The 466th chapter of the ocean of love

    Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu met because they participated in "Singing China". At the time, both of them were grasses. One was Beijing drifting in Beijing. One was a freshman. There was no fame and no background or contacts. .

    In the end, the two were among the top ten singers in the country. Many Lu Chen’s fans, especially Lu Jiajun’s members, met and liked it at that time. This girl who often appeared next to Lu Chen.

    Everyone kindly called her "the younger sister."

    Later, Lu Chen and Chen Feier fell in love, and did not affect the relationship between the two. Mu Xiaochu can be very close to Lu Chen relatives, even if it is photographed by reporters, there is no need to worry about exposure.

    It is this relationship that makes MSN the object of countless artists who are struggling to struggle at the bottom.

    In the circle, Lu Chen has a nickname of “Golden Hand”. It is said that any Singer will be able to become famous when he passes his instructions. His work is the guarantee of sales.

    However, today's ordinary Singer artists, it is basically impossible to get Lu Chen's instructions. Even if they are willing to pay an amazing price, they may not have the opportunity to squeeze into the list of invited songs.

    Therefore, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu are very envious of the friendship between Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen, but they are absolutely not blind, because they are very clear, MSN's success can not be separated from Lu Chen, also can not be separated from Mu Xiaochu!

    "You try to record it again, let me listen."

    Flying Stone has a one's own recording studio, and has many experienced, industry-renowned sound engineers and a large number of professionals, but MSN's new song is still being recorded in Lu Chen studio.

    On the one hand, it is convenient for Lu Chen on the spot, and on the other hand, it represents the attitude of Fei Shi records.

    Not only that, Fei Shi records also sent a sound engineer to join Lu Chen studio, to help Wang Hui, who has been too busy to breathe, to manage the studio, otherwise a lot of work can not be completed.

    The sound engineer surnamed Hao, who is tall and thin in his thirties, is a bit arrogant in his long-haired character, but in front of Lu Chen, he is still very respectful and does not dare to put a little shelf.

    This new song of MSN was recorded by him.

    The three girls entered the studio in turn, carrying a huge monitor.

    For a moment, the prelude Music sounded quietly in the listening room through the high-quality sound system.

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu looked very serious and sang with Music.

    "Because we don't fly,

So the journey of happiness is long.

It is inevitable that there will be an ambush in front of the storm.

I want to try to break up the palm of our grip.

    You are not afraid that you will not panic, I will not panic.

When we cross the ocean of love,

Will be glad that after all, did not give up the concession.

    Putting tears along the road on the bustling shore,

They are all buried in treasure.


    The song's name is "The Ocean of Love", which is the theme song that Lu Chen created for MSN's second album. It is also the most important one in the three works.

    Different from the Qing dynasty of "Lover's Unsatisfied", "The Ocean of Love" tends to mature in style, with a firm and eager desire for love in the sadness, and has improved a lot in the difficulty of singing.

    Compared with the recording of "Lover's Unsatisfied", NSN's growth is visible, and the cooperation between them is very tacit. One eye is enough to exchange a lot of information, and the emotional grasp of the work is more in place, letting people listen. The feeling is to enjoy.

    The sounds of the three girls are excellent, but they are not the same. The sweetness of Mu Xiaochu, the mellowness of Su Jiajia and the clarity of Ning Yu form the unique Charm of this girl group.

    This Charm, through this "Ocean of Love" exhibition, is fully exposed!


Love in this raging ocean,

There are too many sad waves,

We don’t like that, we don’t regret it.

To go through the ocean together, go to the other side!


    In the climax of the chorus, the conversion of the three popularity interests and the seamless connection are perfect. The practice without long time is definitely not the same. Although it is the first time today, the effect has reached the official recording. Level.

    Lu Chen, who was listening in the listening room, showed a smile – they were giving a surprise to one's own!

    The score of this song was created by MSN when Lu Chen arrived at Xiangjiang. After a lapse of more than half a month, they handed over a perfect answer sheet, which must have the supervision and guidance of Fei Shi record professionals. There are indispensable efforts of three girls one's own.

    Whether it is self-conduct or singing, it doesn't matter if you don't care. It's totally different.

    This effort alone is worthy of praise!

    After singing a "The Ocean of Love", the three girls opened their eyes at the same time.

    The applause sounded in the listening room, and they saw Lu Chen and the sound engineer, who were applauding, and several other studio staff members across the thick glass.

    They smiled at each other and their faces were filled with joy from the heart.

    Singing a good song can not only bring the enjoyment of the audience, but also a happy and fulfilling thing for the singer.

    Although the first time has already sung very well, but according to the requirements of the regulations, Mu Xiaochu and others have recorded more than several times. During the period, Lu Chen also pointed out some details, in order to make this title song perfect.

    When everyone comes out of the studio, it is already noon.

    Mu Xiaochu pulled Lu Chen’s arm and said: "" Lu Chen, can we have dinner together at noon? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do you treat you?"

    The three girls are inquiring, and they are quick to make a nod.

    Lu Chen Zheng color said: "You can treat, but you must pay me if you pay, otherwise I will not go."

    Su Jiajia and Ning Yu were all stunned. Only Mu Xiaochu’s “噗哧” smiled and said: “Then we should eat big meal!”

    Lu Chen, this is a joke!

    Talking and laughing, everyone had lunch at a nearby restaurant and continued to record two other songs in the afternoon.

    In the evening, Lu Chen studio and Chen Feier studio's official blog, at the same time released an identical blog post at 8 o'clock.

    The basic content of the blog post is that the two studios signed the copyright of the long-form new martial arts novel "Jiang Hu" written by the writer "Yi Jin Gu", which will be officially published this month. It is expected to shoot the drama series in the second half of next year.

    It is the first time that two studios have published the same blog post at the same time. The content involves the new drama series shooting plan, which naturally inevitably attracts the attention of countless fans and industry insiders.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier's new drama series is actually a martial arts film, which makes many people feel surprised, and in turn has a strong interest in the work of "Smile Jiang Jiang".

    What kind of martial arts book is it that allows the two drama series Celebrity, which created the Domestic external viewing record, to be so highly recommended?

    At a time, on the major search engines, the search volume of "Smile Jiang Hu" suddenly increased sharply!


Note: "The Ocean of Love" lyrics: Shi Rencheng / Composer: HeikoSchmidt, RobertoRosan, JadeVillalon.To be continued~^~)

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