The 480th chapter will never bow!

    Although Ma Rongzhen is very lonely now, but he has been debuting for so many years, it can be said that he is experienced in the circle, so he will understand what is going on when he listens to Lu Chen.

    "No!"He replied categorically: "Even if there is, I will never leave the drama crew, unless it is Lu Shao, let me go!"

    Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang looked at each other and saw a trace of happiness from each other's eyes.

    If Ma Rong really runs, it is really troublesome!

    Lu Chen relieved, smiled and said: "That's good, you can rest assured, I will definitely not let you go, we work together to make this film shot."

    This old character is undoubtedly trustworthy.

    Ma Rongzheng asked with concern: "Lu Shao, is Liu Zhaohui not wanting to shoot?"

    Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang were simultaneous, and the latter was surprised to ask: "How do you know, Rongzheng?"

    "This person…"

    Ma Rongzhen flashed a disdainful color in his eyes and said: "Not only is slippery, but also greedy and fearful of death. Others will scare him casually. He must have shrunk. Nothing strange."

    It can be seen that Ma Rongzhen is very contemptuous of Liu Zhaohui, and the two estimate that there are grievances in the past.

    Lu Chen doesn't care about their Eight Trigrams. The concern is Ma Rongzhen himself: "Ma Shu, then you are not afraid, and the Honghua behind it is Shengyitang."

    Ma Rongzhen smiled and said: "What am I afraid of?"

    "I am now a bad life. If Shengyitang is looking for me, then I will fight out to fight with them. Now Xiangjiang is not the Xiangjiang River decades ago. Jiang Family can't cover the sky in Xiangjiang!"

    Ma Rongzhen said very frankly: "When there was money, if Shengyitang asked me for trouble, maybe I would shrink like Liu Zhaohui, but now I am not afraid of anything, my wife and children have already ran, and the family is also There is only one old lady left, they are not afraid of causing public outrage, then just toss it up."

    "He Jiang Chenghua dared to break my way, I dared to lie down in front of his old door with the Old Lady, to see who lost face!"

    Lu Chen is a bit speechless, but it is really true to Ma Rongzhen.

    "Then you have to pay attention to safety, be careful that they use tricks."

    Ma Rong really smiled: "Lu Shao, they are not expected to drive me away, my reputation in the circle is not good."

    Box office poison!

    Lu Chen suddenly remembered that Ma Rong was really nicknamed and laughed.

    Ma Rongzhen sighed: "In fact, the best solution is to find a big man to talk about, but unfortunately I have no face now, I am sorry that there is no way to help you."

    "You can't say that…"

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Ma Shu, you can stay in the drama crew to help me."

    Despite the constant troubles of the drama crew, the shooting work cannot be interrupted, otherwise the loss will be large.

    The person who chose to withdraw from the drama crew, Lu Chen did not stay, whoever wants to leave can leave, the twisted melon is not sweet.

    As for Liu Zhaohui, he was invited by Jiayang Film, which was naturally given by Jiayang Film.

    On the evening of the same day, Zhou Yi, the owner of Jiayang Film Industry, called Lu Chen again.

    Through the middleman, Honghua has opened the conditions for “reconciliation”.

    "Shareholding is a must…"

    Zhou Yi said on the phone that his Voice sounded very tired and didn't have much strength: "As for the share of the stock, it is necessary to sit down and talk together. The bottom line proposed by the middleman is not less than 35%."

    "Hong Hua will set up a new film company to participate as a shareholder to take part in new film filming and distribution." ”

    A mouthful of at least 35% of the film shares, Lu Chen’s last thoughts of luck are gone!

    These gang community forces are so greedy, giving them even 1% unreasonable.

    However, he still patiently listened to Zhou Yi and continued: "In addition, Honghua proposes that the people they choose will serve as directors and producers, and the male and female stars can remain unchanged."

    Ok, Lu Chen can't listen anymore!

    The most weighty member of a movie crew crew will always have Director and producers. Sometimes the two may be one, but most of the time, they share the fate of the film.

    Honghua not only wants to buy shares, but also takes the Director and the producer. It is equal to the life and death of "Ghost Story" in the hands of one's own.

    How can Lu Chen agree?

    "Zhou boss, you don't have to say it anymore, I will not agree to the conditions they have proposed!"

    "If they insist on doing things, then I can only accompany them to the end!"

    Lu Chen’s answer was categorical, with unwavering determination and confidence.

    That is never to bow!

    Zhou Yi did not feel any accident, replaced him with one's own, I am afraid that he would rather disperse this stall, and will never agree to such a bad condition – that is equivalent to falling directly to the ground.

    After a moment of indulging, he still said the speculation in his heart: "Lu Shao, I think their final purpose is not to buy more shares, but to drive you away from Xiangjiang."

    Zhou Yi will enter one's own into the Honghua side. If he fancy the movie "Ghost Story", he wants to take advantage of it. The timing of choosing a disaster is not the present. Waiting for half of the shooting process is the best chance.

    At that time, Lu Chen’s large sums of money will go in and the loss will be great, and he may even surrender.

    Now I have to start a shareholding and I want to be a Director producer. Is it really an idiot?

    Therefore, Zhou Yi suspects that Honghua’s purpose is to drive away Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen feels that Zhou Yi’s guess is very reasonable, but he is very puzzled: “I am leaving, what good is it for Honghua?”

    Lu Chen came to Xiangjiang to make a movie. He said that there is no conflict with Honghua, who is currently doing catering business, and he has previously booked a box lunch with the latter.

    Zhou Yi said: "I don't know, but I know that Jiang Chenghua is a very smart person. He doesn't make a loss of business, and he doesn't waste time and energy on things that hurt others."

    "So what's the truth, I can only find a way to find out, you should pay attention to safety here."

    After ending the call with Zhou Yi, Lu Chen thought about it and dialed the cell phone of Wan Yong.

    There have been so many things, although the drama crew has already reported to the film and television management agency, but the safety of the drama crew has to be maintained by itself, so in the evening he let Wan Yong personally stay on the studio care equipment.

    After carefully explaining Wan Yong a few words, Lu Chen went to bed.

    The next morning, he was woken up by a rushing telephone ring tone during his sleep.

    Opening his eyes, Lu Chen immediately turned over and explored the landline resting on the bedside table and put the microphone to his ear.


    In the microphone, there is a passionate voice: "Lu Shao, we caught two guys who are doing things!"


    Lu Chen suddenly became awake.


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