Chapter 479

    Beijing, Borui Club.

    On the platform, Li Mushi, wearing a black Kungfu, is attacking the opponent with a squally attack, squatting, whip legs, side squats, top knees, straight fists, and elbows…The interlocking ring makes people look breathless.

    She is like a beautiful black female leopard, to shred the prey completely on this Xiaoxiao stage!

    There are many people around the ring. They are the coaches and employees in the club. Together, they cheered for Li Mushi’s keep it up, and Li Mushi’s attack became more and more powerful.

    However, the emopent of Li Mushi is not weak, but on the contrary, it is more powerful. In the face of the former's fierce offensive, he has to deal with it with ease, sideways dodging, arm-armed crossbars, leg-lifting…Although step by step, but kept invulnerable, let Lee Mu Shi's Strength gradually exhausted in repeated attacks.


    Li Mushi's side spin kick was once again blocked by Lu Chen's arm. When she jumped down, the left leg supporting the body obviously had a downward bend, and a cockroach almost fell on the platform.

    It is off force.

    Lu Chen stepped back two steps, no counterattack, and looked at Li Mushi with a smile.

    Li Mushi’s chest violently undulating a few times, stunned Lu Lu, and finally sighed: "Do not fight, do not fight, play with you the most boring, soft and not energetic!"

    Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

    Li Mushi does not give up: "You said that you are so busy now, and that Xiangjiang is running in the Mongolian prairie. How does Kungfu maintain it?"

    Li Mushi is really not convinced. Since she lost to Lu Chen in the discussion of Fujian and Taiwan six months ago, she has specially hired the Expert in Free Fighting. She spent a lot of time diligently practicing and confident strength has been greatly improved.

    So this time I know that Lu Chen is returning to Beijing, she will definitely pull Lu Chen to the Borui Club and then decide.

    Unexpectedly, Lu Chen completely lost her confidence by relying on the block.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said, "I am talented."

    The art of Martial Arts mastered by Lu Chen comes from the memory of Mo Ran, and he also has a very high talent in this respect. After more than a year of persistence in practice, there is no problem in achieving the strength of the prosperous period.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen likes to practice martial arts. He is strong, energetic and full of confidence and fighting spirit. Therefore, no matter how busy he is, Lu Chen always forgets to take time to maintain his status.

    Li Mushi is making progress, he has not regressed, and he has become stronger.

    For Lu Chen’s answer, Li Mushi couldn’t help but turn a blind eye. She unwillingly licked her lips and said with hatred: “You don’t want to be proud, I will be able to knock you down next time!”

    Flame red lips and teeth.Tongue, beautiful with a hint of wild danger, that unique charm makes Lu Chen also have a feeling of heartbeat acceleration.

    He smiled and rushed to Li Mushi and hugged his fist: "At any time!"

    Under the stage, the coach of the Borui Club, Wan Yong, sneaked into the morning and gave a vertical thumb.

    Lu Chen blinked and smiled.

    Leaving the ring, going to the locker room for a shower and changing clothes, the two sat down on the rest of the window.

    The club's customer service personnel sent coffee and tea.

    Li Mushi, who has been dressed up again, seems to have changed someone. A light-colored OL suit has restored her usual elegance and beauty. There is no such thing as a brave fight.

    But Lu Chen knows that she only temporarily converged one's own minions.

    “Lu Chen, do you have any good suggestions for the future development of our company?”

    Li Mu Shi sipped his mouth and asked the right color after putting down the cup: "This time you come over, just want to hear your thoughts. Now the company's expansion has encountered great resistance."

    Muchen Crowdfunding Network Co., Ltd. was formally established in September last year. Crowdfunding Network went online in the same month and obtained the commercial creative copyright protection certificate, enjoying a one-year legal protection.

    As the founder of Crowdfunding Network, Lu Chen twice sold the equity of Crowdfunding owned by one's own, and finally retained only 10% of the non-dilutable founder shares, basically withdrawing from the operation of Crowdfunding.

    In the past year, as a new type of network business model, under the management of Li Mushi, relying on Li's resources and contacts, the development of crowdfunding network is extremely rapid, and the business volume has risen steadily, and profit has been realized early.

    At present, Murray Crowdfunding employs hundreds of employees, and online crowdfunding projects have more than 500 projects. The total amount of crowdfunding funds has reached an alarming level.

    The profit model of Crowdfunding is not complicated, the website is quite simple, and it can create such good results in a short time. Business ideas are undoubtedly the key.

    And creativity is the easiest to be imitated and learned. Many Internet and financial tycoons have long been eyeing this tempting cake, so when the copyright protection of crowdfunding network expires, Domestic has even launched more than a dozen. Like a website, competition has become fierce.

    As a result, Li Mushi’s pressure is very great. I know that in her opponent, there are several powerful, well-documented and well-funded giants. Since they are eyeing this piece, they don’t want to take the next piece of meat. Will be satisfied.

    Although Li Mushi had expected such a situation, he did not expect the competitors to be so fierce. The market that originally belonged to one's own was suddenly eaten a lot. It is definitely a fake if you don't worry.

    Today, she pulled Lu Chen over and started with Lu Chen. In fact, she was also using this to vent the negative emotions accumulated in her heart, and then to seek Lu Chen’s instructions.

    "I know you definitely have a way!"

    At present, the market share of is of course the first. The market share will be far behind, but in peace, Li Mushi did not think about lying down and eating. She is also preparing to put the crowdfunding network on the GEM.

    "Crowdfunding network is created by you. You don't want one's own heart to be destroyed?"

    "You don't forget, you are a shareholder of crowdfunding network, once listed…"

    Let's start with the reason, then move with emotion, and then lure to benefit, Li Mushi in order to be able to dig from Lu Chen here, it is also a good intention.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded and said quickly: "Okay, I know, I will prepare a copy of the information for you these two days."

    Going back to the memory of the dream world should be able to provide a lot of useful information.

    Of course, whether the crowdfunding network can overcome many powerful competitors depends mainly on the ability of Li Mushi's one's own.

    Li Mushi finally satisfied: "That is almost the same…"

    She suddenly remembered an important thing: "Is this team that you train in our club, is it ready to come in handy?"

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned.


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