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    There are nearly a hundred members of the drama crew of "Ghost Story". If you add a group performance of temporary employment, it is more than 100 people.

    Even if calculated according to 100 people, a total of 200 boxes of rice for two meals a day, the original 30 yuan / box, the basic cost of daily meals is 6,000 yuan, and now soared to 55 yuan, that is 11,000 yuan, need to pay an additional 4,500 yuan.

    The scenes involved in this film are basically in the Lion Rock Film and Television Base. Under the situation of the exterior, the drama crew needs to stay at least for more than a month, which means that it needs more than a hundred and twenty thousand!

    Honghua catering is black enough. You must know that according to yesterday’s lunch, it will cost up to 15 yuan in the mainland. The amount can be discounted. His profit is very good.

    The price of Xiangjiang is high, but it is not as high as this.

    Wan Xiaoquan, sitting next to Lu Chen, couldn’t listen to it first: "You are this…"

    When his words were not finished, he was stopped by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen looked unchanged and nodded and said: "If we can guarantee the quality of the food and beverage, we can accept the price of 55 yuan, but we do not pay for this batch of lunch at noon."

    Manager Jiang obviously did not think that Lu Chen was so good to speak, one's own one of the lions opened their mouths, and Lu Chen actually agreed to it so easily.

    With his traitor, he couldn’t help but swear: "Really?"

    Lu Chen slammed his fingers and knocked on the table, faintly said: "I am not kidding."

    "that…Well! ”

    Manager Jiang suddenly showed a smug smile. His eyes flashed a greedy color and continued: "In addition, the boxed money is returned to the box, and the meal has to be added."

    Honghua is crazy?

    This time, even Chen Wenqiang was angry: "Jiang, manager, is this not a rule?"

    Associations also have the rules of the community, especially the now-washed associations, even if they are bullying the dominance of the city, they must also talk about the rules, otherwise the public anger is unfortunate or they are one's own.

    In front of the lion manager, the lion opened the box and nearly doubled the money. Lu Chen agreed to it. Now he still has to send the meal, which is simply black and naked extortion.

    The taste inside is very wrong!

    Manager Jiang gave a deep look at Chen Wenqiang and said: "Strong brother, the rules are all set by people. Do you still don't understand this circle?" Our company's current rules are like this. ”

    He looked at Lu Chen, as if he was looking at a fat sheep: "Lu Shao, you are the superstar of the Japanese Jinjin, and you will definitely earn a lot of money when you come to Xiangjiang to make a movie. It’s not too bad for us. What?"

    "Ha ha…"

    Lu Chen smiled, but there was no slight smile in his eyes.

    "I don't like trouble. If I can use money to solve the problem, then I don't mind spending some money to save money."

    "But that doesn't mean I'm afraid of trouble. Since your company doesn't have the sincerity to cooperate, then you don't have to send a box lunch anymore. I Believe, we don't have a meal for the people of the drama crew."

    To tell you the truth, Lu Chen chose to come to Hong Kong to start one's own film career, the main reason is the Hong Kong government's new film support policy, with this policy, he can easily access to the domestic film market, but also based on the Hong Kong-Hong Kong Radiation Island, Macao and Southeast Asian countries, The benefits are self-evident.

    However, the shortcut is not good. Lu Chen did not take into account Xiangjiang's gang community at the time, because there is basically no such problem in the movie or the drama series.

    The so-called strong dragon does not suppress the head snake, Lu Chen is not considered a strong dragon, so he is willing to spend more money to change a peace, as long as the "Ghost Story" is successfully filmed and released, how much will naturally earn back.

    However, the greed and shamelessness of the other party is far beyond Lu Chen’s expectation, and it’s hard to fill it up, which makes his patience disappear!

    If there is no Zhang butcher, do you have to eat a pig?


    Hearing Lu Chen’s categorical rejection, the attitude of the 180-degree turn, Jiang’s smile suddenly solidified on his face, looks quite ridiculous.

    Lu Chen did not give him a chance to get up and said: "Strong uncle, send a guest."

    Such a ruthless face, Manager Jiang was furious, and a strong man who had been standing behind him immediately stepped forward and blinked his head and said to Lu Chen: "How do you talk to our manager Jiang?" Don't give your face a shame! ”

    The gang community is a gang society. The factors of violence have long been hidden in the blood, and the monopolistic business of bullying the tyrants is not tough. It must not be done.

    The person brought by Manager Jiang is actually a thug. If you are good, hello, everyone, they are naturally furnishings, but when they turn their faces, they will show Strength!

    The furry arm is black and thick, and the fingers of the long radish are about to poke to Lu Chen’s face. The screaming sound is a hundred percent deterrent for ordinary people.

    However, Lu Chen is not an ordinary person, and he is not a lonely man.

    I don't need Lu Chen to respond. Wan Yong, who was sitting next to Lu Chen, suddenly took action, grabbed the other's finger lightningly and pushed it up!


    The five big three strong men could not help but scream, and all the people present were shocked.

    Under the pain, he instinctively lifted his leg and wanted to kick toward Wan Yong, but Wan Yong’s right foot was first placed on his knees, causing him to lose balance and fall to the ground!

    This is the result of Wan Yong’s mercy. If it is a life-and-death struggle, the finger bone and cheekbones are now broken into pieces.

    Wan Yong let go of his hand, and his sharp eyes fixed on another hitter who was ready to move.

    No one doubts, if there is any change in this guy, it will inevitably be countered by the thunder of Wan Yong!

    Manager Jiang was also scared. After a while, he returned to his heart and said, "Well, buying and selling is not a matter of righteousness, we are walking!"

    These two scenes are a bit incoherent, but no one is funny.

    The people of Honghua Restaurant have gone astray, and Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang have not been a little bit pleased.

    Everyone knows that the real trouble is still behind, and the other party will not be willing to give up.

    Lu Chen’s eyes looked at Lao Jia and said: “When the cooperation was negotiated, your Jiayang Film Industry was guaranteed. Now, something like this, I want to know what your boss means.”

    Compared to Lu Chen studio, Jiayang Film Industry is the local snake.

    It is naturally the best choice to use the local snake to deal with the local snake. Lu Chen is not afraid of things, and will not easily take things all on one's own. Otherwise, what should the partners do?

    Under the gaze of his gaze, Lao Jia felt the pressure was great, and there was a fine sweat on his forehead.

    "Lu Shao, we Jiayang Film Industry will give you an account."

    Lu Chen nodded: "That is the best."

    However, in his heart, he is not optimistic about Jiayang Film, because Honghua cannot possibly know the existence of Jiayang Film. The manager of Jiang is coming over face-smacking.

    Wait and see!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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