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The 485th chapter is very problematic

    The people who drove away Honghua, the "Little Ghost" drama crew, hundreds of people also had to eat.

    This problem is easy to solve. Lu Chen asked Chen Wenqiang to drive out and go to the nearest restaurant to buy a lunch. It is impossible for Honghua Food and Beverage to monopolize the restaurant of the Xiaoxiao restaurant around the Lion Rock.

    He summoned the members of the drama crew and explained them briefly, allowing everyone to overcome the difficulties temporarily.

    Of course, the members of the drama crew all understand that even if many people are embarrassed in their hearts, they seem to support Lu Chen, the real boss. It is not a big deal to eat late. Even if you don’t eat it, you can’t die.

    When Chen Wenqiang bought the box lunch, everyone finished it, it was already 2 pm.

    The drama crew of "Ghost Story" is not large. Most of the people are sent by Jiayang Films. The news spreads very quickly inside, so everyone basically knows what happened.

    This made the people in the drama crew a little floating. As a result, the shooting work in the afternoon was frequent, and Wan Xiaoquan didn't know how many times, so he was upset and angry, and the voices of speaking were much thicker.

    Seeing such a situation, Lu Chen decisively closed the work ahead of time, let everyone go back to rest early.

    In order to stabilize the people, he also asked Chen Wenqiang to reissue a meal fee for the crew crew. The amount is not more than the dinner fee, because the drama crew is originally a package for two meals.

    At the end of the day, Chen Wenqiang had a more heart-felt, and two more people stayed on the set to ensure safety.

    This is to offend the troubles of the gang community. In case the other party makes some tricks on the set, it is possible to make all the work in front of the drama crew invalid.

    After returning, Lu Chen gathered several important members of the studio together and discussed the countermeasures while eating dinner.

    In this regard, the most experienced one is definitely Chen Wenqiang.

    He said: "I just called my friend and confirmed that the background of Honghua Restaurant is Shengyitang."

    At the end of the 1980s, the triad society of Xiangjiang was severely attacked by the government. The three gangs of Shenghe, Xin'an and Hongtang collapsed, but the worms died without being stiff. Many new associations were based on the three foundations. Re-established on it.

    Shengyitang is one of them. Jiang’s establishment and control of Shengyitang is well-known in Xiangjiang. The business on the open floor involves real estate, finance, import and export trade, catering and so on.

    Jiang Family's boss is called Jiang Tai, who is smart and powerful. The means of doing business is quite ruthless. He married a five-room wife and a dozen children. Five of them are known as "five tigers" in Shengyitang.

    The general manager of Honghua Restaurant is Jiang Cheng’s third son, Jiang Chenghua.

    In the circle, Jiang Chenghua's reputation is still ok, so Honghua's catering for the "Dr. Ghost" drama crew makes Chen Wenqiang very confused, because this method is not in accordance with the rules.

    "I have checked the friends in the circle to see what is going on…"

    Chen Wenqiang continued: "We and Jiang Chenghua have no enmity. If there is a problem with Jiayang Film, there is someone who wants to deal with us through Jiang Chenghua's relationship."

    Out of such a thing, Chen Wenqiang first suspected that Jiayang Pictures.

    He himself did not know Jiang Chenghua at all, and he never offended Jiang Family. Lu Chen would not even have to say that there was no time for Xiangjiang to go to Jiangjiang. Jiang Chenghua could not suddenly go crazy for their troubles for no reason.

    Jiayang Film is hard to say.

    The history of Jiayang Films can be traced back to the 1980s. At that time, the strength of the gang society in Xiangjiang was extremely strong, and the penetration and influence on the Entertainment Circle of the film and television was also great. If a film and television entertainment company does not have the background or relationship of the society, it is fundamental. Can't mix it.

    To this day, who can guarantee that there are any old grievances left?

    In addition, there is Zhou Yi, the behind-the-scenes boss of Jiayang Films. He has been doing business in Xiangjiang for so many years, and he has done so savvy, and he has certainly offended many people.

    In this way, it is possible to bring trouble to the drama crew.

    Wan Xiaoquan frowned and asked, "What should we do?"

    I didn't encounter such a thing in the movie of Domestic. Today's things made him feel very bad. I originally thought about taking the film seriously. I didn't expect to start eating out.

    Lu Chen said: "I have already given us an explanation for Jiayang Film. Our shooting plan will not change for the time being. The box lunch will let Brother Zhang bring people out and buy it. Some people have no trouble in the car."

    That is to say, but everyone knows that things will not be so simple.

    The purpose of Honghua has not been reached, and it is impossible to die down. It is only under the situation that the current situation is not clear enough. It can only be a step by step. The soldiers will block the water!

    Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang looked at each other and nodded.

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, Lu Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

    He took it out and said: "It’s Zhou Yi."

    Press the call button, the Jiayang film boss sent a slightly feminine Voice: "Lu Shao?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Hello, Zhou boss, don't know what advice?"

    The clay figurine still had three points of fire. When the cooperation was first, Jiayang Film Co., Ltd. promised that it was good, and patted the chest to ensure that the "Ghost Story" could be smoothly finished, and they could do everything except shooting.

    The results, everyone has seen.

    I think of the time that has been delayed for a long time, and the fluctuations in the hearts of the drama crew. How can Lu Chen not be annoyed?

    And across the microphone, Lu Chen seems to be able to see the bitter smile on Zhou Yi’s face at this moment: “Lu Shao’s seeing it outside, I know it today, the problem is very big, can we talk face to face? ?"

    Lu Chen indulged for a moment and asked: "When?"

    Zhou Yi: "Now, are you convenient?"

    Lu Chen: "Yes."

    Zhou Yi said an address, not far from where Lu Chen is now eating, so he took Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang and others to go to the appointment.

    The place to meet is called the Okun Clubhouse. This private clubhouse is located in the bustling business district of Sheung Wan. It is a place frequented by the upper class of the Xiangjiang River. The membership fee is worth one million a year.

    Zhou Yi booked an elegant room in the hall, and he took an assistant to follow and Nie Mingzhu.

    After meeting, Zhou Yi’s first sentence was: “Lu Shao, I am really sorry this time.”

    Lu Chen’s heart suddenly felt a bad feeling.

    Because listening to Zhou Yi’s tone, there seems to be a plan to quit.

    Once Jiayang Films gave up and continued to cooperate, it meant that Lu Chen would re-establish the drama crew and even re-select the heroine. All the efforts and efforts in front of it were in vain!


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