The fourth hundred and fifty-four female heroine

    Zhou Yi is a very pure businessman. He was born into a middle-class family. He has received a good education since he was a child. After he graduated from a foreign famous university, he first engaged in foreign trade and his business was very good.

    After earning the first pot of gold in his life, he quickly switched to the financial industry. After the 02 stock market disaster in Xiangjiang and the rising tide of the housing market in 2005, the assets quickly accumulated over 100 million yuan and became a well-known financial investor.

    Ten years later, Zhou Yi created one's own investment fund, and there are many investment projects in the real economy and the Internet industry, and most of them are profitable.

    In Xiangjiang, Zhou Yi is definitely not the most rich person, and even the second-class is not enough, but his evaluation in the industry is very high, known for his precise eyes and high means.

    According to Chen Wenqiang's words, Zhou Yi is a trustworthy partner, but definitely not suitable as a friend.

    Because he has the best interests in everything and damages one's own interests, even if many years old friends will turn his face, the director of Jiayang Film Industry is mixed in the circle. Some people have a good impression on him, and some people are very like.

    Lu Chen saw Zhou Yi at first sight. The first feeling was that the other party was not like a businessman who was profitable.

    He is in his forties, his body is slender and gentle, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, with a strong scholarly atmosphere, no need to be slightly feminine, and the slender eyes are restrained.

    Sitting in Lu Chen's office, in addition to Zhou Yi, there is also a man and a woman. The man should be Zhou Yi's entourage bodyguard. The body is very fine, his eyes are shining, and he stands on the corner without a word. .

    As for the woman, Lu Chen stared at her for three more seconds.

    It wasn't Lu Chen's rudeness, but the beautiful woman in a long skirt and eyebrows had an indescribable temperament temperament. She sat quietly on the sofa as if it were a set of official ladies.

    "Mr. Zhou, I have kept you waiting…"

    Lu Chen stepped forward and took the initiative to take action on Zhou Yishen: "Please forgive me for your sorrow!"

    Zhou Yi smiled and smiled, holding Lu Chen’s hand and replied: “Mr. Lu’s words are heavy, I am abrupt.”

    Generally speaking, the meeting between the two should be an appointment to arrange the time, Zhou Yi and the former Mrs. Jin came very suddenly, a bit of a surprise attack.

    Lu Chen asked: "What are these two?"

    Zhou Yi smiled and said: "I will introduce this, this is my cousin Nie Mingzhu."

    The woman in the white dress got up and said to Lu Chen: "Hello, Mr. Lu."

    Her Voice is very pleasant, with a little bit of softness, and it is a Mandarin word.

    It has the taste of Jiangnan.

    "Hello there."

    Lu Chen shook her little hand and was a little surprised: "Miss Nie lived in Jiangsu and Zhejiang?"

    Nie Mingzhu smiled slightly: "I was born in Xiangjiang, but both high school and university have been in Jinling. I have been working in Suyang for a year. It is half a Jiangnanese."

    She smiled at the corner of her mouth, a little bit of playfulness, and the whole person seemed to be alive and vivid.

    Lu Chen secretly marveled at the temperament of the appearance. Among the women he had seen, only Chen Feier and Qin Qing could compare with them, and they condensed the spirit of heaven and earth.

    Lu Chen infers that the other's family is definitely not very ordinary. Ordinary people can't cultivate such outstanding performances.

    I buried my thoughts in my heart. Lu Chen asked the two to sit down again and let Li Zhen bring a new tea.

    The atmosphere between the two sides was very good. Zhou Yi did not say that he personally came to the door. Instead, he talked with Lu Chen about the current film and television industry in Xiangjiang, including the existing problems and the future development direction.

    He focused on the impact of the industry support policy that the Xiangjiang government has just launched on the entire industry.

    Zhou Yi is obviously not the kind of person who talks and talks eloquently. He doesn't talk much, but he can always cut the key points. Many opinions make Lu Chen feel refreshed.

    Following this topic, Zhou Yi talked with Lu Chen about "Ghost Story". He thought that Lu Chen chose a good time to develop in Xiangjiang, and the success or failure of this film is very important, especially in terms of quality. Not sloppy.

    Because according to the news that is currently available, the film produced by Xiangjiang can be released directly to the mainland through the support policy, and the number of only 24 is tentatively set, just two per month.

    Compared with the number of movies produced every year in Xiangjiang, the number of movies is really ruthless, and the competition is bound to be extremely fierce. The number of places can be more than just the relationship, but more importantly, the quality of the film.

    The rudeness of the goods, even if it can be released to the mainland through the review is also a shame, the Xiangjiang government will certainly not agree.

    Lu Chen is deeply impressed by this. He has an understanding of the policy conditions in this regard, but he is not as deep as Zhou Yi.

    At this time, Nie Mingzhu, who has always played the role of listener, also interjected, but she talked about the script of "Ghost Story".

    In the case of Jiayang Film, Lu Chen Studio had already sent the script in the past, so Nie Mingzhu had seen it very normal. She obviously was very interested in this story adapted from "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", and the problem was quite a lot.

    Lu Chen answered patiently one by one.

    He has already understood the true intention of Zhou Yi. The other party does not directly propose it. It is undoubted that he does not want to be passive in the follow-up negotiations, but instead puts the choice on one's own side.

    Zhou Yi finally said: "Pearl graduated from Jinling Film and Television College and studied performance. I originally planned to stay in the development of Domestic, but the family did not feel at ease, so I went back to Xiangjiang."

    This turned out to be the case.

    Lu Chen nodded and said that one's own understood.

    Talking to a smart person doesn't need to be too straightforward. After this exchange, although there is no negotiation clause involved, the success of the cooperation between the two sides has taken a big step.

    The following developments also proved this point. In the following days, Lu Chen Studio started a new round of negotiations with Jiayang Film, and finally reached an agreement on the 7th day when Lu Chen came to Xiangjiang.

    For this agreement, both parties are very satisfied, Lu Chenjian has kept the bottom line of one's own, and in addition to sharing some of the benefits, Jiayang Film has also won the heroine of "Ghost Story" and another important supporting tree. Fine Grandma.

    Nie Mingqian, who starred in Nie Xiaoqian.

    On the second day of the signing of the Writer's Association with Jiayang Pictures, Lu Chen handed over the following matters to Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan for treatment. One's own took the assistant Zhang Xiaofang to Shanghai, and then transferred to Wumen City. .


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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