The 456th chapter of the grassland exploration class (middle)

    The shooting place of "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" is a hunting ground more than 100 kilometers away from Shuiquan.

    This hunting ground is located on the banks of the Shuiquan River, and the Shuiquan River is the only source of Xiaojing Lake. The hunting ground covers an area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers and covers a large area of ​​virgin forests and mountains. Therefore, there are many wild animals.

    Because of the need for ecological protection, the current hunting grounds have basically lost the function of hunting, but the name of the water spring hunting ground has been preserved and become another good scenic spot.

    "Da Shi Chang Ge Xing" drama crew was filming in the water spring hunting ground yesterday. According to the plan, at least until tomorrow, it will return to Shuiquanwei. This must be achieved under the smooth shooting situation.

    On the way to the water spring hunting ground, the crew crew of the drama crew who acted as a temporary guide gave a warm introduction to Lu Chen's environment. The water spring hunting ground also had a Mongolian settlement, so the conditions were not very bad.

    He obviously did not want Lu Chen to worry about Chen Feier’s shooting life here, and let Lu Chen feel relieved.

    Zhang Xiaofang's car was very stable, and it took about an hour and a half of time. Finally, I saw the wooden gate wall set on the outside of the water spring hunting ground, and the high-flying battle flag.

    Through the Zhaimen, which was obviously built temporarily, the off-road vehicles entered the herdsmen's settlements in the hunting grounds. I saw that the tents were scattered and scattered at the foot of the mountain. One of the golden tents was striking.

    "That is the Khan gold account!"

    The staff who led the way did not smugly introduce: "I built a group of brothers together, and also invited a lot of herders to help, many of the items are custom-made from the city of Wumeng."

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Are you an Item teacher?"

    The other party is amazed: "Work hard in this area, the current position is the Item administrator."

    He followed the car to the Springs Hunting Ground and also brought a few items.


    The car was parked securely next to a yurt, where several tractor crew tools had been parked.

    The staff took the lead to jump off the car and grabbed a colleague from the neighborhood and asked: "Do you know where Chen Feier is filming now?"

    The other person turned his eyes: "What?"

    He rushed to Lu Chen, who just got off the bus: "This is coming to the class."

    Colleagues suddenly looked straightforward: "Shit, the Lord actually came here, really good enough!"

    The lead party laughed: "The feelings are good, and the day is not as good as three autumns. You can understand."

    Colleagues admire: "Serve, it should be in the gold account now, it is estimated that it will be finished."

    The staff explained it to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen of course said that he understood: "Then I will wait for the drama crew to finish here, do not bother you to work."

    The staff smiled and said: "Well, I have to send the Item to the past and lose it."

    Lu Chen thanked him again.

    After saying goodbye to the enthusiastic person, Lu Chen left Zhang Xiaofang in the car, and one's own wandered around the hunting spot.

    Apart from a few wooden houses, it is basically a tent. There are a large number of captive sheep and horses outside, so the taste is not very good. It is often Mongolian.

    They were very enthusiastic. They saw Lu Chen taking the initiative to say hello, and some even invited Lu Chen to sit in one's own tent.

    Lu Chen responded politely, and declined to say that the invitation was one's own.

    "Are you also filming?"

    Looking around and watching the bustle, there was a crispy voice next to it, like a yellow ostrich.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look around. He saw a Mongolian girl standing in a few steps away.

    She is about 13 or 4 years old, her skin is black but her eyes are very big and flexible. She wears traditional national costumes, with red, green and blue tunic skirts, a black hair tied into a small braid, and the spires are turned over. The cap is inlaid with colorful gemstones, and the live-off is a Mongolian Xiaomei female.

    There is a long whip in her hand.

Behind the little girl, she was still hiding from a little boy who was dragging her nose. It was estimated that she should be her younger brother. She took her sister’s belt and peeked at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen felt interesting. He leaned over and smiled and replied: "I didn't come to film, I came to visit the class."

    The other person’s Mandarin is very standard and there is no regional accent.

    "Exploring the class?"

    The little girl obviously does not understand the meaning of the word.

    Lu Chen explained: "It is to visit friends who are filming."


    The little girl suddenly realized: "That must be your very good friend?"

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded and asked: "Little girl, what is your name?"

    The little girl replied very seriously: "My name is Ghentana, and I will be an adult in two years."

    She meant that she was not small.

    Lu Chenhehe: "Grunnana? The pearl on the prairie, very nice name! ”

    Groottana was surprised: "Do you know what my name means?"

    Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

    In Mongolian, Ghentana is the meaning of the pearl. Lu Chen is turned from Fang Mingyi's memory. The latter can speak simple Mongolian and once traveled on the Mongolian grassland.

    It is only in the world of Fang Mingyi that the Outer Mongolia has not returned to the motherland and has become a pain in the hearts of countless people.

    The memory rises, and he can't help but lose time.

    Grentana turned his gaze and asked, "How long are you going to live in the water spring hunting ground?"

    Lu Chen woke up and smiled and replied: "It will be a day or two. I came from Xiangjiang."


    Xiangjiang is undoubtedly a distant place name for Guggentana, and her face is a bit bleak.

    "Who are your friends who are visiting the class?"

    Lu Chen said: "She is Chen Feier, do you know?"

    "Feier sister?"

    Groot Tana suddenly brightened his eyes: "Are you a friend of Mayfair's sister?"

    She is very smart: "boyfriend?"

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

    I don't know what to think of, and Guggentana's face was a little bit stunned.

    "Lu Chen!"

    Lu Chen was about to speak. Suddenly there was Zhang Xiaofang’s shouting, and his heart could not help but tighten.

    It must be the scene of the golden account, Chen Feier is coming out!

    He refused to talk to the very interesting Mongolian girl and said, "I am going to pass, goodbye."

    "and many more!"

    Groottana slammed Lu Chen, and then put the whip in his hand into his hand and said, "This is for you, don't lose it!"

    After that, she took one's own brother and turned around and disappeared between the yurts.

    Lu Chen was holding the whip in a confused way, and it was too late to refuse.

    But now he doesn't care about this little thing, because he has seen the figure appearing on the golden account at a great distance.

    Lu Chen ran in that direction without thinking.

    The familiar figure is getting clearer and clearer!


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