Chapter 481

    Xiangjiang's entertainment reporters are the ones that make Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle love and hate. They can bring an artist to the sky and easily drop the clouds. Many Xiangjiang Celebrity have a sense of fear for entertainment.

    In Xiangjiang, how to properly respond to entertainment is a compulsory course for all new artists. If you fail to pass this class, you will have to suffer sooner or later. There are many examples in the past that can be used as proof.

    The launching ceremony of "Ghost Story" has just ended, and Lu Chen was surrounded by these unsolicited entertainment groups. The problem is even worse than one.

    This is inevitably worrying, because Lu Chen is from the mainland Celebrity, his debut time is very short, certainly have not experienced such a scene, once young and spleen, then the consequences are difficult to predict.

    With the urine of the Xiangjiang media, a small thing can be smashed into a very good, not good!

    Chen Wenqiang saw the situation is not good, and quickly rushed Zhang Xiaofang to make a look, ready to protect Lu Chen, separated him from the entertainment records, to avoid Lu Chen saying the wrong words.

    However, Lu Chen did not panic, and even heard obvious malicious problems, his face still with a calm smile, seem calm.

    A few days ago at Xiangjiang Airport, Lu Chen had already seen similar battles and had an intuitive understanding of Xiangjiang paparazzi.

    He was slightly indulged, and said to the microphone that was sent to his mouth: "There is no failure in my dictionary. I Believe's "Ghost Story" will be successful, as to whether it can change the film pattern of Xiangjiang. Then I can't boast."

    "As I said in ATV's "Three Entertainment", I want to be a squid, squid is not a crocodile, and I don't have that much appetite."

    "As for the quality of the film, it is very welcome that you will go to the theater to watch the evaluation. You can leave a contact here, and our studio will send you a free ticket and a premiere gift."

    Lu Chen’s answer was that it was a slap in the face, cleverly avoiding the traps in the reporter’s question, but fully demonstrating the confidence of one’s own, and finally not forgetting to send some sweets out.

    Whether it is Chen Wenqiang or Zhou Yi, the big stone that has just been mentioned in the heart has been put down.

    Many times, Lu Chen’s young people feel very uneasy, but in fact he never gets disappointed!

    There are no failed words in my dictionary!

    This sentence is definitely a domineering side leakage. Several entertainments are listening to both eyes, as if they have grasped some important handles. One of them can’t wait to ask: "The investment of "Ghost Story" is 30 million. Although it is not a top-level big production, it is very high."

    "Since there is such a high investment, why can't you see a few Celebrity in this movie? Is it inviting, or is it paid for you on one's own, or 30 million is blown out? ”

    Before the launching ceremony, Lu Chen Xiangjiang Studio and Jiayang Films announced their respective news about "Ghost Story" in their respective blogs, including the investment amount and cast.

    The reporter asked Lu Chenyi about the budget of 30 million, and he was aggressive.

    Lu Chen glanced at the other side deeply and asked: "Which media reporter are you?"

    The other party replied proudly: "I am a reporter for the Polo Daily."

    Polo Daily?

    Lu Chen was impressed with this Xiangjiang newspaper. He smiled faintly: "First of all, I shot "Ghost Story", and I'm one's own is a piece of money, so there is no question of spending my budget on one's own."

    Celebrity one's own invests in filming or drama series. One of the usual methods of operation is to sign a high pay for one's own. On the one hand, it is to increase one's own, and on the other hand, to raise the investment amount as a publicity point.

    For example, Lu Chen's real value is 10 million pieces of remuneration, and the right hand is 5 million by the left hand.

    Many Celebrity artists, including some big coffee Heavenly King, are doing this, and investors are happy to cooperate.

    However, in the movie "Ghost Story", Lu Chen did the opposite. He did not pay a penny for the purpose of using more budget for pre-production and post-production.

    Zero pay? The budget is used for shooting and production!

    The entertainment records on the scene are a bit weird. In the film and television circle, such things can't be said to be unique, and now they are as rare as ever.

    Today's Xiangjiang film, either taking the low-cost vulgar way, or the blockbuster of the superstar lineup, can sink into the heart to seriously shoot a filmmaker, really few.

    Some have already been eliminated by the market.

    The young man in front of me is really different for everyone.

    The reporters of the Baltic Daily did not give up, and they ran into a gray nose on the budget. His words turned sharply and suddenly pointed the finger at Ma Rongcheng standing next to him.

    "As far as I know, this Mr. Ma Rongzhen is a famous box office poison in the circle. For what reason did you invite him to play an important supporting role in this film?"

    The nickname "box office poison" was obtained by Ma Rongzhen in the late stage of his acting career. At that time, the film he participated in was a film, and the result was maliciously imposed.

    In fact, Xiangjiang film was going downhill at that time. Ma Rong’s type was relatively fixed. The characters invited him were basically the same. The subject matter itself would not work. Adding to the big environment, it’s a strange thing not to hit the street.

    However, after the nickname was published, Ma Rong’s acting career was basically ruined. No one asked him to film, and his situation worsened. He had to fall to the Lion Rock Group to be a handyman to make a living.

    Beating people not face-smacking, in front of everyone, the Polo Daily reporter unveiled Ma Rong’s real scars, and Ma Rong’s face suddenly rose red.

    He couldn't help but clench his fists. The finger joints were white because they were too hard, but they lowered their heads.

    Because he can't do anything, whether it is rebuttal or counterattack, it will only fall into the other's set.

    Ma Rong really did not want to lose this precious opportunity, then he could only endure humiliation silently.

    Lu Chen noticed Ma Rong’s true look. His eyes flashed a smattering of unobtrusive sharpness. He said without thinking: “I have not heard of any box office poison. In my eyes, only good actors and poor Actor, and Ma Rong is really an outstanding and dedicated actor!"

    "I Believe, he will be able to play the important role of Yan Chixia, this is the reason I asked him!"

    These few words of Lu Chen are powerful and unshakable, and they are really strong against Ma Rong.

    It is also a powerful counterattack against this self-confident reporter!

    Ma Rong really straightened his waist and raised his head again.

    At this moment, what is in his heart is the touch of "the death of a confidant"!


The first one is sent, and the bottom ticket is guaranteed! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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