The 477th chapter is well-intentioned

    "Jiang Hu" was launched in May of this year, and in the case of no signing and recommendation, it relied on the reader's word of mouth to gradually accumulate considerable popularity.

    Many book friends spontaneously promoted this rare martial arts book in the forum and the group of Feixun. The book fans of "Jiang Hu" have built more than a dozen, and they have certain in the network category of the niche category. Influence.

    But this book, which is obviously going to be substantive, is very different from the mainstream popular novels of the current network. Therefore, the search volume in the network is not high, and it is a state of tepid.

    As of October, "Smiling Jiang Hu" on the search engine of the biggest search engine of the world – the search index of the search is 20,000 +, in the same type of search ranking is very backward, the distance from the top 100 is out of reach.

    However, when Lu Chen and Chen Feier Studio announced the copyright of "Smiling Jiang Hu" and prepared to shoot the drama series next year, this long martial arts novel will be on the Internet in an instant!

    At 11 o'clock in the evening, Flash searched the keyword search volume more than 5 million times, and quickly boarded the popular search list on the Flash search home page.

    Most of these search traffic points to Inspur reading.

    In the face of the surging IP access, the wave of reading has a dog feel.

    The increase in traffic is of course a good thing. At present, the competition of Domestic's network Literal is very fierce. IP fever has created one myth after another. The value of popular best-selling online novels is getting higher and higher. In order to win this lucrative market, the website is in the market. Dedicated marketing.

    In the absence of any pre-prepared situation, so many netizens were attracted, it was like a big pie falling from the sky, it felt a little unbelievable.

    But the biggest problem is that although "Smiling Jiang Hu" was first published in the wave, but it was not signed by the website, all its copyrights are firmly in the hands of the author.

    The author wants to sell the copyright to who is who, the wave of reading can only look at the drooling and can not get the slightest benefit.

    Conversely, if this book has already been signed for Inspur reading, Lu Chen and Chen Feier studio want to buy copyright, it is impossible to take out the blood – who in the circle does not know the two shots of the drama series ability?

    Entity publishing, film adaptation, and anime game big movie…

    Looking at the big piece of fat is under the eyes of one's own, but you can only touch the smell of oil, how can you not depressed?

    The top level of the website is depressed, and it is necessary to take the following things out of the way. The responsible editor and editor-in-chief have taken the lead.

    Where can the works that Lu Chen and Chen Feier value are worse? And the performance of this book on the website itself is very good, it should be costly to buy it out, and it will not miss the opportunity.

    The loss now, that is a big one!

    In fact, the Editor is also sincere. When Lu Chen put "Jiang Hu" on the wave of the book, the purpose was only to test the reader's reaction, and I never thought about giving up the copyright.

    Lu Chen is not bad for the money that is divided into several subscriptions. "Jiang Hu" is the test of his martial arts IP plan. All the copyrights must be firmly in one's own hands!

    How does the influx of books and editors of Inspur read?

    Unfortunately, even they didn't know the details. It was really because one's own missed a popular IP work, especially on the second day, the collection of "Smile Jiang Jiang" in the wave of books increased from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. All the intestines are remorseful – white as a wedding dress for others!

    Of course, the wave of reading is not entirely unhelpful. At least there are many fans who come here. Most of the readers of "Jiang Hu" are newly registered users, and the positive benefits brought to the website should not be underestimated.

    The online version of this book has reached 500,000 words, which is equivalent to two and a half copies of the content, all free to read, and the appeal to readers is naturally very large.

    As an outstanding work of a new martial arts novel, "Jiang Hu" really appeared in the public's sight for the first time. I believe that with the passage of time, its word of mouth and fame will spread more and more.

    At the same time, the physical book of "Jiang Hu" will soon be on sale. Under the situation with sufficient time to brew and ferment, the drama series scheduled to start next year is bound to attract countless attention.

    This is the prelude to Lu Chen’s martial arts big IP plan!

    "Are you satisfied with this?"

    On the second day after the announcement of the news, Chen Feier and Lu Chen had a phone call. She smiled in the cell phone: "I won't blame me for robbing Geng Tana sister?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I didn't blame you."

    "I heard that Lu Xijie has a little opinion…"

    Chen Feier’s news is very well-informed. She explained: “Actually, this thing also blames me. I didn’t expect that sending you and Gegen Tana’s video to the blog would cause such a big response, and it would affect her life. So I signed up directly with Groottana."

    Due to the video recorded by Chen Feier, Guggentana unexpectedly became a network red man. Today, when the entertainment industry is so developed, she is bound to become a cash cow in the eyes of some people, even in the vast Mongolian steppe, as usual. Will come to you.

    With the pure goodness of Gegentana, it is too easy to lose one's own in the eccentric Entertainment Circle.

    Chen Feier didn't want to ruin the beautiful and lovely Mongolian girl because of one's own, so she simply signed her into one's own studio and put an end to other people's thoughts.

    In fact, the contract signed by Chen Feier and Groottana is very relaxed. If Guggentana does not want to, she can still live a carefree life on the prairie.

    If she wants to see how exciting the outside world is and wants to appear on a screen TV, then Chen Fei's network of resources is enough to escort her so that she does not need to touch the dark side of the circle.

    This is the responsibility of Chen Feier, and also the Luck of Guggentana!

    Understand Chen Feier's good intentions, Lu Chen was greatly moved, one's own girlfriend has a gentle and delicate heart, also his Luck.

    "Actually my sister…"

    "I know!"

    Chen Feier interrupted him with a smile: "Lu Xijie is definitely not pissed off, and I have already called her, so the studio has also issued a notice."

    Lu Chen convinced orally: "You are colluding!"

    Chen Feier laughed: "You are so busy at work, many things don't need one's own to manage, you can grasp the big picture."

    "Right, tell you a good news!"

    Lu Chen’s attention was immediately turned away: “What good news?”


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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