Chapter 486 Internal and External Problems

    To understand and understand Zhou Yi's people, his evaluation is a real businessman. The businessman is very profitable. A real businessman often has great courage in the face of generous interests and dares to challenge the rules.

    Now that the trouble has just appeared, Zhou Yi actually has the meaning of retreating, which really surprised Lu Chen.

    This time, the cooperation between the two sides, Lu Chen has given up a large part of the interests, he is very confident in the box office of "Ghost Story", this work that is regarded as a classic in the dream world, will certainly shine out Rays.

    The production cost of 30 million, it is very likely to be several times or even ten times the profit!

    Of course, Zhou Yi certainly does not know the roots of the "Ghost Story", but he can't know anything about Lu Chen's influence and appeal in the Mainland, otherwise he will not actively promote cooperation.

    What made it decided to let him give up?

    Lu Chen made the worst plan in his heart and said quietly: "Zhou boss said it is heavy, let's sit down and talk slowly."

    If you know each other, you don’t need to introduce each other to each other. Everyone is seated together.

    Zhou Yi personally mentioned the teapot and poured a cup of hot tea to Lu Chen. He sighed and said: "Lu Shao, you must be suspicious of Jiayang Film or I have any grievances with Shenghuatang behind Honghua, but I I can openly and honestly say that I have never offended the people of Jiang Family."

    "If Jiang Honghua is the owner of Honghua alone, I am not afraid, but his old man Jiang Tai, I have no qualifications for equal dialogue with him. I have met and respected it."

    Isn't it a problem with Jiayang Film?

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned, what is going on?

    Zhou Yi clearly understood the thoughts in his heart and continued: "I have already asked people to explore the style of Jiang Chenghua and inquire about what is going on. I believe that there should be accurate news in these two days."

    "And according to my guess…"

    The owner of the Jiayang Film Industry hesitated for a moment, and his words were still asleep.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "If Zhou boss has something to say, it doesn't matter if he guessed it wrong."

    Zhou Yi smiled and said: "I guess that Honghua wants to add a piece of this film. I heard that Jiang Chenghua recently intended to set up one's own entertainment company and enter the film industry."

    "Just in the current situation, it is not easy for him to find a suitable partner, so…"

    "So I chose my movie as a stepping stone?"

    Lu Chen suddenly smiled: "I am a newcomer who has just come from the mainland, is it a fat sheep in his eyes?"

    Zhou Yi’s look brought a hint of embarrassment, apparently agreeing with Lu Chen’s statement: “This is just my guess, what is the real situation, and the meaning of the other side.”

    Lu Chen indulged for a moment, his fingers tapped on the desk and asked: "If that, if Honghua really wants to buy shares, I promised, what do you plan for the boss that week?"

    Zhou Yi replied without hesitation: "Then I will quit, and Jiang Family can't afford to offend."

    His answer is really a bachelor, directly acknowledging that one's own is afraid.

    Lu Chen heard the meaning: "So if I don't agree?"

    Zhou Yi’s answer is still very bachelor: “The Jiayang Film Industry is willing to continue to cooperate, but we have no way to directly confront the people of Jiang Family. If Jiang Tai speaks, then I can only withdraw.”

    Lu Chen understood.

    Although Zhou Yi said that he did not dare to offend Jiang Family, the premise is that Jiang Family's boss Jiang Tai is also involved in this matter, otherwise Jiayang Film will not give up cooperation.

    I want to count on Jiayang Film to deal with Honghua, which is not realistic.

    Seeking advantage and avoiding harm, Zhou Yi is a typical merchant practice. It is a shameless thing to say that it is a bit shameless, but he is outspoken, quite a real villain, and everything is on the table to spread out.

    Lu Chen didn't have a pissed off. He thought about it: "That is the case for the time being. Honghua also asked Zhou boss to listen to useful news. If it involves any expenses, our studio is willing to bear it."

    "The words are heavy, the words are heavy!"

    Zhou Yi waved his hand and said: "I will inform you immediately if there is news."

    Lu Chen nodded.

    Things can only be done for the time being. Tomorrow's shooting has to continue. I can't hear the Lala screaming and don't plant the land. He doesn't want to run back to the mainland.

    If there is no brave and fearless heart, then if you have a world of wealth, how can you climb the true peak?

    At the time of the farewell, Nie Mingzhu, who had not spoken before, gave Lu Chen a cup of tea.

    She said to Lu Chen: "I like this script very much. I also like the role of Nie Xiao Qian. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to appear. I hope to continue to cooperate happily."

    Lu Chen did not quite understand Nie Mingzhu's position, but also received her kindness.

    After leaving the Okun Hall, Wan Xiaoquan expressed his dissatisfaction with Zhou Yi in the car: "This person is too slippery and not reliable. We really have to continue to cooperate with him?"

    Lu Chen explained: "We will give up cooperation with Jiayang Films now, things will be more troublesome. First of all, we must figure out the real intentions of Honghua, and then plan again!"

    Zhou Yi explained the words, and when Lu Chen kicked them away, the same name was justified.

    Most importantly, in the previous dialogue, Lu Chen felt that Zhou Yi had a card. He did not fear the Jiang Family as one's own said, but it seemed to be testing Lu Chen's attitude.

    On the second day, the Farn Temple studio in Lion Rock Studios had an accident.

    Someone lost two dead cats to the shooting scene, and it was still an unlucky black cat. The cat's neck was broken.

    "It should be secretly thrown in the early morning…"

    Wan Yong said to Lu Chen, who had just arrived at the studio: "I asked Little Chen to handle them, and did not tell others."

    This is purely a means of disgusting people. The other party does not steal or rob, and intentionally engages in something that is disgusting.

    The alarm is useless. The Xiangjiang police can't take care of this little thing seriously, and it is easy to be photographed by Paparazzi in the media after the alarm, which will only have a greater impact on the drama crew.

    Lu Chen listened to Chen Wenqiang's suggestion, let him secretly control the news, and did not preach it.

    Lu Chen was glad that there were two people stationed in the studio last night. Otherwise, if there are loopholes in management, it is easy for the other party to find a chance to take advantage of it. Maybe it will cause more damage.

    However, what he did not think of, less than noon, the scene of the scene of being thrown dead cats spread in the drama crew, everyone looks different, many members of the crew crew are absent-minded.

    The shooting process was also very unsatisfactory, and in the afternoon, someone proposed to withdraw from the drama crew.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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