Chapter 482 Chapter 蹊跷

    "Celebrity in the Mainland, Lu Chen, a new film, is it a real work? 》

    "Lu Chen Li is very proud of Ma Rongzhen, salted fish will turn over? 》

    "The insiders have asserted that the mainland actors who went to Hong Kong for filming are afraid of being acclimatized, and the prospects are worrisome! 》

    "Is it arrogant or self-confident? Is it 30 million yuan to invest in bamboo baskets? 》

    "The old box office poison, take a new film today! 》


    On the second day of the official launch of "Ghost Story", many media and entertainment versions of Xiangjiang have published relevant news. In addition to a small number of paid news, most other newspapers and magazines are questioning.

    Such a situation is basically not found in the Mainland. The narrow geographical market of Xiangjiang is limited. There are many media and most of them only pay attention to local news. There are not so many Eight Trigrams news for Entertainment Circle.

    Therefore, Lu Chen, who has recently become a focus of attention, has become a target for some media.

    The pressure of public opinion he faces is actually related to the mentality of many Hong Kong people. Many people in Hong Kong believe that the entry of funds and enterprises from the Mainland will intensify competition and rob the employment opportunities of local people.

    Although Lu Chen throws out the squid theory in "The Three People in Entertainment" and dispels some people's doubts, the influence of Program is limited. He needs more facts to prove one's own.

    For some of the Xiangjiang media that feared that the world would not be chaotic, Lu Chen became a representative of Xiangjiang, a mainland film and television company, and desperately explored topics on him.

    The most fierce of the firepower is the "Polo Daily". This well-known newspaper in Xiangjiang also published three articles in its entertainment edition, questioning Lu Chen’s zero pay, ridiculing the box office poison Ma Rongzhen, asserting that "Ghost Story" will not be obtained. success.

    One of the articles listed the data in a difficult way, citing the analysis and comments of so-called industry experts. The final conclusion was that the mainland faction represented by Lu Chen could not stand long in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang.

    The sniper is much better, the good is less, the neutral is rare, the citizens of Xiangjiang are very lively, and in turn, the publicity has just started the "Ghost Story" just started.

    The drama crew, who has entered the shooting state, is unconstrained by the outside world. He is busy working in the studio of Lion Rock Studios and strives to complete the filming before the New Year.


    Wan Xiaoquan frowned and shook his megaphone in his hand and said loudly: "What is going on here, immediately re-adjust it, remake!"

    Wan Xiaoquan, who picked up the microphone again, seems to be reborn, with endless energy.

    His position in the drama crew is very special. He is the title of the assistant Director. He will not have his name at the end of the film in the future, including publicity.

    It is natural to say that for at least two years, Wan Xiaoquan has to pick up the tail self-conduct.

    The director of "Ghost Story" is Lu Chen. In fact, this film was directed by Wan Xiaoquan. It is nothing more than to evade the policy.

    Because of this, Wan Xiaoquan paid more attention to this film than Lu Chen. Before the filming, he studied the script all night, and discussed the plot and characters with Lu Chen, and put all the minds inside.

    Wan Xiaoquan was originally good at filming costumes. His previous works are not lacking in box office and word of mouth, and he is well known for his work in the circle. Otherwise, Lu Chen will not select him to direct one's own first film. .

    With Lu Chen’s full support, there is enough capital investment, and it’s a departure from the Domestic’s right and wrong. The serious Wan Xiaoquan is terrible. After a few days, the members of the drama crew are from the Domestic The director is already convinced, and there is no trouble incident.

    Of course, during the filming process, the participation of Jiayang Film is essential.

    Today's scene is the scene of Ning Caichen's early appearance of Nie Xiao Qian at Lan Ruo Temple. Lu Chen, dressed as a scholar, has a great change in the temperament under the makeup of the makeup artist.

    The remake caused by the mistake of the light was very smooth, and it was already more than 12 noon after the filming.

    Wan Xiaoquan finally let go of the hungry drama crew, let everyone hurry to eat and fill their stomachs.

    The drama assistant took the incubator over and put it in a stack of boxes.

    Although there are not many characters in "Ghost Story", there are not many ones in the drama crew. The Xiaoxiao adds up to nearly 100 people, so that the shooting progress can be guaranteed.

    So many people are busy on the set, and dinner can't go to the restaurant outside to solve the problem. Otherwise, I don't know how much time to waste, but also affect the working status.

    Therefore, whether it is Domestic or Xiangjiang, members of the drama crew are basically eating take-away lunches. In the case of the drama, contact the restaurant in advance, book the quantity and price of the lunch, and send it on time.

    "Open your meal!"

    Everyone gathered around, hulated to take the lunch, and then just find a place to sit down and eat.

    Although Lu Chen is an investor and a screenwriter starring, he and Director Wan Xiaoquan also eat the same box lunch, without any specialization, it is also a common pain.

    But today's situation is a bit special. When Lu Chen opened the box lunch, he frowned.

    Because the quality of the lunch in his hand is really a bit horrible!

    The yellowed rice is steamed with Chenmi. A few pieces of green vegetables and cucumbers are not fresh at all. The poached eggs are missing. The remaining two ribs are only visible in the bones.

    This boxed meal, feeding the dog is estimated to be garbage.

    "what's up? Today's lunch is so bad, is it for people to eat? ”

    "What are you doing, you are all stunned!"

    "Oh, you can eat, I will take a look."


    It’s not just Lu Chen’s, it’s all the same, and the crew crew are complaining.

    Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen could not sit still.

    He stood up with a calm face and waved at the drama assistant who was still distributing the box lunch: "Trouble you for coming."

    The young drama assistant quickly put down the lunch, wiped his hand and ran over and asked: "Lu Shao, what?"

    Lu Chen handed him the box lunch in his hand: "What do you say?"

    The drama assistant looked at the lunch and looked at Lu Chen. He said in a dilemma: "Lu Shao, I don't know…"

    Lu Chen’s mouth twitched and said faintly: “Then you please come over to Laojia.”

    Lao Jia is the drama in the drama crew of "Ghost Story", the old bird in the circle sent by Jiayang Film Industry.

    It is reasonable to say that under his management, such a thing should not happen.

    There must be 蹊跷!


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