The 480th chapter boot ceremony

    On November 25th, Tiande (Zodiac) built the day.

    Suitable: opening, seeking wealth, trading, traveling, moving, blind date.

    The opening ceremony of Lu Chen’s first film, The Ghost Story, was held at the Farn Temple in Lion Rock Studios.

    The Faun Temple in Lion Rock is the old site. It was first built in the late Qing Dynasty. Later, it was abandoned twice and the ruins were formed into a comfortable nest for the wild fox.

    In the early 1990s, when the construction of Lion Rock Studios began, the site of Faun Temple was included. The scene designer did not restore it, but repaired it on the basis of the ruins. It became a shooting zombie film. A great scene of horror movies.

    Many of the Xiangjiang zombie ghosts that once flourished in the 1990s were filmed here.

    But now, due to changes in the market, the theme of the past big sale has long been no longer fragrant, the utilization rate of the former site of Faun Temple has been greatly reduced, so it is easy for studio to rent it, and the cost is still very cheap.

    The long table in front of the temple is lined up. This is a table dedicated to the gods. The top is covered with red velvet cloth. The Guandi statue is placed in the middle. The left and right are the incense burner and the roasted piglets, fresh melons and so on.

    A camera is placed on the right side of the desk, and it is covered with a red cloth.

    In the past, in the open space, a hanging firecracker was ignited, and then in the sound of the smashing sound, the members of the drama crew went up to worship, praying for a smooth film and a new film.

    The ceremony of starting the worship of God was originally from Xiangjiang. Xiangjiang people believed in Feng Shui's superstition. Everything liked to ask for auspiciousness. The wind of worshipping the Buddha is very popular. The movie crew crew is no exception. There are many taboos.

    For example, the orientation of worshipping God can't be wrong. When you start at different times and in different places, the direction of worshipping people is not the same. There is roughly a single aspect in the rough. If Zhengnan is placed in the southwest, it is also a loss of difference. Thousands of miles, some even have precision to latitude and longitude.

    It seems very unbelievable to listen to, but many Xiangjiang drama crews must use "Expert" to measure before starting the machine. They are not sloppy at all, otherwise they will encounter twists and turns during the shooting process, and it is inevitable to suspect that they have touched the mold.

    Lu Chen studio has just been established, the object of cooperation is not the top company in the industry, so the scene of the boot ceremony is not very big, but it is also very grand.

    Zhou Yi, the boss of Jiayang Films, came to the scene personally. Of course, he was accompanied by one's own cousin, which is the heroine of the "Ghost Story", Nie Mingzhu.

    Mrs. Kim also came, and her two daughters, Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi.

    The two girls arranged a small role in the film.

    There is also Chen Wenqiang's daughter Chen Siyi.

    Chen Siyi just turned 20 this year. She didn't like to study. After she graduated from high school, she didn't go to college. Instead, she joined a performing arts training institution through the relationship of one's own Father. She received professional artist training and planned to develop into Entertainment Circle.

    At the beginning, Chen Wenqiang was successfully dug by Wan Xiaoquan to Lu Chen Xiangjiang studio, which was not officially registered. In addition to the relatively high salary, the most important thing was that Wan Xiaoquan promised to give his daughter an important role.

    Chen Siyi plays Xiaoqing in "Ghost Story", which is a bit of a female match.

    In fact, in the movie "Ghost Story", the important characters are four, Ning Caichen, Nie Xiao Qian, Yan Chixia and the villain Treema Grandma. Basically all the brilliance is concentrated on them, especially top three By.

    As the first female match, Xiao Qing is not a lot of scenes in the play, but whether it is Chen Wenqiang or Chen Siyi one's own, it is already very satisfying.

    Although in addition to Lu Chen, "Ghost Story" this movie does not have any big-name actors, Ma Rongzhen has long been too tempered to the point of group performance, most of the others are newcomers.

    Lu Chen himself has just made a name for himself in the film and television circle in Xiangjiang. It is not the work itself.

    However, the investment amount of "Ghost Story" is 30 million yuan, although it is not a top-level big production, but because there is no big-name giant coffee, there is no high amount of money. This large amount of money is basically invested. In the shooting and post-production, I am sorry for people who are not good at the boutique.

    When I first filmed, I was able to receive an important match for such a movie. Chen Siyi was already very good at Luck compared to those of her peers. She stood at a very high level from the beginning.

    As long as the "Ghost Story" is not overwhelmed after the release, she has a valuable qualification.

    Qualifications represent the coffee position.

    After the completion of the worship of the gods, Lu Chen, Zhou Yi, Wan Xiaoquan and Nie Mingzhu together, unveiled the "red veil" on the camera, gathered around the drama crew to simulately applaud, and the media reporters Take a photo.

    It is said that this program first came from the fear of "dicing."

    The so-called "dicing" refers to the film in the camera film was accidentally scratched by the inside parts when shooting, and once the "dicing" occurs, it will cause immeasurable loss to the drama crew, but the machine scribes It is unpredictable and difficult to prevent, so the only thing that can be done is to cover the camera "town evil" with a red cloth.

    The current camera has long been digitized, and there is no possibility of "scratching", but the more sophisticated things, the bigger the problem, so this custom has survived.

    Uncovering the red cloth, the booting ceremony of "Ghost Story" is basically over.

    Finally, the crew of the crew crew was interviewed by the media.

    Most of the media reporters were invited by Jiayang Film Co., and there were more than a dozen big and small ones. It was both a need for publicity and a publicity. Every reporter was filled with red packets.

    A film and television entertainment company wants to stand on the Xiangjiang River. The most not offensive thing is the people in the media. Otherwise, if people are screaming in television newspapers or making up false rumors, then don't want to make money.

    Of course, it is impossible to please all the media. Jiayang Film is an old-fashioned film and television production company. The boss Zhou Yi is also a merchant of Xiangjiang. The relationship between the relevant media is not lacking.

    However, some of the media were unsolicited. These reporters were obviously very interested in Lu Chen, so they immediately surrounded the ceremony after the start of the ceremony and asked him questions.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, are you going to use this film to change the film pattern of Xiangjiang?"

    “Why do you have such confidence and confidence?”

    "If this movie is on the streets, what are you going to do? Return to the mainland? ”

    "Mr. Lu Chen, as far as I know, the actors in this movie do not have a big name, may I ask…"

    Those who are not good are not coming. These reporters all have a slap in the face, and Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan standing on the side are black.

    Zhou Yicheng is very deep, and there is a hint of disappointment in his eyes.


Second, send it to the bottom of the ticket! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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