Chapter 468, six nominations

    The good news that Chen Feier said is related to the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] to be held in Beijing on December 31 this year.

    Before 2016, the popular Music Festival of Domestic was mainly composed of three Music Lists, which are [Asia Chinese Gold Song List], [Chinese Original Music List] and [Chinese Music List].

    The former two are more authoritative and have the most influential influence. It is precisely the [Asia Chinese Songs] and the [Chinese original Music list] that they have been reorganized and merged.

    After the merger of the two festivals, the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] is undoubtedly the premier heavyweight Music Award in Chinese popular Musical World, which will directly crush the [Chinese Music List] led by Shonan Satellite TV.

    This year is the first year of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], and the meaning is very different.

    For this highly anticipated Music Festival, most of the insiders have mastered the basic information. For example, the Chinese Gold List has a total of 24 awards, including the best men and women Singer, the best album, the best lyrics composer Music, best newcomers, best orchestras, best newcomers, best MVs, and more.

    The time of the event is fixed on the last day of the year. The venue is the National Grand Theatre. Both the scale and the pattern have reached the national level, which is bound to have an impact in the Chinese circle of Asia and the world.

    Such a music event, any motivated Music people are unwilling to miss.

    Of course, if you want to have a place in it, the difficulty can be imagined!

    According to the inside information obtained by Chen Feier, Lu Chen has already won a number of nominations, just waiting to be announced.

    According to the procedures of [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs], no more than 5 nominations for each award, and only one can win the prize, there will be no "double yellow eggs" or even "more yellow eggs" scene.

    The organizing committee of the Golden Melody has undoubtedly learned the lessons of other awards. In the past many film and circle and Musical World awards, the situation of pork is quite serious. At the same time, two Movie Kings or Movie Queens are common at a film festival, even three. Both are on the same stage, which makes people very embarrassed.

    This kind of seniority, you have my own awards criticized by the audience, but the gold content and credibility of the awards have been greatly reduced, and finally the appearance of the winners refused to appear.

    The winners of the Golden Melody List have only one winner!

    Chen Feier debuted for more than ten years. The relationship between the people in the circle is not comparable to that of Lu Chen, so Lu Chen has not got news yet. She already knows a lot of insider information.

    “The best male Singer, best album, best lyrics and composition will definitely have your nomination!”

    Chen Feier said: "The other is not clear, but with these four nominations in hand, it is enough."

    Don't just look at the nominations. It is very valuable for the most important awards such as [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs]. It is very important to know that the Golden Melody List is a globally popular Chinese language Musical World, including Baodao, Xiangjiang and Aocheng. The Music people, the nomination competition is bound to be extremely intense.

    Four heavy nominations, that is, the four cornerstones of Lu Chen in the circle, can be described as full of weight!

    And there may be more than four nominations.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's just a nomination. Maybe you won't even get one award at the end."

    Chen Feier said: "Humbleness is a good character, but it is hypocritical if it is too modest. If you can't even get a prize, then the gold score list is not worthy!"

    She is very serious, not joking, but really think so.

    In the past year, Lu Chen's contribution and efforts in the popular Music have been obvious to all. He has stirred up the situation of Musical World with his own power, and has revived the original strength of Domestic's original Strong. Members of the organizing committee of the Golden Melody Club It is impossible to see, or not to see.

    Otherwise how can we guarantee the credibility of this Music Festival?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you are a judges, that's right, how many nominations do you have one's own?"

    Nothing else, the best female Singer and the best album, if there is no Chen Feier and her "Flower Woman" that sold 5 million sales, it is absolutely unscientific.

    Chen Feier said: "I must be less than you, the best album we should be competitive opponent."

    Popular Musical World couple Singer vs. the best album, as long as the organizing committee of the Golden Melody Club knows the marketing publicity, then 100% will not let go of this hype.

    Lu Chen said: "Let's come over!"

    Chen Feier laughed: "I am afraid that you will not succeed, whoever loses, who will wash the dishes at home in the future!"

    Lu Chen categorically promised: "Bet!"

    The two laughed at the same time, although across thousands of kilometers, my heart was still full of sweetness and warmth.

    Chen Feier said: "I miss you."

    Lu Chen comforted: "We have a vacation in Chinese New Year, I will take you to Bali for a few days."

    Chen Feier is happy: "Then I will wait for the New Year!"

    She is delighted, like a little girl who has a beloved toy.

    Speaking of love, time quietly ran away.

    On November 12th, Lu Chen returned to Beijing on the fifth day. The [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] Organizing Committee announced the nomination list and the judges list on its official website, which kicked off the annual Music Festival.

    Chen Feier’s source is very accurate. Lu Chen has been nominated for the best male Singer, best album, best lyrics and composition four awards, as well as best producers and media recommendations, all six awards. Nomination.

    As for Chen Feier's one's own, they are the best women's Singer, the best album, the best stage interpretation and the media recommendation four nominations.

    Among the two awards among the best albums and media recommendations, the two became competitive opponent!

    Although it is normal to see such a situation, it still shows people's intentions in organizing the committee. Especially on the nomination list, both of them are close to each other, and the others are eye-catching.

    The nomination list of this golden song list quickly spread throughout the network, Lu Chen studio, Chen Feier studio and the fans of both sides of the support group V have been forwarded, immediately caused a sensation in the fans group.

    "Oh, I am going to PK with my Philippine in the morning!"

    "You all talk about who can win?"

    "As I said, the best album should be perfect if they are shared by two people!"

    "Don't think about it, the golden song list is not a double yellow egg."

    "Flower Woman and The Ordinary Road, which album should I support?"

    "I support both of them, and everyone who is awarded is happy!"

    "Happy +1…"

    It’s just that the fans on both sides regard the best album as their own content, and they are dissatisfied with the fans of other nominated albums. In the blogs, forums, post bars and the Fetion group, a time is full of smoke.

    As for who wins and who loses, then you have to see the real chapter at the end of next month!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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