Girls, men, let us dance and welcome friends from Beijing!"

    Chen Feier lowered the Voice and said to Lu Chen: "This is the father of Guggentana and the owner of the water spring hunting ground. We all call him Uncle Yan."

    The young herdsmen around them stood up, and several Mongolian old people played the matouqin and the Taiping drum, and immediately pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

    The Mongolian people are people who like to dance and dance. Their songs and dances are passed down from generation to generation. Today, they still have charming Charm. The passion and enthusiasm is full of optimistic emotions, which makes people smile.

    Under their leadership, the drama crew also put aside their restraints, followed by singing and dancing to share happiness.

    After a song, I don’t know which herders shouted: “Let the guests come to sing a song too?”

    "it is good!"

    The young herders shouted loudly and easily applauded.

    The so-called grandeur is difficult, but in such a situation, where are the guests who are not happy?

    So everyone's eyes fell neatly on Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    To sing, who is there to compare with this couple?

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier looked at each other, and the latter grinned: "You sing."

    Lu Chen did not refuse, and stood up and said, "I will swear and sing a song."

    "it is good!"

    Applause and screams sounded again!


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