Chapter 489 Chapter Closing the Door

    Yesterday morning, when the Farn Temple was thrown away, the dead cat went in, and Wan Yong slammed the fire.

    Lu Chen did not blame the person responsible for guarding the studio. Because the studio is so large, in the situation where there is no monitoring equipment, the left-behind people can only look after important equipment and cannot prevent such malicious behavior.

    But Wan Yong feels shameful.

    Because the guards of the studio are several members of the Lujia class, and he is also responsible for this, he thinks that one's own is responsible.

    Wan Yong is not an ordinary person.

    He has been honing his skills for many years, and he has mastered a special military skill, but he has not used it since he retired.

    Now that there is such a situation, Wan Yong certainly cannot tolerate the people in several gang clubs. Under the eyes of one's own, he is unscrupulously engaged in wind and rain, so he personally led the team to the studio last night.

    After consulting with Lu Chen, he also purchased a set of simple monitoring equipment to install and set up.

    Once the former army and army elites got serious, the thieves in the district were not enough to watch them. They were also caught in the early hours of the morning, and they were all gaining!

    "On the two farts, the yellow-haired boy!"

    Wan Yong said proudly: "Slightly use a little means to rectify a few times, then all the tricks, they are the little Ma Zi below Honghua, usually responsible for delivering the box or something, sent us two dead dogs and a bucket Dog blood, want to pollute our studio."

    Losing the dead cat is not enough, but also sprinkle the dog blood, Lu Chen is the shameless and embarrassing to see this gang society.

    He asked: "I didn't get hurt?"

    Xiangjiang is the place of the legal system, and it is the Anglo-American legal system. The number of lawyers is very large, and the trivial things often go to court to solve the lawsuit.

    Wan Yong grabbed the troubled person and did not report the alarm at the first time. Instead, he first resorted to means to vent his anger. If anything was caused by the other party, then it would be very troublesome.

    At that time, Honghua must definitely use the title, and the drama crew will become irrational.

    Wan Yong smiled and said: "My means, you can rest assured that even if you send these two guys to the hospital to take MRI, you will definitely not be able to detect a little bit of injury. I have prepared more than a dozen routines, and the results have not yet been set. After they finished their noses, they were all recruited."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, because it sounds very brave and still not satisfied.

    He said: "You are doing very well, then I will come over now, and wait for me to call again."

    When the police came, he should be able to put some pressure on the other side when he was present.

    Thinking about it, Lu Chen called Zhou Yi.

    The answer was Zhou Yi’s assistant secretary, who said that the boss was still resting, and Lu Chen did not care, and told the other party about the scene.

    Then he rushed to clean and then contacted Chen Wenqiang to rush to Lion Rock.

    Chen Wenqiang knew that the people on the scene were very happy. He said that he was out of breath. I believe that this time, Honghua can eat a lawsuit and relieve the pressure of the drama crew.

    But what the two didn't think of was that the car had called halfway.

    Just a few minutes ago, a group of people wearing Honghua dining uniforms appeared at the Faun Temple. They blocked the door of the studio and told them to let the drama crew release!

    It’s really crazy!

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "You immediately call the police, hold the studio and don't let them rush in. I will be with my uncle for another 10 minutes!"

    Wan Yong said: "Reliably, all the people staying here are good players, unless they move the guys, otherwise I can guarantee that they can't get in."

    "That's all depends on you!"

    After ending the call with Wan Yong, Lu Chen said to Chen Wenqiang: "Strong uncle, inform the film and television city."

    To be honest, Lu Chen is very dissatisfied with the management of Lion Rock Studios. The drama crew of "Ghost Story" has encountered such a problem. The other party cannot be completely ignorant, but it is pretending to be dumb.

    It is said that Honghua does not have internal collusion with the management of the film and television city. Lu Chen does not believe it.

    It is nothing more than bullying one's own is a foreign household.

    But annoyed and angered, what should be done, Lu Chen has to do, no matter what reaction the management has, he must clearly indicate one's own attitude.

    The Mercedes-Benz business car carrying the two speeded up Speed, and Zhang Xiaofang silently displayed his car skills. It took 10 minutes to run normally, and it took only 5 minutes to reach the destination.

    When the car was parked in the parking lot, the three rushed to the studio. As a result, a group of people were seen at the gate of the Faun Temple, confronting Wan Yong and several drama crews.

    The police have not come yet, and the people in the film and television city have disappeared. There are several hand-held paparazzi in the vicinity of the camera. It is estimated that it is also recruited by Honghua.

    There are twenty or thirty people on the studio. They are very young. They are wearing a blue uniform with the Honghua dining logo. The arrogance is very arrogant.

    "Put it now, otherwise don't blame us!"

    "Brothers, the mainland has detained our brothers. Can we promise?"

    "Let's let go! apologize! Lose money! ”

    "What shit drama crew, grab our people who are still grabbing us, and I am fighting with you today!"

    "Go back to the mainland!"

    Most of these Honghua people are unarmed, but several people hold baseball bats.

    As early as the 1970s and 1980s, when the Xiangjiang gang was the most powerful, the battle between the major triad organizations was extremely powerful, and it hurt people's lives. At that time, the choppers and the rifles had been necessary, and the pistols and even the rifles had appeared in the gang fight. Among them.

    At the time of Xiangjiang, the ordinary people were all at risk. For fear of being left on the street, they were slashed or smashed. Some gangs simply did not make sense. A trivial little thing would dare to kill.

    Such social reality is also reflected in Xiangjiang's film and drama series. The gangster police film is popular for a while, and the protagonist in the drama is often a member of the community. The deliberate whitewashing has influenced many young people in Xiangjiang.

    After several severe blows, these violent gangs have vanished, and the rising community will be draped on one's own body with legal vests, no longer hitting and killing.

    Moreover, the Xiangjiang government's control over firearms and controlled knives is extremely strict. Once it is violated, no one will dare to go to the streets.

    But the dog can't change it. As the most direct and effective means, the factors of violence have already penetrated into the bones of the members of the gang community. Many times they will still show off their strength.

    Of course, the control of knives and firearms is definitely not used. It is a taboo, so hard and easy to use baseball bats has become the best weapon for these people – holding the law, playing people is still fierce, deterrent!

    When Lu Chen appeared on the set with Chen Wenqiang and Zhang Xiaofang, someone immediately noticed him.


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